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September 9, 2013


*Oprah sing song voice* GOOD MORNINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!  Whoa what a beautiful morning.  How in the world are ya?  How was your weekend?  Mines wasn’t bad.  I had lots of reading for school.  Ahh, yes school.  Yes hunny I’m back in school.  Remember a few months ago I said I’ll be taking a semester off?  Well it was my spirit being guided in a different direction.  I kept telling the girls that I don’t want to go to school.  They are used to me saying this in August when school is about to re-start but I was saying it in April before the spring semester was complete.  Usually as soon as the fall semester schedule is available I’m signing up for classes before they get booked up, but for some reason May rolled around and I still wasn’t digging school.  I was starting to wonder if I’m just tired of going part time.  I was at Medgar since 2008 and only attended full time for one semester.  Once I received a full time job I started going part time.  It was taking a long time and even longer if I take a break.  Regardless of that I decided I’ll take the fall semester off.

Confused about my decisions I decided to just flow with it.  There has to be a reason and in time it will reveal itself.  I continued getting my monthly massages and I recall asking my massage therapist where she attended school and she told me the Swedish Institute.  However, she told me if I’m interested in attending school I should look into Pacific College because you learn so much more in less time.  I kept the info under my belt.  Then after receiving my Reiki II certification I got to thinking:  wouldn’t it be awesome to combine Reiki and a massage for my business?  Well by jolly Shaniquea that’s a brilliant idea!  I hopped on my computer and got to researching.  I must say she was right.  I was more drawn to the course curriculum for Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) than the Swedish Institute.  Nothing against them or anything but the fact that I’m interested in a more holistic approach of healing, PCOM made more sense.  I started to feel excited and it felt right!  Not going to school wasn’t the issue.  The type of school was.  That explains my feeling for not returning to Medgar.  I didn’t see anything about an open house for PCOM, so I contacted the school and was told that I’ll have a one on one appointment with an admission rep.  Cool beans!  I like one on one.  I prepared all my questions and I was ready!

It was a lovely meeting.  The rep had his questions for me and one that had me tilting my head was: What do your parents think about you considering PCOM?  Are they supportive?  Huh?  Mister, I’m grown, was my thought.  What in the world that have to do with anything?  I answered his question politely and informed him that the decisions I make have nothing to do with my family.  Anyway I knew I was in the right place when while I was waiting I saw a poster up about a Reiki Master doing Reiki sessions in the school.  I was like:WOOOOORDDDDDDDDDDDD?!  That’s how this school roll?!  I was impressed!  We had a nice conversation going and I told him I was a Reiki practitioner and we started talking about that and he started telling me about the different types of massages and their healing affects.  He gave me a tour of the school and I loved how small it is.  I like classroom size settings.  I learn better that way.  Then he gave me a checklist for the application process which included three interviews and a letter of recommendation.  Wait what?!  Like seriously?!  Just to get into a school?  What type of school is this?  The type of school that screens its students and makes sure that this is path that they are serious about and that it’s a right fit.  The very next day I received a call from another rep and we got to chatting and she asked me that same peculiar question:  How does my family feel about me being interested in PCOM?  I felt like I was missing something.  Then I finally understood.  Going the holistic route tend to make people scratch their heads.  It’s not their fault.  A majority of us are only used to one form of living; if sick then go to the doctor not drink some herbs or have needles stuck in you.  Like someone I know said to me: so you’re trading machines for plants?  Yes, yes I am.  Anyway at the end of the conversation she told me that the rep told her the interview went well and she’ll make a note that the application process should continue.  Wait, what?  I was interviewed yesterday?  Our conversation just now was an interview?  Slick!  Very slick!  I like!  Needless to say I got accepted.  My final interview was with the campus director.  Cool dude!  All were a bit concerned that I’ll be attending full time but I can handle it.  Not to mention the drive I have to have some type of degree before or by the time I hit 30 years old.  All these years of school, it’s time a get a piece of paper for it.  I know I always say I can’t do full time work and full time school but this I feel I can handle.  The classes are all once a week.  At my previous school I would attend class 5x a week but only taking two classes because the class meets more than once a week.  It didn’t give me much wiggle room.  This school however offer their classes once a week.  So I’m able to stack the classes on.  I’m taking five classes this semester.


My first day was so cool.  I love the energy of the school.  It’s so refreshing to leave work and head to school.  Everyone have smiles…genuine smiles on their faces and all look happy to be there.  There’s a nice little buzz in the school and my spirit feels alive when I’m there.  The students are friendly and we all come from different backgrounds.  With all my classes the professors had us share how it came to be that we are on this path.  Every single last person either is currently working in corporate America and scratching their way for a way out or they worked in corporate America and happy they are out.  I felt less weird hearing these people share these things.  I had received an oracle card that read that my nature has become more sensitive and that my current job environment is too harsh (see pic above).  It explains why I want to run around the office with a red cloth on my head screaming.  LOL!  I was used to the fakeness, lies, politics, and hypocrisy.  I didn’t indulge because I just can’t be fake but it didn’t bother me much.  Now, now I imagine I have a bottle of liquid love to spritz them when they pass by.  

