Shy Speaks Pod 2 with Guest Ryan Safann

February 25, 2016

Listener Discretion is Advised


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Podcast Record Date: 2/13/16

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Thank you so much for all the inquiries and alllllllll the support received! 

Special Thanks to:

  • Ryan Urban Safann aka Urban Preist (My Creative Guru) for the fliers and banners and for shooting the breeze with us on the show.  To see what he's all about please visit his site:


  • Dj Wally Black (Dj/Host/Sound Engineer) for being a host and editing the show.  To listen to his mixes you can find him on ​  For dj bookings:


  • Kwam Green for the AWESOME voice overs.  An old but dear friend. I support talent at all times.  You heard what he can do.  Please support him and his production team at: Every dollar counts!


  • Dave Q for doing a great job with the T-shirts.  Thank you!  Would you like to create your own T-shirts? Contact Dave at: Tell him Shy sent ya.

Love you ALL!



PS: To read the history of Valentine's Day you can get your read on here: 

For more on Valentine's Day massacre:

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