• Shy Davis

30 Day Challenge

I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mines when he shared with me that his church will be doing a 30 day fast, during which he will be praying and focusing on his goals. He also mentioned that he will be reviewing his Anthony Robbins cds during this time. He holds Robbins in such high regard as he has changed his life for the better and recommended that I give the cds a try. Always down for anything to make my life better, I agreed that I would one day look it over. After that conversation I got to thinking and decided that I too should do a fast…at least my version of a fast for the same 30 days. After making this decision I happened to glance at my personalized 12 Month Angelic Guidance Reading calendar and for the month of May it’s to detoxify.

I wasn't ready to skip a meal. Instead my goals would be to focus, meditate, and manifest. I decided to do the Anthony Robbins cds during this time. In mid-April I completed a 30 day fitness challenge and decided to do it once again during this time. Going organic is extremely expensive and currently not in the budget but I would make more of a conscious effort to screen what I put in my body. Now I wouldn't fast by giving up a meal but to give up a few things. No: cheese (I didn't realize how often I eat cheese!!! Not good and I'm sure it contributes to me being bloated so often), alcohol (Lord Jesus give me strength. Lol! Ok I sound like an alcoholic when I say it like that. I can abstain, but those times when a glass of wine does the trick, to not have that option? Toughy. So sparkling cider will be on the grocery list) and last but not least, no sex. Yep I said it. No sex. Now during all this I'm also going to incorporate some chakra healing, crystal mediation, and praying on my goals. When I reflected this morning I realized that certain things I started incorporating in my life a few months prior were to prepare me for this one month journey. I start Monday, April 29, 2013 and will end May 28, 2013. Always sharing, I’ll be blogging that which I've learned from Anthony Robbins with you.

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