The first day of school was last Tuesday and I was excited!!!! Class was East/West Physiology I.  Ummm, who knew there was so much to know about Yin (not ying) and Yang.  The whole bloody course is going to be about that.  EXCITING!  Lol! So, I’m going to learn all about the vocabulary and concepts associated with yin/yang, the five elements, and the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  I’m going to learn all about the channel system in Chinese Medicine.  I’m also going to be learning about the eight principles of differential diagnosis and learn about zang/fu organ physiology and pathology.  For this course one of the ‘textbook’ assigned is titled: Between Heaven and Earth.  A Guide to Chinese Medicine By Beinfield and Korngold.  I used quotation marks because it’s more like a novel to me.  It’s so flipping interesting!  I had to force myself to put it down so I can get to my other readings.  It’s so good that my man Deepak Chopra wrote a review about it.  In it I learned that in TCM there are five transformative phases: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.  Each one functions as an energetic field linked with the intuitive organs of Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung, and Kidney respectively.  That is to say that the Organ Networks of Chinese medicine isn’t the same as the anatomical organs of Western medicine.  Organ networks are defined functionally not structurally.  Which means they also includes emotional and mental function as well as physiological performance and even their physiology are defined differently.  However, the author states that “After reading these chapters, you will also learn how to interpret yourself within the context of these concepts so that you can say, “I am an Earth type who has conflict with Wood and weakness in Water.  My primary therapeutic focus will be in these areas.”  That is a purpose of this book.”  I hope I didn’t confuse you but my interpretation of what’s being said is that the Chinese looks at every individual and say that we can be broken down into five types: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.  If you learn more about your type then you will learn who and what will give you challenges and happiness in your life.  Now there are a series and when I say series I mean a lot of bloody questions that are asked and then once you score yourself it’s revealed what you are.  It came as no surprise that I’m Earth, the Peacemaker.  My work is to “serve, to connect, to raise awareness and to facilitate action.”  (Beinfield and Korngold pg 193) I learned that my challenging relationships will be with those who are Metal and Water which explains my challenges with a couple of friends.  So I’ve yapped enough about this course but isn’t it interesting?

Next up was Anatomy and Physiology (AP).  I had huge issue with this course.  It was not offered in the evening for the Massage Therapy program students.  I was looking ahead and worried that my graduation date will be pushed back if I don’t take the AP course.  This course is a prerequisite for three courses next semester.  No way am I missing out on three courses next semester.  The admissions department came to the rescue at the last minute on Tuesday.  I dropped my Western Massage class which is only a prerequisite for two courses and picked up the AP Masters class that’s offered in the evening.  Seeing that I have a good bit of college credits they know I can handle that class.  The professor is so sweet.  I love her accent!  The greatest thing happened in that class.  We were going around talking about how we ended up at PCOM and one guy, Pedro, says he’s an energy healer so I gasped.  He looked over in my direction, smiled and added that he does Reiki.  I started clapping and admonished that I too do Reiki and then it was repeated three times by others.  Turn out that there are five Reiki practitioners, two of them are Reiki Masters (Pedro included).  The girl next to me was in advertising (and happy to be out) and also a Reiki practitioner.  On our break, Pedro came over and all us practitioners yapped and yapped and yapped till the professor had to break us up.  After class we sat there and yapped some more.  Then we realized that we could ride and whistle (walk and talk) and so we headed outside but ended up yapping some more in front of the building.  IT WAS AMAZING!!  We all have such a great connection.  We spoke about the new moon that was coming up (it was Thursday), one girl’s significant other does past life regressions, we spoke about Reiki shares, we spoke about how we got on the spiritual path, I mean it was such a stimulating A-MAZING conversation that it left me going to bed smiling and waking up the following day smiling.  I received a text from one of the girls saying that she can’t stop smiling about our connection.  It was crazy I tell ya.  Awesomely crazy.  I have more of a connection with Pedro and he’s going to be help me fine tune my oracle reading skills.  I showed him a wedding card I keep getting and it was scaring me because I’m enjoying my freedom and don’t want a relationship and now you talking about wedding?  He explained that it’s my spiritual wedding.  Right now I’m fulfilling my soul’s contract and so that marriage and bond is being formed.  Phew!  Then he burst my bubble and said a guy is coming my way soon (same thing a shaman told me and my cards said the same thing).  He went on to tell me that I’m going to have a boy then a girl (same thing my spiritual teacher that died told me).  Well mumsie, looks like you’re going to be getting those grandkids from me after all.  *sigh* I can pout and say I’m on the IUD and that I won’t get pregnant all I want, but where we plan, God laughs, so hey!  *shrug* So, ya that was a magical day and don’t forget that I mentioned that my cards over the summer said I need to find like-minded friends and I sure did ask.  As much as I love my friends it gets tiresome when I’m talking about intuitive flashes, oracle cards, spirituality and there’s silence, or repeated blinks and all that.  I only have two friends to talk to about these things but they have their own stuff going on in their lives so I don’t want to bother them.  For my friends that asks questions I love that but it’s so good to have a conversation with those who already know the deal.   Last tid bit about this class.  I approached my professor after class and told her I’m always so bloated and it’s been going on for years and I’m sick of it.  She told me its possible spleen deficiency and to make an appointment with an acupuncturist.  

