How I started on the Spiritual Path

May 12, 2013

I began on the spiritual path last year this time.  I had the day off and I was taking a walk in my neighborhood enjoying how lovely the day was.  I was approaching a T-Mobile store and a voice said go in go in.  I responded by saying I have no reason to go in.  With every step the voice just kept urging me to go in.  I mentally threw my hands in the air and walked in.  All the while I’m talking to the voice that there’s no reason to be there.  I’m browsing and one of the representative said she’ll be right with me.  She was so chipper and vibrant!  Just when I was about to leave she finished up with the customer and called me over.  What in the world am I to say?  I had no reason there.  A thought however came to me and I said to her that I’m going on vacation in a couple of months and the last time I went I had a $1000 bill and I was only there for two days.  How do I avoid this?  Now, I had already called T-Mobile and found out what I had to do this time around so what she told me was nothing new but it got the conversation going.  She’s explaining the procedure and boom she asks: “are you spiritual or are you religious.”  Taken aback, my brain scrambled to one, figure out how we went from apples to watermelons, and two what’s the answer to her question.  I respond by saying that, I haven’t been to church in a very long time.  She in turned said, “that’s not what I asked you (lol).  Are you spiritual or religious?” 

I honestly didn't know that there was a difference.  Then she placed her head on the counter as if she’s taking a nap.  I looked around and there were people around and also her coworkers but no one seemed to be paying us much mind.  I leaned down and whispered “are you okay?”  Her left pointer finger shot up in the air to silence me.  There I was sitting in the chair wondering what in the world is happening but I wasn't scared.  Nor was I worried.  After a few moments she rose from the counter and told me that the spirits around me have a lot to tell me.  I nodded.  This may have freaked someone else out but growing up in the Caribbean you hear about spirits and duppy, reader man, reader woman  and all sorts of stuff.  There are some that used their gifts for good and some that use their gifts for bad.  This is a rundown of what she told me.  Remember that I don’t know this young woman.

1.        The very first thing she told me was that the minute I walk out of there I should call my mom and tell her that she should go back to church.  God wants things to be better with her and she needs that communion with Him.  Going to church is how my mom does this.  She asked me if my mom has been singing a lot lately and I said I have no clue as I don’t live near to her.

2.       She said I’ll be taking my mom to the water.  I was like duh!  We (me, my mom and my sister) are going on vacation and of course we are going to the water.  She said, no!  It will be just you and her and I’ll be taking her privately to the water.  (This turned out to be true.  I was going to share an apartment with my sister and we got into a huge fight.  I asked for my money back and decided to meet Ms Royalty and her friends at the resort instead.  I booked the resort.  After I booked it I had a thought, that hey, mumsie never been to a resort let me call back and find out how much more it would cost to take her.  The INSTANT I did this I remembered what this lady told me.)

3.       I should stop feeling guilty about breaking up with my ex.  Stop feeling guilty for feeling happy.  Remember the only conversation we had was about the phone and what to do when I go on my vacation nothing about a relationship.  Nothing about anything besides the phone.  I confirmed what she said.  I told her I feel so darn happy but because he’s hurt it makes me feel guilty that I feel like a bird soaring through the sky and he’s in the dumps.  She reassured me that my ancestral spirits said it’s okay and it’s for the best.  I need to be single now.

4.       She said I’m a healer and that I’ll be doing alternative medicine.  I asked what she meant by healer.  She asked if I was in school and I said yes.  What’s my major?  Biology.  What you plan to do after?  Physical Therapy.  Okay, that’s considered healing but you’ll be doing alternative medicine.  She said that the ideas that I come up with,   I should write them all down and don’t share with anyone.  She also said that I’ll be a successful business woman.  That I’m going to start my own business and people are going to love coming to me because of my skills and loving spirit.  I totally burst out laughing when she said that.  Me?  Own my own business?  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  However, BJD told me for years that I have a good business head but I just never saw it.  Then an old friend of mines said the same thing like a week before and here is this stranger telling me the same thing. Hmmmmmmmmmm 

5.       You’ll be doing a lot of writing.  Save every single thing you write.  She kept stressing that.  (hmmmmm a lot of writing huh?  Hmmm I now have a blog site hmmmmm. Lol you get the picture)

6.       My sister is full of hatred and hates me and my mom. ( DING DING DING!!! JACKPOT!)  

7.       My brother resents the fact that all three of us are here and he’s still in Jamaica.  Now this made no sense to me because my mom gave him the option and he refused.  Also, I did absolutely nothing to him and to put me in the same pot as my sister and mom and fry us up was hurtful.  However, it explained why a few years prior I was supposed to be there for two weeks and I left in two days.  The way he acted towards me had me taking the next flight out.

