May 27, 2020

I am a Trump supporter.

You read right.

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I. AM. A. TRUMP. SUPPORTER! I boldly make this proclamation.

Will you see me wearing a MAGA hat? Well, I tried borrowing Kanye’s cap but he wouldn’t return any of my calls. I doubt his would fit me anyway, with all this hair.

Will you see me at a Trump rally? No. Will I vote for him in November? Absolutely not. But I support him and I thank God for him.

Shy, what the hell are...

March 19, 2020

I called our property manager Monday to ask, ‘what’s the plan for residences who are affected by COVID-19?’ We had an unexpected long in depth and good conversation. At the end of the call, she asked, ‘so what will you be doing during this time of social distancing and self-quarantine?’ She was referring to the new policy imposed on us all to remain in for 15 days, or until 4/1/20.

I hadn’t really thought about it. That morning...

July 28, 2019

WARNING: There are pictures in this blog that (depending on your occupation) may not be safe for viewing while at work. ~Signed Management

I remember writing a few times in my journal during my single years, that I wanted a partner that will be respectful and encouraging of my sexuality and sensuality and not exploit it. For years my exes speculated that I was bisexual. I neither confirmed nor denied because I knew based on the...

June 3, 2019

Is it really approaching a year since my last blog? OH MY GAWD! It’s been truly a busy year. I actually recorded a podcast while in PR updating everyone and I’m seriously contemplating releasing it. I know you’re looking at me like ‘wtf?’ But it’s what I do. I have so many things recorded, so many things completed and on pause and so while it may sound counterproductive, it isn’t. I wait for my inner guidance to tell me when i...

July 29, 2018

I remember liking this guy a lot.  A few of us were over his place and my 'best friend' was shamelessly flirting with him. It was a very hard day for me honestly. I sat there and listened to her lie to him and behaved in a manner that made her appear innocent and superior to me.

June 13, 2018

I was lying in bed, on the phone with an airline company when I heard…a sound. My body went on full alert but my mind was so caught up on what was being said on the other end of the line that I didn’t immediately recognize the sound. Conversation continued but my body was still in fight or flight mode. I decided to tune less into what was being said to me and more on the sound to try and place it.

bzzzzzBZZZZZZZZZZ. What is tha...

March 23, 2018

*Cue Khalid's Send Me Your Location* 

"Send me your location, Let's focus on communicatin' 'cause I just need the time and place to come through (A place to come through) Send me your location Let's ride the vibrations I don't need nothin' else but you (I don't need nothin' else but you)"


Rod: Baby, where is Northport? How far is it from you?

Me: Sounds like Long Island. I'm not sure. Wassup?

Him: Looking for jobs in your ar...

February 19, 2018

Standing in the hallway of his apartment in Mississippi, I looked him DEAD in the eye and told him: “My Spidey senses are telling me you’re up to something. Lucky for you it’s also telling me that it’s nothing bad. I also know that somehow KSA is involved in this which again tells me it’s nothing bad.” I saw a bead of sweat making its way down the side of his cheek from his brow. Then I simply walked away.

It was the hiding of...

January 31, 2018

The past week has been trying, challenging, interesting, emotional, panic stricken and wonderfully healing.

I don’t watch much television. I used to turn on my tv just to make sure it works and then turn it right back off. So I had no warning when I went on my phone a couple months ago and every scroll of my thumb I was accosted by stories of women from all over the globe sharing some form of sexual trauma or a simple status of...

January 1, 2018

My 2017 started off with drama. If you know me well, then you know Shy does not do drama.  So those folks were quickly eliminated from my life.  From the drama, plus some other personal things, came heartache. From that heartache a talent was born: poetry.

I witnessed my best friend Ryan fall in love and marry.  Ahh yes, love was in the air for 2017.

 Then a bun started baking in her oven!  I was asked to be godmommy!...

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Writer, blogger, podcaster, massage therapist, Usui and Kundalini Master and so much more!  Some call me a multi-media personality and I shall accept that title. There are lots of layers to me but what I would like you to know most about me is that my life purpose is to serve you...

Sit back and be entertained as you get to know me.

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