Next up was my Tui Na Hand Techniques class.  Tui Na is a form of Chinese therapy.  It’s a hands on body treatment that incorporates the Chinese Taoist and martial arts principles to bring the eight principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) into balance.  I’ll be taught a series of hand techniques to open the body’s qi (pronounced chee) to get the energy moving in the meridians and muscles.  I learned from the very first class that we can treat the liver, kidney and spleen from the thigh.  We worked on each other and as usual I was bloated and I asked my partner to do each hand technique twice.  It felt so gooooooooood.  When I was working on her she commented that she had pains in her lower back and she felt it ease.  Good stuff.  After class I spoke to the professor and the TA (she’s a doctor. Coolness) about my bloated-ness.  Once again I was told to see an acupuncturist because it’s possibly spleen deficiency.

After my AP class I had called the center to get an appointment with an acupuncturist.  Oh, let me back up.  My school has a center that offers Eastern and Western Massages, Acupuncture, and Herbs to the general public.  Any student get a nice discount and PCOM students get a sweet discount.  For massages I’ll only pay $20 for the 50min session and $15 for acupuncture.  WOOT WOOT!  Can you say no stress during midterms and finals?  Hehehehe.  Anyway, I was delighted that they had a spot open for me.  After reading my tongue, (yes tongue), taking my six pulses (yep 6), and a bunch of questions, it was diagnosed that my spleen is deficient.  Too much stagnation is going on and is causing a buildup and has manifested to constipation.  Why am I not surprised.  LOL! So she placed some needles in my tummy, thighs, knees, and ankle area.  Then, she turned out the overhead lights and left the lamp on, covered me and told me to relax and let the qi flow.  Well I had me a nice 1/2hr nap.  LOL!  More sessions are required and I had acupuncture before and so far I never received the pain again so I’m looking forward to this treatment.  Now I don’t want you to ever feel that I’m against medical doctors.  They know their stuff.  They are good at medical emergency and eastern medicine is good at preventive medicine.  Combine the two and we can live happily ever after.

My next class was Public Safety and Counseling.  What a boring title but it’s anything but boring.  We are going to be learning all that it takes to begin a career in massage therapy.  Which includes the licensing process, legalities, ethics, client communication and so much more.  Did you know New York is the strictest state for massage license?  There are so many laws and rules.  My goodness.  She told us a guy lost his license because he put a stethoscope on his website.  It was misleading.  Crazy.  Good.  But crazy.  Scared me shitless….Ummmm….right.  However, you can apply for a permit while you await your license so I want to learn more about that.  What was so cute was that she had us write ourselves an after graduation letter and she’ll mail it to us after graduation.  AWWWWWWW, wasn’t that sweet?  I’m looking forward to one of the projects where we will create a poster about the healing effects of massage all based on statistics.  Sweet!

I haven’t had my Philosophy and History of Asian Medicine class yet, because school started on a Tuesday, so later today. I’m sure it will be good.  I’ve never been this happy and excited about school!  Like my heart is singing I tell ya.  Singing!  I’m quite aware that I was at Medgar since 2008 and now I’m starting over.  Although I was going for a Biology degree nothing was transferable (except for pathology but I want to take that fresh) so I basically started over.  Not to mention I’m thinking of doing the doctorate acupuncture program after.  But, tis okay.  My eyes are wide, my tail is bushy and my heart is singing.  My desire changed and I’m following my passion so all is well.  The same for you my sweets.  I want you to feel what I’m feeling.  Follow your dreams my love.  Never be afraid to start over or to start something new.  If you have a passion for it, go for it!

Love ya.  Stay Blessed!    

PS.  I really expected this to be no more than two pages.  *sigh* I should’ve known my excitement couldn’t be contained to only two pages.


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