Shy Davis: Born and raised in Jamaica West Indies, Shy Davis immigrated to the States at age nine. Writer, energy healer, massage therapy student, a lover of sharing information and bringing people together, Shy Davis is excited to embark upon this new podcast venture, as a means to provide a platform to promote the  people around her, as well as share their journeys.

Being a collector of knowledge she's always willing to dispense advice, help and patronage to any and all that comes to her. Realizing she can do it on a grander scale to touch more people, she decided to turn to a media platform.  To launch this endeavor, she then reached out two of her friends, Ryan who is a man Friday and Wally who has radio experience to help.
Enough writing, now it's time to speak.  

UrbanPreist: Originally from the beautiful twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago Ryan Urban Safann gained a lot of experience in the finance sector, marketing, branding and web design. Then moving to the United States 5 years ago,  it wasn't easy starting over in another country but Ryan has been slowly building the blocks towards a successful business, first starting with family and friends and now to a larger audience. 

​His beautiful mind has also made him one to easily converse with.  His views on how the Universe works and the love that we should all have for each other makes this charismatic man, a classic one. His creativity, multiple talents and charisma makes him my personal guru and a wonderful team member of Shy Speaks.

​If you would like to know more of what the guru can do for you, please check out his website at:

Dj Wally Black: Hailing from the Spice Isle Grenada, West Indies, Kimon "DJ Wally Black" Alexander has been driven by music from an early age.   He spent countless hours mixing and battling with his friend Kemron aka "Sky High Sounds" over the phone.  As the years progressed, his passion grew but it was frowned upon to pursue being a dj full time so he put djing on pause...temporarily. 

Wally then emigrated to New York in 2003, his passion still burning within him.  Headphones never too far, he picked them back up in 2008 and doesn't look to ever put them down again.  He has embraced his passion whole heartedly.  So much so that he fine tuned his skills by becoming a certified disc jockey from Scratch DJ Academy New York in the summer of 2014.  He has then had various time slots on and  He has a rhythm for every waistline which puts him in demand-headlining events such as Baltimore Carnival and Basic Jouvert both in 2015.  As well as playing for the Chocolate and Camo Band in Baltimore Carnival and 500 Strong for Labor Day Carnival in New York in 2016.  He can now be found currently on Monday 7-9pmand on on Wednesdays from 3-6pm. He can be contacted for private events at

Dj Wally Black's style is like no other. Which easily sets him apart from the rest. Don't expect to only hear just soca or dancehall from him. His mixes of Afro Beats, Edm and the likes will have you dancing wherever you are.  He plans to continue leaving his footprints on the music industry.


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