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30 Day Challenge Day 8

Day 8 Day 1-Get the Edge: Your Hour of Power Hey folks! Yesterday concluded Tony Robbins Personal Power cds (there are more days but the package I have consists of 7 days of Personal Power). Now we are on Get the Edge which is 7-10 days depending on how I break it up. Today’s session was rather short but I still gained some insight. He reminded me of a few things and taught me a few things. He reminded me that whatever we focus on is what we tend to attract. Focusing on something unimportant brings on stress, whereas focusing on things that matter is the secret to an extraordinary life. Remember, ‘success without fulfillment is failure.’ He says that to have an extraordinary life requires mastering two skills: the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. Where achievement means going from where you are to where you want to be. This requires a plan and specific strategy. Fulfillment is experiencing tremendous joy in the process. So you’re not only feeling the excitement of the pursuit but the enthusiasm and gratitude for the little things in life along the way. He also reminded me that I can’t control the outside world but I can control my inner world. I can’t control the events of my life but I can control what they mean to me. He says to develop a vision that excites and inspires me and to focus on it daily. What’s your vision? What excites and inspires you? Think about it and write it down if you must and focus on it daily. I know for me its living a life where I can travel and experience new cultures. Using any or all my skills to help others gives me deep satisfaction. Creating this blog gave me satisfaction. Each day I wake up I ask God to let me be able to positively influence someone. Since creating this blog I ask each morning that anyone who passes through this site learns something, laugh, smile, or maybe I bring forth some type of pain that would cause a disturbance that will lead to the person making a change. That’s my prayer. I guess this is why I always wanted to be a doctor (more on my career path in other posts). Lo Siento, I went off on a tangent. But I’m just so bloody passionate about this. Anyhoo Tony said that the quality of my life is the quality of the emotions I consistently experience. Anything in life I think I want, I only want because of the feeling I associate with it. The truth is, he says, is that I can have that feeling right now by simply changing three patterns. They are: 1. One’s physiology (what you do with your body): Emotion is created by motion. Whatever you’re feeling right now is related to how you’re using your body. 2. One’s focus and beliefs: whatever you focus on you’re going to believe. What you focus on becomes reality even though it’s not actuality. 3. The language you use. a. Questions: he said that thinking is nothing more than mentally asking and answering a series of questions. AHA! Seeee it’s perfectly fine to ask yourself a question and answer yourself. Oh wait, he said mentally…hmm..I do it out loud. Whoops! Moving on. b. Words: If you want to change your life pay attention to the words you repeat to yourself. For example I know someone that always says: I’m so stupid, I’m so dumb. It pains my heart to hear it and I’ll always tell her stop. After learning about the laws of attraction, I now forcefully say STOP! You are NOT stupid. You are NOT dumb! My serious and commanding tone always stops anything else that’s going to come out her mouth. I think it was in Iyanla Vanzant’s book Tapping the Power Within where I read how she said she encourages her grandchildren by calling them with a title. For example if one wants to be a Judge and even though he’s 10 she’ll say come here Judge Brian. (names are made up and I can’t remember the exact example but that’s the gist of it). If I ever decide to have children I plan on doing this. But I won’t wait until then. I’m going to create a title for myself and start calling myself that. I just thought of this while typing so I don’t have one right now but I will. c. Incantations: When you repeat a phrase with enough umph you start to believe it! Here’s a list of sample incantations he gave: i. Every day and in every way, I’m getting stronger and stronger. ii. All I need is within me now. iii. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels (<<I like this one). iv. At last, at last, the past is past; I’ve broken free and won. And now it’s time to love myself and really have some fun (<< exactly how I feel right now). v. With each and every breath I take; with each and every stride; I feel abundant centered joy and love from deep inside. vi. Day by day I live my life with joy and harmony. I share my gifts, my dreams, my heart, and love has set me free. I’m going to write the ones I like the most on index cards and repeat them aloud to myself. I have a lot of affirmations written down but then excuses happen and then things get tossed to the side. I’m going to go back to doing my affirmations during my morning ritual. By the way today’s title is hour of power. Take an hour (if possible) for yourself. This is soooooooooooooooo important! It does not matter how many people you have living in the house! Lock yourself in the bathroom if you must and have some you time. So he says during this hour we should go through three phases: Move and breathe (5 minutes). Take several diaphragmatic breaths in the ratio: inhale 1 count, hold for 4 counts, and exhale for 2 counts. Get grateful and visualize (10 minutes): Think about everything you’re grateful for. Visualize everything that you want in your life as if you’ve already achieved it. (This means I met Oprah and she loved my book! Woot woot!!) Use incantations and exercise (15-30 minutes or more). Well you heard the man! Get your cute tushy up and exercise!! Let’s go let’s go LET’S GOOOO!! Have a blessed day :-)

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