What Is Reiki?

June 19, 2013

Hello hello hello!!!  It’s been awhile right?  I don’t think it’s been very long or else I would’ve received a call or a text from a few people asking if I’m ok and when I say yes their next question is why I haven’t written a blog.  LOL!!  I love that by the way.  Makes me enjoy what I do even more!  So thanks to those who either give me a stern warning, a side eye or sarcastic text or a friendly phone call.  LOL!  I ABSOULTELY LOVE IT!! Please do continue. 


Okay so you have noted that I’ve mentioned Reiki before.  Much to my astonishment only two people in my circle of acquaintances and friends know what it is.  I was selected for a case for jury duty and every chance I got I pulled out my Reiki book.  On one of such breaks someone asked me about it and out of the eight other jurors, five knew what it was and I believe three experienced it.  They raved all about it and was happy to know that I was pursuing it.  I was at a stand buying water and this stranger saw the book and again mentioned it and with a deep sigh mentioned that it’s been a month since he received it and needs to make an appointment.  Same thing with a coworker.  Even an overly friendly Korean lady at the Korean store snatched the book (yep I take it wherever I go because I was soaking up all the info) and said in her English accent: ‘you do Reiki?  Reiki good, Reiki very good!  We need more people doing Reiki.  Come back okay, come back!”  All of this deepened my desire to do this, at the same time it made me sad that in actuality not many people know about it.  Now mind you, less than a year ago I didn’t know either so I’m not bussing your chops.  We are all here to learn…I hope.  I know I am.  I LOVE information and I always want to know more and the more I learn the more I can share with others.  So ladies and gents that’s what I shall be doing with this blog.  Grab a pen and paper, an open mind and let's get our education on!


What is Reiki?  


Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress, promote relaxation and also promotes healing.  It is administered by “laying on hands” and these types of techniques have been practiced for thousands of years.  Why is it we are just now hearing about it?  Because people thought it sacred.  Sacred and secret are two different things and keeping it a secret was never Mikao Usui’s intention (you’ll learn more about him).  Reiki the technique has Tibetan roots but the word Reiki is Japanese.  Reiki are two words joined together; Rei and Ki which is kanji.  Kanji are ideograms used in the written language of Japan.  The general meaning of Rei is universal, meaning that it is present everywhere, it is the definition used by many.  The term however have many levels of meanings and varies from very ordinary to abstruse.  There is a deeper understanding of this kanji, and for the use of Reiki practitioners, there is a more meaningful way of describing the healing art of Reiki.  Scroll up and take a look at the drawing that spells Reiki.  The upper section portrays clouds which have to do with the spiritual realms, more specifically the higher areas of consciousness that are beyond our ego.  This area is known as the Universal mind, the Supreme Being, the third heaven, God etc.  From these realms is where miraculous occurrences happens and spiritual healing originate.    

The lower section of Rei represents the layers of soil and stone.  The middle section, the part that looks like three rounded squares, represents three aspects of human being; the body, mind and spirit.  Taking it a step further, this represents the healer.  The healer is located between heaven and earth and “acts like a bridge to bring the wisdom, guidance, and healing of heaven down to the people and living things of the earth.”  *bouncing up and down* Hey hey that sounds like me (umm not sure but the wisdom part but the rest is totally me :-D)!  Woot woot!!



Ki is the same as Chi.  Every heard of Chi?  Where are my anime fans?  *raising hand*  No?  You don’t watch anime?  Whoops.  Anyway Ki is the same as Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskirt (Deepak Chopra uses that word ALL the time) and Ti or Ki in Hawaiian.  In science it is known as biofield energy.  Ki is life energy and it is known as the vital life force or universal energy.  If your life energy is low, or a restriction in its flow, you will be more vulnerable to illness.  Hmmmm.  Keep reading.  When your life energy is high and flowing freely, you are less likely to get sick.  *in-te-res-ting* (yep I know that’s not the correct breakdown of the word).  Ki is also the primary energy of our emotions, thoughts, and spiritual life.  

Scroll back up.  The kanji for Ki has a cross with emanating lines.  It is said that this represents the steam above a pot of boiling rice.  “The steam represents the spiritual, life-enhancing properties of rice.”  Deep huh?  Ki is used by martial artists (explains why my friend knows about Reiki and has also experienced it and loves it) during their physical training and mental development.  It is also used in meditative breathing exercises known as pranayama, by shamans of all cultures as divination, manifestation, and healing.  Ki is found all around us and can be accumulated and guided by the mind.  Thus, if you have positive healthy thoughts, your Ki becomes stronger.  If you have unhealthy, negative thoughts, your Ki becomes unhealthy.  

