• Shy Davis

30 Day Challenge Update (Day 7)

Challenge Update: It’s now 7 Days into my 30 Day Challenge. If you recall I mentioned that I’ll be abstaining from cheese, alcohol and sex. I’ll be doing the Tony Robbins 7 day Personal Power classic and his 7-10 days Get the Edge cds. I’ll also be doing my chakra healing, crystal meditation and praying on my goals. Also, redoing a 30 day fitness challenge I completed in April. Here’s an update in each category. Abstaining from: 1. Cheese: The second day of this challenge I ordered a sandwich from Domino’s and totally forgot that cheese is on there. When it was delivered it was all melted and scraping it off would just be messy and no way was I going to waste my money by not eating it. So I ate it and let me tell you, as delicious as I know it was I didn’t enjoy. However, I didn’t beat myself for too long about it. I just made a mental reminder to ask myself before each meal: is there cheese on this? To make up for this I’m extending the 30 days by one day. 2. Alcohol: This was easy. However, I did want to celebrate when a meeting was called at the job that delivered great news to my ears but bad news for management. They were so pissed. *shrugs* hey changes need to be made! They were FINALLY confronted with that fact. So I wanted to clink glasses but didn’t. 3. Sex: Blessed Savior! Can you say hard!!! Now prior to this challenge I went one week without it. Which means it’s now two weeks. TWO WHOLE WEEKS!! Now like I mentioned in one of my posts I found out that this includes abstaining from penetration of sex toys. If I decide to continue my celibacy (strong possibility) after the 30 days then there’s a possibility that this would not be included in MY definition. Now I’m being tempted but I’m rebuking the temptation in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost! Tony Robbins: As you can see I’m keeping up with listening to his cds. I may not post immediately but I listen each morning and take notes so I can share with you all. Also I want to let you know that I visited mumsie yesterday. :-) If you recall this was one of my goals when I set when I did one of Tony's assignments. Spiritually: I’m not doing everything at once. I haven’t done any crystal meditation or chakra healing but I have been praying on my goals. Fitness Challenge: I’m subscribed to Keaira Lashae on YouTube. She has a fitness channel called ‘superherofitnesstv’ she’s a singer, song writer, dancer and professional fitness trainer. I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEE her workouts (and songs). I like any workout that takes my mind off the fact that I’m working out. She has a lot of dancing videos and they are just so much fun. I have a couple pictures of her on my vision board for inspiration to be fit like her (Not interested in being her size. Not to mention with my height and built I’ll look very unhealthy). She posted a 30 Day Challenge in March where you do different combinations of her videos for 30 days straight! I did it to see if I could do 30 days straight of working out because I’m accustomed to only doing 3-5x a week. I did the challenge not to lose weight and I did complete it. I was so proud of myself!! I didn’t lose not one ounce but I lost 5 inches overall. Now I’m redoing it with the goal to lose weight. You can check out the challenge here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrNCI5Gy_1E My two absolute favorite videos are the Hip Hop Cardio workout. It’s so fun and short. My other one is a recent one she added which is dance your way to sexy abs. That one is a BEAST! But I love it. If you’re interested go check it out. Better yet, I think you should join me and tell me how it goes for you. :-)

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