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30 Day Challenge Day 7

Day 7: The Rapid Planning Method The Power of a Results-Focused Life Hi Folks! Today is Day 7 and it’s the last day of Tony Robbins’ Personal Power Classic cds. Don’t worry I have more to share form him. I also have Get the Edge which is 7-10 days so I have more to share with you. Let me get on with it. I’m going to directly quote Robbins here because he said it so eloquently. We live in a world in which there are more demands placed upon us than at any other time in human history. We try to fill so many roles: the ultimate father, the ultimate mother, a great lover, best friend to the world, community activist, spiritual being and total athlete. Some of us manage to cross off everything on our to-do lists-yet still feel unhappy and unfulfilled, as if we have no freedom, we have no life, we have no time. Oh, if only we had more time! But what is time? Time is nothing but a feeling. If you want more time, you simply need to manage your feeling. Haven’t you had periods in your life when time flew, when you had no stress, when everything seemed to flow effortless? And haven’t you also had moments when time stood still, when every second was an eternity? It isn’t time that causes stress: it’s the feelings we generate about the subject of time. He says that we should focus on where we want to go when things aren’t working and eventually you’ll get there. Don’t focus on what you fear. He used an example of a driver getting into an accident. You’re driving and suddenly you lose control and you see a pole or the wall and you say, please or please don’t let me crash into the pole or the wall and BAM you crash into the pole or wall. How about focusing on not crashing into the pole or wall. Tony then introduced me to RPM, which is the Rapid Planning Method. It is a system of thinking that creates extraordinary results and gives a high level of personal fulfillment. It will help you to do two things: Decide in advance what you want to focus on and get yourself to focus every single day on what it will take for you to get the results you’re really after. There are three questions of RPM: Results: What do you really want? What is my outcome? What are the specific results I’m committed to achieving? Purpose: Why do I really want it? What is my purpose? MAP: What specific actions must I take to make this happen? What is my Massive Action Plan (MAP)? He also spoke about ‘chunking,’ which is grouping information together into ideally sized pieces that can be used effectively to produce the results you want without stress or overwhelm. He brought to my attention how most phone numbers are chunked into three parts (area code, prefix, and last four numbers), your social security number and even most people have three names. He suggests that I chunk my to-do list into 3 or 4 results or outcome and create a RPM block: a result, a purpose, and a set of action items. Assignment 1. What are the 6-8 most important areas of your life that you must make progress in every week? 2. What specific result do you want in each area in the next 90 days? The next 30 days? What do you want to make happen this week so you are making progress towards these results? 3. For each result, why must you make this happen? (Give yourself enough reasons to overcome the challenges that will show up later.) 4. For each area, write at least the first two steps of your Massive Action Plan or MAP. What two actions can you take? Who do you need to call, what do you need to schedule and what can you do right away in each of these areas? Phew this is a long assignment. I racked my brain and I couldn’t come up with that many but here goes. Area/Category: My body Results and Reasons 90 days: In 90 days I’ll like to lose 30lbs so that I can feel great! It helps that I’ll be taking my vacation around that time and should be looking fab! 30 days : To lose 20lbs so that I can start feeling good. This week: Completely change my eating habits. This is essential in losing weight. Actions 1. Get in 30-45 minutes of full cardio. This means I’ll have to hit the elliptical downstairs. Then come back up and do my regular workout. 2. Replace a meal with a salad or homemade smoothie or something really light. Most likely this would be dinner. No more heavy food like oxtail and rice or chicken and rice etc. 3. Do more jogging. Ugggh! *chanting* change your focus Shy, change your focus! Jogging is so good for me and it really makes me enjoy the feel of the cool breeze against my skin and enjoy nature. Area/Category: My business/career Results and Reasons 90 days: I should have at least one of my certification completed. Either my crystal healing or reiki certificate. These by the way are recognized by a national board. Once I get enough practice under my belt I can start charging for my services which would certainly increase my current income. Most of all I really want to get these as soon as possible so I can move towards my life purpose which is to be a healer. I want to help people so bad. It’s my calling. 30 days: I should have the exact dates of my when these classes will take place. This week: Get in contact with the instructor for the certification. Actions 1. Call instructor. 2. Be able to meditate for 30 minutes or more. 3. Be sure that finances are in order once the dates are set. Area/Category: Family Results and Reasons 90 days: By 90 days I should be seeing my mom more often. Let’s say around 2-3x a month. I want more of a connection with her. It helps that by this time school will be out. 30 days: See my mom 1-2x. I want her to see me more often because I know that will make her very happy. Not to mention that she’s hilarious and I can get caught up on the family gossip. This week: Visit my mumsie. I HAVE to see her anyway. I have a Mother’s day gift to drop off. Actions 1. Mark down on calendar to visit my mumsie this week. 2. Practice my patience when around her. Learn some form of technique that won’t have me running after 2.5hrs. 3. Set more dates to see her. Area/Category: My spirituality Results and Reasons 90 days: By this time I should be doing my chakra clearing meditation every day. This way it becomes a habit. Also I should be able to meditate for more than 30 minutes. I find that I get more answers, more clarity and a longer sense of peace when I meditate for a longer period of time. Especially with the job I have I need as much peacefulness within my soul as to not to start flipping tables…mentally of course. I tend to have to cut my meditations short because of rushing off to work. Or maybe I start doing it at night to rid the toxins of the day. 30 days: I should get to know the crystals I own more and start familiarizing myself with my crystal encyclopedia. This way I’ll be very prepared for my crystal healing classes. This week: Do a session of chakra clearing. Actions 1. Do crystal meditations 2. Do chakra cleansing 3. Do longer meditations. Area/Category: My finances Results and Reasons 90 days: Have $300 saved for spending money for vacation. 30 days: Complete my budget spreadsheet for July-December. This includes my saving plans. I only did January to June and I need to have an idea as to how much closer I am to completing some of my goals. This week: Count how much money I already have saved up for spending on my vacation. Actions 1. Create a separate saving category for saving up the difference to make sure I have $300 or more to spend on vacation. 2. Look into schooling for a LMP 3. Call and find out if any of my credit cards are offering a lower interest rate. These suckers are way too high!! Those are the only things I could come up with. Maybe you should come up with your own lists? Remember “success without fulfillment is failure.” Toodels!!! Muahz!

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