Take a few breaths.  Drink some water.  You back with me?  Good.  Lots to learn!  Even if you’re not interested in something it’s good to know.  Knowledge is power.  At least that’s how I think of it.  *shrug*  Let’s continue. 



Levels of Reiki:

Reiki I, also known as First Degree Reiki is where the student learns about the history of Reiki, what Reiki is, how it can be used for self-healing, the healing of other human beings, all living creatures which of course includes plants (eyeing my orchid that only sprouts leaves but no flowers), and the planet. After being attuned the student will learn basic hand positions and will begin practicing working with energy and experience what it feels like to give and to receive Reiki. The student will also learn some traditional Japanese Reiki techniques.  You cannot do Reiki without first being attuned.  That’s the key element.

Reiki II also known as Second Degree Reiki.  The students receive further attunements. They also learn and practice three ancient and sacred Reiki healing symbols and mantras to help focus the energy and to send it across time and space. Yep, you read right…across time and space.  Nope I haven’t lost my mind.  Look, those Tibetans, Japanese and Chinese people know what they are talking about.  We need to get with it!  You knowI’m speaking truth.  Anyhoo, the student will learn more Japanese techniques, have an informal discussion and practice what was learned on each other and on those not present.  Yep you read right again.  Those not present, aka distance healing.  

Advanced Reiki Training (ART): To reach this level it is recommended that the student wait about a year, six months TOPS and that’s with performing Reiki a lot, between Reiki II and the Master training.  During the one day intensive class the student will learning the Usui Master Symbol and receive the attunement, he/she will also learn advanced techniques for achieving goals and solving problems with Reiki, and Reiki aura clearing.

Reiki III – Master/Teacher Training: During this two-day intensive class the student will learn how to do all the Usui/Tibetan attunements including the Master attunement, how to do a healing attunement, two additional ancient Tibetan symbols and the values and spiritual orientation of a Reiki Master. If a student doesn’t wish to pass Reiki on to others they can stop at the ART training.  Guess how far I plan to go with this?  Hehehehehe!  You know me so well!


I can do it so can you!

You don’t have to know how to meditate nor does it take years of practice.  It is simply passed on from teacher to student during an attunement process.  That’s all there is to it.  Reiki isn’t dependent on individual talent.  You don’t need to have psychic abilities or be spiritual or religious or anything like that.  

Is Reiki a Religion?

Nope nope nope nope.  Remember spiritual and religious are two different things (as I learned from that T-mobile story I shared with you).  Although Reiki is spiritual in nature in that it provides love and compassion to a client it is not religion.  It does not conflict with any type of religious belief.  Anyone of any religious belief can practice this.  Remember folks, this is energy we are talking about.  Energy predates religion.  



Take another sip of water.  You back?  Ok let’s continue.  I realize I haven’t given you much background so let’s jump there. 


Warning it’s a tad long as it is a translation from a memorial.  I could summarize it but 1, I don’t think I would do a great job and 2, I really really want you to get your knowledge on.  Here you go.  Taken directly from the memorial.  I did however delete some parts as I didn’t deem it necessary for this blog.  You can certainly look up the source and read it in its entirety.  

Only the person who has high virtue and does good deeds can be called a great founder and leader. From ancient times, among wisemen, philosophers, geniuses the founders of a new teaching or new religion are like that.. We could say that Usui Sensei was one of them. 

Usui "Sensei" (literally "he who comes before", thus teacher, or respected person) newly started the method that would change mind and body for better by using universal power. People hearing of his reputation and wanting to learn the method, or who wanted to have the therapy, gathered around from all over. It was truly prosperous. (by "therapy" is meant the Usui Reiki Ryoho - Usui ancestral remedy - of his Usui-Do teachings, including the 5 principles.)

Sensei's common name is Mikao and other name was Gyoho (perhaps his spiritual name). He was born in the Taniai-mura (village) in the Yamagata district of Gifu prefecture. His ancestor's name is Tsunetane Chiba.

