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30 Day Challenge Day 5

Day 5: The Goal Setting Workshop Good Day lovely people!! Can I just say, how much FUN I had working with Tony this morning! He reminded me of so many things that I wanted, that I forgot or negated because my ego deemed impossible and this morning as he unlocked that section of my brain where I buried them I just got so excited and giddy all about it once again! At one point he said to envision yourself as a kid talking to Santa Claus. Well I don’t recall there being a publicized Santa Claus that you sat on his lap and tell him all you wanted back in Jamaica. That is definitely a Western thing. In Jamaica we KNEW Santa Claus was mommy and daddy so we sat on their laps with our list. Well today, I pictured myself, a 27 year old woman at the Macy’s on 34th Street sitting on Santa’s lap with a long list of things I want and boy was it great! Today was all about goal setting. He emphasized the importance of making goals with a plan! Just writing down the goals isn’t enough. I must admit this year was the first year I actually wrote out how I would go about accomplishing some of my goals. I didn’t do it for all and will have to go back and correct that. Now, he mentioned not to get caught up on the how to accomplish them. You have to be flexible. You may write down a method in which you think you’ll be able to accomplish it but don’t get caught up on that one way. Be flexible. He said to remember to review your goals and see if it still rings right for you; be sure to set goals at least 2x a year; review in detail at least 2x a month your goals and review top goals daily. This was the fun part. Tony had me do all of today’s exercises while he was talking and it was timed. At first I thought it would be annoying but it turned out to be fun. The reason he said he does this is because it turns out, if he left it up to us to get it done later, then majority of the times it won’t get done. We know that to be true for some people. Below is what he had me do. Now you couldn’t stop writing. You had to write down as fast as you can everything that came to mind which I think is great because it unlocks so many things. While you’re writing the music is playing and he’s talking and suggesting things. This was a bit annoying so I asked him to whisper (I turned the volume down). I’m not going to list every single thing on my list here because it’s a lot and some I just honestly don’t want to share. Here’s what he had me do: List your Personal Development Goals. Next to each one, write down the time within which you are committed to accomplishing it (ie, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20). Personal development goals include mental, emotional, social, physical etc 1. Become a motivational speaker (3) 2. Meet Oprah (1) 3. Conquer my fear of snakes (1) 4. Learn to swim (1) 5. Start the process of writing a book (1) 6. Take up an African dancing class (3) 7. Visit Aruba (3) 8. Visit Figi (3) 9. Lose 47lbs (1) 10. Build a house (5) 11. Delve deeper into the spiritual world (1) Now identify your top three 1 year personal development goals. For each one write a paragraph telling why you are absolutely committed to achieving this goal. 1. Oprah: We all know if you get on Oprah you’re set! She’ll be a great platform to reach a large audience. I think because we have being molested in common she’ll be empathetic towards me and be willing to help get my story out there. My ultimate goal is to be able to reach a vast amount of people through her. 2. Learn to swim: I absolutely LOVE the water!! Love love! I nearly drowned twice or thrice and it has never stopped me from going into the water. It’s so peaceful. I feel so free and so relaxed. I feel so much oneness with nature, with God, when I’m in the water. However, I feel robbed that I don’t know how to swim. I want to swim swim swim feel myself tenderly stroking the water instead of just bouncing up and down in it :-/. 3. Writing a book: I know there are several books out there of people who were raped. Regardless, I still want to share my journey. I want to share how much growth I have achieved and to show people that being raped isn’t the end all. You’re not a victim! You CAN move on with your life. Don’t miss out on life because you may feel broken. I feel that if I share my story a girl from the Islands who was molested there, then sexually molested in America for four years by the next door neighbor and then raped again in Jamaica by her uncle while visiting (yep I’ve had my WHY ME GOD? moments) will show others how far I’ve come. (Bet when you met me, you would’ve never have thought any of these things ever happened to me huh?) Man, don’t you think my journey would be inspirational? I do. Things Goals. List your things goals. Next to each one, write down the time within which you are committed to accomplishing it (ie, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20). This part was really fun. I’m only going to share some. 1. A HUGE closet for my clothes (1) 2. A car (3) 3. Going to concerts and plays (1) 4. Visiting Egypt (5) 5. Beach house (5) 6. Bigger Tv (1) 7. Have my own hairstylist (3) 8. Have a cook (3) 9. Car racing (3) 10. Shooting range (1) Now identify your top three 1 year things goals. For each one write a paragraph telling why you are absolutely committed to achieving this goal. 1. HUGE closet- I like things organized. I’m not OCD about it, but I do like things organized. I don’t have money but I always end up buying some things twice. Never the same exact thing but always the same style. Why? Because I’ve never had a closet large enough to even fit 20 hangers (exaggeration. Maybe 40? Definitely not 50!). All my stuff is in containers so I tend to forget what I own. It would be awesome to be able to see every single item I own to avoid duplicating and to see what’s needed. 2. Concert and plays- I like to experience new things. After always wanting to go to a play I finally went to my first play last year (Sister Act). I had so much fun. I don’t like crowds but I would like to go to a big concert. Like a Beyonce or a Rihanna (ok maybe not Rihanna). I went to a NERD concert but the venue was small. I just want to do fun stuff. My mom raised me so strict in the Seventh Day Adventist religion. I now know that some things were just personal and she used religion as an excuse to not make me go or do certain things. For example the movies. She said it was against our religion to go. My first movie was Mulan (1998) and no way could I have told her that the vacation bible school I was volunteering at was taking a trip there. I just want to experience a lot of things! 3. Bigger Tv- I was watching the replay of a game with a good friend just the other day and I said to myself: you know what, 32inches just isn’t big enough. Those of you who know me well know I don’t watch tv but when I do or if I have a guest over and they want to watch a game they should be able to see the people running up and down nice and clear. Have a, you know, theater experience. Plus when I use my Xbox it would be sweet to see stuff bigger. Funny, I remember thinking 32 was huge when I bought it couple years ago. Not to mention I didn’t even want a flat screen. Economic Goals. List your economic goals. Next to each one, write down the time within which you are committed to accomplishing it (ie, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20). 1. Make $6,000 NET per month (1) 2. Have at least $3,000 in savings (1) 3. Own a condo or a house (3) 4. Start my mini business (1) 5. Retirement plan (3) 6. Give away $1 million each year to charity (5) 7. Learn about stocks (1) Now identify your top three 1 economic goals. For each one write a paragraph telling why you are absolutely committed to achieving this goal. 1. $6000 NET- I need to get rid of all my credit card debts. They get majority of my money and it’s annoying. I’m sick and tired of the cycle. The messed up thing is, no credit is bad credit. I just want the freedom to spend with my debit card and the freedom to choose what I purchase on credit. 2. $3,000 in savings- I have no savings. $3,000 may seem like chomp change but that’s a lot of dinero to me and to see that in my savings knowing that its JUST my savings and that I don’t NEED to touch it would give me a huge sense of accomplishment and a little wiggle room incase an emergency comes up. 3. Start my mini business- My business will be big but I’ll be starting small. It’s time to start working on my Life Purpose. I need to get my healing on! I need to join the other light workers out there in the world that’s making a difference one person at a time. After doing all this, Tony then asked that against each of the top goals chosen to write one thing I can do to get closer to that goal. He then gave me 24 hours to complete this task. I have to get cracking on doing that last part so I’ll chat with you tomorrow. I hope that you are gaining something from all that I’ve been sharing. TGIF!! Bless

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