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30 Day Challenge Day 4

Good Day lovely people. Today’s topic was: The Three Steps to Lasting Change. As he mentioned yesterday, to change your life you must change your neuro-associations. Today, he says that three things must be in place to make these changes last. These three fundamentals of NAC (Neuro-Association Conditioning) are: 1. Get leverage on yourself. a. You must decide three things: Something must change; I must change it; I can change it, 2. Interrupt your current pattern of association: You gotta change your old pattern of thinking and feeling. He used the example of an argument. You’re in the middle of an argument, just stop, pull your nose and say whoop whoop! This silly behavior will interrupt your pattern and throw the other person off. I’m guessing this will now give you the moment needed to end the argument and regroup to try and discuss civilly. 3. Condition a new empowering association: Instill a new choice and constantly reinforce it until it is conditioned. He mentioned that folks may do his tapes and after three or so years say this didn’t work. Well it lasted for three years no? Well yes, but it didn’t last forever. Well Robbins said to change this, you have to consistently do it. It’s like reading a book and it helped you and then years later or whatever time that has elapsed you stopped doing what helped. Well, there’s nothing wrong with re-reading the book to refresh your memory and recondition yourself. Assignment: For each of the four actions you listed before, do the following. Step 1: Get Leverage: List ten reasons why you must change now and why you know you can do it. Just to recap the four actions were: 1. Losing 47 lbs. 2. Spending more time with my mother. 3. Looking for another job to finance my current needs and to finance starting my own mini business. 4. Being celibate. *Okay so I couldn't think of 10 things for each category so some maybe short.* 1. Losing 47lb. Why I must change now: 1. I will look great 2. I will feel great 3. My self-confidence will be higher (I'm not alluding to it being in the dumps). 4. My self-esteem would be higher (no, it's not in the dumps) 5. I'll gain the sense of accomplishment. Like yes I lost a large sum of weight AGAIN! Why I know I can do it. 1. I lost 82lbs before on my own. Yep a whooping 82lbs. 2. When I focus on something it gets done. 2. Spending time with mom Why I must change now: 1. I don't know how much time on earth we have together, therefore I need to take advantage of the time we have now. 2. I want to have a deeper relationship with her. 3. I feel I must do this because I have a feeling that some of my good influence and positive attitude will rub off on her. Why I know I can do it: 1. If I want something bad enough it will get done. 3. Looking for another job Why I must change now: 1.I MUST do this because I need to be around better minded people. 2. I need more money to support myself, have a savings and to help start my own business. 3. I strongly dislike the people around me. Too many back stabbing. Too much hypocrisy 4. I'll be less stressed. 5. I must do this because too often I don't want to go to work. 6. Too often when I get to work I don't want to do work. 7. Too often do I feel completely and utterly drained...even after a restful night’s sleep. 8. I must do this because my sanity is dwindling. I may need to up my therapy (joking...sorta). 9. I dislike the sales aspect of the job. 10. I dislike the unfairness that goes on. 11. I dislike the racism! 12. I must do this because it’s affecting me mentally, spiritually and physically. 13. I must change now because my job leaves me unfulfilled. Hmmm I thought of more than 10 for this category. Interesting. That says something. Why I know I can do it: 1. If I feel cornered I come out scratching. 4. Being celibate Why I must change now: 1. I need to remember and respect the sacredness of sex. It's a bonding and binding thing. 2. I must change now because I need to reclaim my innocence. 3. I need to be celibate in order to cleanse my body of the different sex-hand prints that has tainted my glass (meaning my body). 4. I feel if I become celibate I'll be more focused and more aligned for certain things. 5. I must change now as to have more respect for myself. 6. If I respect me more then the next man that comes my way have to respect me even more. Why I know I can do it: 1. Mind over matter. I know I can do anything I tell myself to do. Step 2. Interrupt your own pattern: List four or five ways to get yourself out of the limiting associations This step is still not 100% clear to me. He said he'll be talking about it more. For now this is what I came up with. 1. Losing 47lb. 1. Give myself a deadline 2. Have someone hold me accountable 2. Spending time with mom 1. Schedule her into my planner. I look at my planner and to do list at least 9x a day. For now putting it down as a to do list will give it priority the way things that are on my to do list are a priority. 2. Call her and tell her I'm coming over. I'll hear the disappointment in her voice which would be a knife to the heart if I don't show. This way I'll be left do deal with my conscience. 3. Ask a friend to hold me accountable. 4. Hold myself accountable. 3. Looking for another job 1. Put a larger picture of a new job on my vision board. 2. Put 'look for job' on my to do list on the weekends. This will force me to do it. 3. Remind myself off all the reasons my life will be better. 4. Surround myself with images of why my life will be better. 4. Being celibate 1. Move my dildo from out the top draw to under my pillow. LOL!! I'm serious :-x Okay so I was having a discussion with a friend who is also celibate and he told me that penetration from sex toys is not considered being celibate. I was flabbergasted…to say the least. I consulted my best friend Google and sure enough he was right! MY definition of being celibate includes using sex toys. Again, this is MY definition…for now. Baby steps baby steps. 2. Associate celibacy with peacefulness. 3. Surround myself with people who believe sex is sacred and practice that. 4. Put pictures of myself as a child to remind me the importance of conquering my goal. Step 3. Condition yourself by rehearsing your new behavior. Get to it Shy! Thanks for being with me even if it's silently on this journey. Thank you for all your support. Please feel free to leave any comments. Have a great day! Bless!

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