Sensei was born in the first year of the Keio period, called Keio Gunnen (1865), on August 15th. From what is known, he was a talented and hardworking student. His ability was far superior. After he grew up, he visited the western world and China to study (yes, it actually says that, NOT America and Europe!). He wanted to be a success in life, but couldn't achieve it; often he was unlucky and in need. But he didn't give up and he disciplined himself to study more and more. 

One day he went to Kuramayama to start an asceticism (it says "shyu gyo" - a very strict process of spiritual training using meditation and fasting.)  On the beginning of the 21st day, suddenly he felt one large Reiki over his head and he comprehended the truth. At that moment he got Reiki "Ryoho" (This term originally meant ancestral remedy or therapy.)

When he first tried this on himself, then tried this on his family, good results manifested instantly. Sensei said that it is much better to share this pleasure with the public at large than to keep this knowledge to our family (it was customary to keep such knowledge in the family to increase their power). In April of the 11th year of the Taisho period (1922) he moved his residence to Harajuku, Aoyama, Tokyo. (this is next to the Meiji Outer Gardens and the huge Aoyama Cemetery.)There he founded "Gakkai." (a learning society)  He taught Reiki Ryoho.  People came from far and near and asked for the guidance and therapy, and many shoes lined up outside of the building.  (In Japan you take your shoes off at the door.)

In September of the twelfth year of the Taisho period (1923), there were many injured and sick people all over Tokyo because of the Kanto earthquake and fire. Sensei felt deep anxiety. Every day he went around in the city to treat them. We could not count how many people were treated and saved by him. During this emergency situation, his relief activity was that of reaching out his hands of love to suffering people. His relief activity was generally like that.(Mr. Hiroshi Doi was told that Sensei would actually lay on the ground and give Reiki from his hands and feet to at least 4 people at  time.)

After that, his learning place became too small. In February of the 14th year of the Taisho period (1925), he built and moved to a new one (a dojo or training hall) outside Tokyo in Nakano.(Nakano is now part of Tokyo.) Because his fame had risen still more, he was invited to many places in Japan, often. In answering those requests, he went to Kure, then to Hiroshima, to Saga and reached Fukuyama. It was during his stay in Fukuyama that he unexpectedly got sick and died. He was 62 years old. (In Western terms, Sensei was  60 - born August 15, 1865; died March 9, 1926 as per his grave marker; however, in old Japan, you are "1" when born and turn another year older at the start of the new year.)

Sensei was very mild, gentle and humble by nature. He was physically big and strong yet he kept smiling all the time. However, when something happened, he prepared towards a solution with firmness and patience. He had many talents. He liked to read, and his knowledge was very deep of history, biographies, medicine, theological books like Buddhism Kyoten (Buddhist bible) and bibles (scriptures), psychology, jinsen no jitsu (god hermit technique), the science of direction, ju jitsu (he also learned Judo from Jigoro Kano, according to Tenon-in), incantations (the "spiritual way of removing sickness and evil from the body"), the science of divination, physiognomy (face reading) and the I Ching.  I think that Sensei's training in these, and the culture which was based on this knowledge and experience, led to the key to perceiving Reiho (short for "Reiki Ryoho"). Everybody would agree with me.

Looking back, the main purpose of Reiho was not only to heal diseases, but also to have right mind and healthy body so that people would enjoy and experience happiness in life. Therefore when it comes to teaching, first let the student understand well the Meiji Emperor's admonitory, then in the morning and in the evening let them chant and have in mind the five precepts which are: 

First we say, today don't get angry.  
Secondly we say, don't worry. 
Third we say, be thankful.  
Fourth we say, endeavor your work. 
Fifth we say, be kind to people.  
(My friend Emiko Arai was very firm about the above wording.)

Recently the world condition has been in transition. There is not little change in people's thought. (i.e. it's changing a lot) Fortunately, if Reiho can be spread throughout the world, it must not be a little help (i.e. it's a big help) for people who have a confused mind or who do not have morality. Surely Reiho is not only for healing chronic diseases and bad habits. 

The number of the students of Sensei's teaching reaches over 2,000 people already (This number may also include the students' students). Among them senior students who remained in Tokyo are carrying on Sensei's learning place and the others in different provinces also are trying to spread Reiki as much as possible. (Dr. Hayashi took title to the dojo in November, 1926 and together with Admiral Taketomi and Admiral Ushida, re-located it to his clinic in Shinano Machi in 1926, and ran it as a hospice.) Although Sensei died, Reiho has to be spread and to be known by many people in the long future. Aha! What a great thing that Sensei has done to have shared this Reiho, which he perceived himself, to the people unsparingly. 

