The New Moon and Manifesting Your Goals

July 8, 2013


Hey Loves!!!!!!!  How in the world are ya?  How was your Fourth of July?  I hope you had a fabulous time!  I stayed in and did nothing.  I did however watch the fireworks with my ex boyfriend Marshall; he had a view of it on his roof and I had a view of it on my 32inch screen television.  LOL!  Anyhoo I hope all is well.

Question for you: what do you know about the New Moon?  Besides it being marked on your calendar?  Ok so if you know that it’s in control of the ocean tides then bravo *applauding* someone remembers something from their science class!  Do you know anything else about it?  Did you know it’s the perfect time for manifesting your goals and dreams?  Yes sir!  It is it is.  Well that’s the metaphysics behind it.  It is said that when the new moon is waxing it is coming into and when it is waning it is going out of.  This is just the natural flow of the universe my friends.  What does waxing and waning mean?  Well waxing is when the moon is getting bigger and waning is when it’s getting smaller.  I love seeing the new moon.  It’s so HUGE in the sky.  It always seems to be right by my window saying: hi Shy what would you like me to help manifest for you?  I mean when she asks a question like that, it’s only right to give her a list!  LOL!  Seriously look out your window tomorrow, July 8th and tell me if you don’t notice how HUGE and beautiful it is.  If you miss it tomorrow then just check your calendar or Google for the next one.  Think about what I just said: waxing is when the moon is bigger, when it’s at its largest.  Perfect time to enlarge your dreams, yes?  Yes!  When the moon is waning it’s getting smaller, so the full moon is a good time to release the old.  Perfect time to forgive.  I’m going to write a blog on that, don’t you worry.  


My calendar doesn’t have the moon phases on it so at the beginning of the year I made sure to mark it down on my electronic calendar.  I have a ritual that I do for this night.  I may light a white candle and the metaphysics of a white candle is that it is The Balance of all colors: Spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, clairvoyance, healing, truth-seeking, purity, innocence, clarity and unity, Dawn, purification, peace, truth, protection, spirituality, General work, cleansing, repels negativity; use to bring peace, spiritual strength, truth, purity; heals emotions, and provides protection.  Anyway that was just a quick side note.  I light a white candle or my stress relief candle or both.  It depends on my mood.  I turn on my lamp, sit in my couch with a pen and paper and either: 1. Make a list of wants, my heart’s true desires 2. Add to a current list or 3. Review my vision board and pray over it.  I take a moment to thank God for his many blessings and for the future blessings that are coming my way.  I then thank him for Archangel Haniel for she is in charge of the moon.  After praying to God I sometimes switch over and chat with her.  Now if you don’t believe in God or archangels then do what feels most comfortable for you.  I’m just sharing what I do based on my beliefs.  If my white candle is lit then I place my list under the candle and hop in the shower.  While there I image myself having all the things my heart desires.  Then I just chill for a while and think or meditate or do some more visualizations some more.  Then I cover the candle to out it (I was told by Nikole to never blow out a candle.  I honestly don’t remember why.  I’ll ask her or maybe she’ll comment below and tell us the metaphysics behind it.  Whatever she says, I do).  Because my state of mind is usually in such a good happy place I use that time to just go off to sleep and enter lala land.