She said some more things but this is as much as I’m willing to share.  When I left I immediately called my mom and told her what she said.  She told me yes she found herself singing a lot the past few days.  Then I told her everything else.  It was such a cool experience!  I called and told everyone!  BJD explained what the T-Mobile rep meant by alternative medicine.  She said that there are so many holistic healing out there and that more and more people are turning towards this avenue.  She’s a nurse so she would know.

I can’t quite remember what I was doing at work and a question popped up in my head and I went and asked Nikole.  Then I had more questions and I kept asking and asking and she kept answering and I was like HOLD UP, how you know so much and why didn't I know you know so much in this category?  She said something that will forever stick with me.  In essence what she said is that you start to lose friends when you start talking about things like this.  She also warned me to be careful who I share this type of information with.  It got me thinking and it made me sad.  I’m such an open person.  If I find something out and I think it will benefit others I won’t keep it to myself.  But she was right.  

She recommended I read Iyanla Vanzant’s book Tapping the Power Within.  Man oh man, did this open my eyes.  Throughout it all I kept thinking yes yes yes this makes sense.  Yes, I’m spiritual not religious.  Yes, yes, I can dig this.  But Nikole was right.  My vernacular started to change and people around me started noticing and the looks started.  What I realized is that some people fear what they don’t understand.  This is not me at all.  If you believe something and you’re sharing it with me, I’ll listen.  This is your belief.  I don’t have to agree but I’ll listen without judgment.  If you want to share with me, let’s say a remedy and I’m not familiar with it, I’m not going to scoff and scorn you and think you crazy.  As long as what you’re telling me isn't evil or that you’re remedy for example doesn't involves human sacrifice (bit extreme, I know, but you get the point) then I’ll listen and try.  Guess what?  Everyone isn't like me.  When I started talking about blessing my head, meditating, breathing exercises I started getting looks.   Blah!  I let it roll off my back.  I was hungry for all the knowledge.  I was soaking up the books Nikole recommended and I was soaking up what the internet was telling me.  I was hungry and excited and I loved every minute of it

I always wanted to meet a spiritual adviser   The T-mobile rep is considered one but I wanted someone I could go to over and over again.  Well it turns out that a friend had a situation and was recommended to a woman, Ms. P (RIP!  I miss you every day).  I asked if she was trustworthy and if they felt comfortable and they said yes and recommended her.  Of course you know I called immediately to set an appointment.  Meeting her…ah man.  She was the best!  Besides… *deep sigh*I can’t talk much about her right now.  It’s too painful.  Just know that she was the best and that she changed my life the short period I knew her.  I love it when she visits me in my dreams.  Miss her bad.  She also played a part of me being on the spiritual path.

Loving Iyanla I signed up for her daily mail stimuli prayers and saw that she has another website Vivid Life.  I was on there browsing when I came across an article about forgiveness.  It was by a woman name Gina Sendef.  I decided to check her out and she’s an Angel Intuitive.  Another voice said I should contact her.  At this point after reading all the books and meeting with Ms.P I was learning to trust that voice more.  So I sent her an email and we set up and appointment for a Life Purpose reading.  That too changed my life.  She told me I’m a healer, that I’ll start my own business and a lot of other things.  At this point I had the rep from Tmobile, Ms.P and Gina telling me all the same things.  Three completely different people who doesn't know about the other.  Coincidence?  I think not.  She recommended a lot of books by Doreen Virtue and I read every single one she recommended.  During one of our conversations she asked me if I like crystals.  I turned around and stared at a couple of crystals I had on my nightstand that I purchased from Amazon.  I had no idea why I bought them except for the fact that they were pretty.  She explained that the angels are telling her that I’ll be working with them.  Crystal healing.  She recommended I look up Hibiscus Moon and of course that opened another flood gate of information.  I started learning the metaphysical meanings of crystals.  The energies that they bring and the healing effects that they give. 

“All spiritual journeys begin little by little.”  That’s how it started folks.  All these people in one year.  My views about certain things have changed immensely.  Spirits, ancestral spirits, angels, arch angels, fairies, crystals, oh my!

Love ya!


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