Now many students converged at this time and decided to build this memorial at his family temple in the Toyotama district to make clear his benevolence and to spread Reiho to the people in the future. I was asked to write these words. Because I deeply appreciate his work and also I was moved by those thinking to be honored to be a student of Sensei, I accepted this work instead of refusing to do so. I would sincerely hope that people would not forget looking up to Usui Sensei with respect. 

Edited by "ju-san-i" ("subordinate third rank, the Junior Third Court (Rank) -- an honorary title), Doctor of Literature, Masayuki Okada. 

Written (brush strokes) by Navy Rear Admiral, "ju-san-i kun-san-tou ko-yon-kyu"("subordinate third rank, the Junior Third Court (Rank), 3rd order of merit,  4th class of service" -- again, an honorary title)Juzaburo Ushida (also pronounced Gyuda).

Second Year of Showa (1927), February

Now how it came to the West is a whollllllleeeeee other story that I won’t get into because I honestly don’t want to tire you.


What can be treated by Reiki?

Reiki is both powerful and gentle.  In its long history it is known to heal virtually every known illness and injury including the likes of heart disease, cancer, skin problems, multiple sclerosis, flu, sore throat, allergies, diabetes, headaches (thank goodness!) insomnia, sun burns, impotence, bruises, fatigue and many others.  Note that it doesn’t mean that most ailments or dis-eases will be healed in one session.  Specific results cannot be guaranteed.  However, it is always beneficial and works to improve the effectiveness of all other types of therapy.  A session feels like a wonderful, glowing radiance and has many benefits for both the client and the practitioner, which can include positive states of consciousness and spiritual experiences.  

Reiki works in conjunction with Medical Care

Reiki works well with medical and psychological care.  There are over 800 hospitals across the U.S that includes Reiki being given in operating rooms and intensive care units.  According to a series of interviews that William Lee Rand (founder of the International Center for Reiki Training which is where ones U.S. certification should come from) did, Reiki “decreases recovery time from surgery, improves mental attitude, and reduces unwanted side effects of medications including chemotherapy, radiation, and other medical procedures.”  Note that I’m not saying to stop seeing your doctor.  Yes Reiki can treat several things but myself and other Reiki practitioners aren’t saying to dump your doctor.  That was a disclosure by the way.

Reiki can do no harm

Ummmm, I’m not sure how else to say that.  I’ll try though.  REIKI CAN DO NO HARM!!!!!!!!!!  How was that?  It’s universal energy.  If you’re worried an evil person learns it and you are their client and something bad happens, trash that thought.  If that becomes the case nothing will happen.  This is a universal intelligent thing.  It is not meant to do harm, only heal.  It is intellectual.  You ever heard of a bad miracle?  Exactly.  It just won’t happen.  It’s nothing evil.  Smh.  No clue how else to say it.  Also, Reiki respects a person’s free will.  If a practitioner sends Reiki to someone who doesn’t want it, the Reiki will not affect them.

With alllllllllllllll that said.  As of Sunday I am officially a Reiki II practitioner.  I’m certified by the International Center for Reiki Training.  I was taught by Kristin Reed who was taught by the founder of the ICRT, William Lee Rand.  Hehheehehehe. Her school is Healing Reiki Brooklyn.  She is AWESOME!  She’s such a kind, gentle and patient woman.  Shhhh, I’m going to let you in in a secret.  She invited me to Peru and Guatemala to do volunteer Reiki to Indigenous people.  HOW COOL IS THAT??????????  You know as long as finances are together my brown butt is going right?  I mean come on!  She invited me before I even took the class.  Not being conceited or anything but she must have sensed something in me.  I am humbled by the invitation and I’m so giddy about it!  To volunteer?  HOW COOL!  Anyway my experience was awesome!  The other students and I clicked!  I learned so much from them.  There is so much knowledge in the world, so much we do not know and I was just sitting there soaking it all up and sharing what I know.  We did Reiki on each other and it was so cool!  The feeling!  We didn’t do one on one it was three on one!  Can you imagine the sensation!  Ahh man.  Wonderful!  Just wonderful!  I can't wait for my friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers to experience this healing art.  I'm happy to have learned this.  