Now does it work?  Yep!  Those of you who know about the law of attraction will recognize and understand about the vision board and the visualizing technique.  I’ve always set goals for myself at the beginning of the year but I first learned what a vision board was when I became an Amway representative (I don’t recruit folks anymore but I do keep my account active because I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE their products!!!!!!  They are so environmentally friendly and that’s a big turn on.  If you need anything let me know and you can order through me and I’ll give you a discount).  During one of the meetings they mentioned to create a board and place on it our sales goals and all the events we would like to manifest to bring in money.  Like a spa day with all our products or having an event at the gym talking about the energy drinks etc.  The idea behind it is that by creating one and placing it on your wall then you see it every day.  It’s a conscious and unconscious reminder of our goals.  The brain then works towards attaining these goals.  What goes on there?  Whatever you want.  Think of what your goals are and get a visual representation of it.  When I got home, I said to myself, why not do a vision board for my personal goals.  So I pulled out the list that had that year’s goal on there and I added more.  Then I did a Google image search of the item or a picture that represents what I wanted.  Then I saved the pictures in a word document, put them together on one sheet and put the date or year that I would like to attain it by.  I then printed it in color and pinned it to the wall where I could see it daily.  When I look at it, I always smile and say: yea baby, I’m going to get you soon!  Let me tell you something the very first one I did back in 2010, I attained EVERYTHING on there except one.  The reason I didn’t attained that item was because it was my boyfriend at the time wish.  It was his desire and not mines so that didn’t work.  On my very first one I had a picture of my mom which represented paying her off some money that I owed her.  A picture of an apartment and I had the deadline of April 2011 on there.  A picture of credit cards and next to it I wrote pay of three by xx date.  A picture of a car (my ex’s desire) and a few other things I can’t remember.  The biggest desire of them all was the apartment.  I was renting a room in a basement at the time on Brooklyn avenue and avenue H in Brooklyn, sharing with three men.  I was the only girl (nope it wasn’t a fiesta.  I wish it was).  There was this old man that was a complete and utter NUISACE!  He kept garbage in his room for such a long time that it would smell the hallway and the bathroom was ALWAYS dirty.  There was always urine stains on and around the toilet.  Sh*t stains, in the toilet, I mean LOOK BEHIND YOU after you do a #2 I mean COME ON!  The bath tub was disgusting.  I mean it was just terrible!  When it rained my room flooded.  Let’s not forget that after living there for less than a week one of the tenants pulled a gun on me.  Yep, you read right.  I’m STILL surprised I didn’t pee my pants!  The landlady was a ginal (Jamaican patios term that means a con artist).  Yes hunny, yesssssss I’ve been through a lot.  I had absolutely no savings and I was paying $150 a week for the rent and was making $250 net per week and had bills and had to eat so you do the math.  However, here I am writing to you from my Manhattan studio apartment, located on the lower east side with a LOVELY view of the water and of the Williamsburg bridge and a view of two pools across the street.  Yea baby, yea!  My rent at the time was less than what I was paying for the room.  I got this without a dime to my name.  I did have to borrow more money from my mother and Nattydread, which I paid off.  The point is when I created that vision board I said I wanted all these things.  How am I going to get it all especially without money was definitely a question that I had but I released that thought.  I remained positive.  I kept the thought that somehow someway I’m getting these things on the list.  Once I attained everything I kept creating new boards.  As you can see I didn’t have an actual board I used what I had which was paper.  Use whatever you have.  A paper, construction paper, buy a board, whatever.  Cut pictures out from magazines or print from the internet whatever.  Just be sure that these are things your heart desires.  I set a date for receiving an apartment for April 2011.  This apartment manifested May 2011 and I moved in June 2011!! YEA BABY YEA!!

Now let’s get back to the new moon and intertwine this.  Just like a farmer have their Farmer’s Almanac that tells them when it’s a good time to plant certain crops and a good time to go fishing which is when the tide is high which is when there’s a new moon…so it is for manifesting your goals.  Yes you can do the vision board and visualization techniques whenever but creating one and reviewing one during the first night of the new moon is a great time to do it.  It gives your manifestations an extra kick.  For me since learning about the metaphysics behind the new moon, I’ve found that I manifest things a lot quicker when I work on it during the new moon.  I’ve blown off events and hanging out just to make sure I’m home in time to get my manifesting on.  So hey, why not give it a shot?  Tell me how it works for you.  I would love to know.  And yes I do this every month.  Perfect example:  I created a HUGE vision board last month the night of the new moon and one of the items on there was a car and guess what?  I have a car and I didn’t pay a penny for it (I’ll write about that miraculous story.  My friends are still amazed!!!!!!!!!!).  I wanted one so that I can make house visits for my Reiki, massage and crystal healing sessions.  Isn’t that A-MAZ-ING?!  I’m so flipping grateful!

Stay Blessed my friends!!!


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