• Shy Davis

30 Day Challenge Day 1

Hey there! So I decided to share my journey with you. Maybe this will be motivational to you. Plus I realize that writing things out and sharing is very therapeutic for me. Somehow I feel all this is prepping me to writing my book (I've fantasized of writing one for many years and actually started but didn't finish. So maybe this journey is content for my book). Let me get on with it. Today’s topic was 4 Steps for Success: 1. Know your outcome. 2. Take action 3. Notice what you're getting. 4. Change your approach. The assignment was to list two things you've been putting off and to take action immediately. Two things I was avoiding for around two months, actually DREADING were completing my financial aid and looking up the classes available for Fall. On my lunch break I did both and I must say it felt good to finally get it over with. He didn't say to list why you were avoiding it but I'm going to share with you why because it may seem like two simple things to you.

I was avoiding doing my financial aid because honestly it's just so darn annoying and looking up the classes for fall is even more so. I had to drop Organic Chemistry last fall and I failed Calculus. Yep failed. As in a 'F." My first F...at this school. This was all due to being under so much pressure at work. Working so many hours. For those of you who know me, do you remember my nervous breakdown? Ya, not fun. Now a lot of the classes I need, Orgo is a prerequisite so I have to take that class over soon. The classes that don't require Orgo may not suit my schedule and I may be assed out and forced to re take Orgo. My issue with that is that I realized that for ME, in order to pass I have to take that class BY ITSELF. This means I won’t get a loan because I need to be taking 6 credits to qualify. This then means I will have to pay out of pocket. What if I fail? That's my $. Now if I wasn't working then it will be all gravy. No way I can fail and my money be wasted. But I do work and that job is stressful. So my fear is, paying out of pocket and failing because my job got in the way. As much as I want to finish school I need to keep a roof over my head. Now you can understand why I've been avoiding it.

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