What to expect in one of my sessions


Until I find a location to rent I will be toting my massage table and stool around. A session can last from 45minutes to 1hr and 15mins. Relaxing music and a candle will be burning to create a nice atmosphere. I will begin by doing a Byosen Scan. The word Byosen means “disease line” in Japanese and is a method of using the hand (of an attuned person) to discover and treat those areas in need of Reiki. I will mentally note (and later on paper) where, during the scan I felt any discrepancies. I will then begin by doing a series of hand positions on the front and back of your body. I will spend a longer time on the area in which I felt a discrepancy during the Byosen Scan. If you do not like to be touched I don’t have to. I can actually stay far away and beam Reiki to you. Don’t forget there’s distance healing in Reiki. You will either feel a warm or cold sensation or both. It all depends on what is needed in that area. Reiki does all the work, I’m just a channel in which it flows from. If you have any type of ailments you may notice a difference quickly, a few days or if it’s something that requires more sessions then longer. Ailments or not, Reiki leaves you feeling rejuvenated.


It is recommended that after your first attunement that you wait 21 days to begin performing Reiki. You certainly can but it's recommended. I'm choosing to wait. The practitioner should do it on his/herself daily during the 21 days. This is so that they can get familiar with the energy and know the little ‘tell’ signs. It’s also considered a cleansing period. My 21 days end on July 5th.


Quick joke! My friend came over yesterday and I was telling him about Reiki. I blabbed all about my experience while I was learning so he knew that my hands get hot during the process. However, I may feel it but if someone else touches my hand they may not but if I lay my hands on them or above them they feel the energy as a hot or cool sensation. Anyway I kept telling him dang my hands and the soles of my feet get hot. We were chatting about Reiki and I flicked my hands and suspiciously he asked me if my hands were hot. I told him yes. I explained that I find that if I’m thinking or talking about Reiki my hands get hot. He had a bewildered look on his face. I leaned over and placed my hand over his feet. He yelped! LOLOLOLOL! It was the most hilarious thing! Then he asked me to try different parts of his body and he felt the heat in each area. What increased his bewilderment was the fact that the fan was on and cool air was coming from it yet he felt this hot sensation. His reaction was just too funny. It’s all energy my dears. He asked me to do a session but I won’t until my 21 days are up. You KNOW I’m going to work on my mom and dad right?! Can’t wait! My mom already called asking. I have to buy a phone card and speak to my dad. I know he won’t disagree because he’s into alternative medicine. I’ve already put the word out but to those who I haven’t told: I’ll be doing 10 free sessions for a month. After which I will begin charging. Don’t worry I won’t be breaking your legs. You know I’m not that type of person. If you have my number, text me or call me, hit me up on facebook, or email me your requests. Even if you are not interested and know someone who will be please feel free to pass along my information. If you are not interested in using me then please feel free to research someone in your area. You have the knowledge take advantage of it hun!


Oh! Before I forget. There are times when a healer realizes that the person receiving a healing doesn’t believe in it. If that person gives permission for the healing and if he/she is open to it, the healing will happen with or without belief. However, someone who is not open to it, or refuses inwardly, can block the process. Remember: Reiki respects your free will.


That’s it in a nutshell. A long nutshell. LOL! Know that when I write a really long post is to pass along information. Unfortunately I know people who won’t go out there and do the research so when I share information I’m there only source they have and they trust me so I take great pride in delivering as accurately as I can.


“As we proceed into the new millennium, The Way of Reiki offers itself as a solution to our problems and as a path of unlimited potential. May all who would benefit from this path be guided to it.” William Lee Rand.


Stay Blessed my Sweets!!



“Reiki The Healing Touch First and Second Degree Manual” William Lee Rand


“Essential Reiki a Complete Guide to an Ancient Art of Healing” Diane Stein






My personal experiences. 


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Carlene Shortlegs Romain

7/11/2013 04:58:29 pm

Shy you have made me a believer and I truly want to know more about this Reiki ...the amount of information you put into this blog is incredible ....believe it or not but my home is done in pure Asian style and I can relate to some of what your stating ...Congrats on your achievement ...and now I can't wait to have a Reiki session with you ...Lord knows I have so much energy that needs to be released and I need some centering myself ...very informative ...I truly enjoyed reading this one ...I think I'll be doing some research on this because it is very fascinating to me ...thank you once again ...and sorry I took so long to post a reply ...your blogs truly are the best ...and I certain DO benefit from them ...looking forward to reading the next one hun:o)


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