I'll Show You Mines if You Show Me Yours.

February 16, 2015


It all started out in the closet.  It was dark and we were both a little nervous.  He reached for his…nahhhh just messing with you!  LOL!  Hi folks, how are ya?  Well most of you may know that I had a lovely lovely vacation back in December.  I left from New York to Jamaica, Jamaica to Trinidad, Trinidad to Tobago, Tobago to Trinidad and then back to New York.  It was two weeks of fun and relaxation.  Some hiccups but we didn’t allow it to ruin our fun.

                This is how it really started: I was on the phone with Marshall last year February.  I was telling him I missed Trinidad and he was saying he wanted to take a vacation that year.  I of course suggested Trinidad but we were there in 2013 and he didn’t want to go back so soon.  I totally understand.  I don’t like visiting Jamaica often because I’m from there.  Too many other places to see.  He felt the same way.  A few people were in my ears about flying to see my dad asap but I honestly didn’t see the need to.  I figure I’ll see him later in the year.  I remembered that I promised Marshall I would take him to Jamaica.  I asked him about Jamaica and he said sure!  The only problem was, I really didn’t feel like going.  I was down there in 2012 and I didn’t see what difference me flying down would do.  I really really wanted to go to Trinidad.  Well, specifically Tobago.  My last trip to Tobago was less than a day and since I’m fantasizing about retiring there I figure I should spend a little bit more time there and get a feel of the land.  Ugghh, Jamaica, Trinidad, why do we have to choose?  I asked Marshall what about going to both places?  He said if the price was right no problem.  I immediately checked airfares and saw that going to Trinidad and then Jamaica was very costly.  However, the other way around was a lot cheaper, $959 to be exact.  That sounded much doable so we booked it!  Seven days in Jamaica, three and half days in Trinidad and the remaining in Tobago.  Sweet!  I wanted to be in Tobago for my birthday but with this arrangement I would be in Jamaica.  No biggie.  Land of my birth on my birthday, no problem.  As long as I’m not in NY for my birthday I’m fine with it. 




I’m trying something new, where I’m just going to post the pics from my trip with some pics having captions.  I will like to give you a little background though.  We arrived first in Jamaica on Tuesday morning on 12/16.  We stayed at my aunt’s house in Portmore.  That day we did a lot of shopping with my dad.  He asked for a table, chairs, and jeans pants so we went shopping.  My dad picked up my eldest brother.  His first child.  I don’t remember him much but I do remember that he was nice to me the few times I saw him as a baby.  I had some things for my grandmother so I went to see her.  I bawled like a baby on my dad’s shoulder after seeing how being sick has withered her.  I got to see the new place my dad is living that I’m paying for monthly and I like it.  Just seeing how less stressed he is knowing that his rent is paid and that he has a nice place and in a good neighborhood made me feel good.  He of course profusely thanks me for taking care of him, but hey what are daughters for?



My dad had asked for a blender to make juice and Marshall pointed out that he probably meant a juicer.  I was going to give him the one I owned that’s by my mother’s house that I’m not using but my mom pointed out that it would be too complex for him.  So, she gave me one of the three she owned to give to him which only had one button that allowed the machine to turn on and off.  Simple enough.  Before we left for the bus to Negril, I taught him how to use it.




   The next day we took the Knutsford Express bus to Negril where we stayed at the lovely Negril Treehouse Resort for five days. 





While there we went to Blue hole and to Rick’s Café.  At Blue Hole one of the young tour guides gave me a massage with the residue of the limestone that’s in the Hole.  I asked him if he attended massage school and he said no.  I commended him on his natural abilities and gave him a tip or two and also encouraged him to think about massage therapy as he have the talent for it.  At the resort our mornings were spent walking on the beach together enjoying the sunrise and now and again a dip in the water all before breakfast.  After breakfast we either lounged on the beach or stayed in watching television.  I’m not one to stay in my room while on vacation but the bed and linens were so comfortable and Marshall is really good company and so we watched the Discovery channel and Animal Planet until it was time for dinner.  #Lazybums.



We took the bus back to Portmore and we were picked up by my dad who arranged a family dinner.  He wanted me to meet the children he had after me.  Only two of the five children could make it.  I mentioned before that my father have nine children right?  Only two of us helps out.  Moving on.  Dinner was held at my sister, D’s house.  I was excited to meet her daughter as we had begun texting each other earlier in the year.  It turned out to be a big family event because my eldest brother Linden brought his children and grandchildren to dinner.  The food and company was good and it was a pleasure meeting everyone.  I had a lot of fun playing loodie with my younger sisters and niece.  My sister, Candice is a BEAST at the game!  I was glad to be on her good side during the game.  Her attitude reminds me a lot of Ms. Royalty because she’s very raw with her words and Marshall and I would just burst out cackling wondering if we really heard right.  Brittany is more quiet and I love that my niece G, although the youngest of us held her ground well against my sisters.  I smiled inwardly at that.  The next day, it was time for Trinidad.



Marshall’s dad picked us up from the airport and we stayed at his place.  We have a room there…well Marshall has a room there…blah, WE have a room there (yep I’m staking claim.  *sticks tongue out at Marshall*).  The bathroom in our room was ready for us.  This saddened me, because it meant not using daddy’s bathroom.  You remember the pic I posted of his bathroom?  It’s so lovely!  Nevertheless, he did an awesome job with our bathroom.