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30 Day Challenge Day 9

Get the Edge Day 2: Results Workshop. Seven Keys to Changing Anything in Your Life Today Top of the morning to ya! Hope you had a restful night’s sleep. You must be wondering about the picture. LOL! Don’t worry it’ll be explained later. Today’s session will be broken into two posts because the assignment was really long and I have to head to work. I really want to list all the steps so that if you’re following along with me you can do it too. Let me get on with it. Tony says that people who are successful leave clues. Have you ever known you can do something because you did it before? For me I KNOW I can lose 47 measly pounds because I lost 82 pounds before. I left a lot of clues back then and I can follow it again. So, he says that people who are successful aren’t lucky, but thankfully they leave clues. Think of something you were successful at doing that you know you can do again. Now, we need discipline. There’s such a negative connotation to that word when really discipline equals freedom! The only thing that’s keeping you from what it is you really want is the story you have about why you can’t have it. He asks me, how do I rationalize not doing things? What are the common reasons why I don’t do things? For me it’s fear (which I know is my ego talking. The second I realize this I shut it down instantly but I’m not perfect and it tends to roam free. Stop your ego in its tracks!), lack of finance and the infamous ‘no time’ answer are some of my reasons. The antidote to rationalization is self-honesty. Be honest with yourself! Now ask yourself, yes you, the same questions and be honest to yourself with the answers. Instead of thinking a task is large, just chunk it. He spoke about chinking before and I wrote about it so you can review that post. Say to yourself that you are going to do 1 thing. He said, instead of saying I don’t have an hour to workout do 10 mins. This is so true. That’s how I started to lose all that weight. I had to change my thinking. I’ll post about how I lost the weight, I promise. Then he spoke about momentum. Momentum is a powerful way to overcoming rationalization. Exercise release stress. Truth is freedom. Nothing gets better until you admit something is wrong. We tell ourselves a lot of what he calls ‘softeners’ Oh, I’m only overweight by a little. You try to make yourself feel good to avoid making a change. For me I did the 30 day fitness challenge in March just to see if I could workout 7 days a week when for yearssssss I always do 4-6. I need, or thought I needed a day or two off. While I was working out and Keaira is saying go lower! Pick up the intensity! I would watch her and say, chile please at least I’m doing it. That’s a softener. I should’ve been going lower, I should’ve been increasing the intensity, I should’ve been challenging myself. When we keep telling ourselves these softeners what you’re really doing is accepting mediocrity. He says that we are settling for less than who we really are. He’s so right! Then he says that one of the reasons people don’t change is that we get into a “pressure cooker,” where pain equals drive, drive turns into action, actions leads to results and results lead to loss of drive and the cycle begins again. How do you avoid it? The 7 Steps of Conscious Change. Step 1: Get Disturbed (taken directly from the journal book) · Be honest with yourself: Stop using softeners or rationalizations, don’t compare yourself with others to make yourself feel better. · Get associated to the problem: If necessary, make it worse than it is to get yourself to take action. If you’re not disturbed, you’re not going to change. · Surround yourself with people who have what you want: Seeing them will disturb you and you’ll either run back to your old friends to make yourself feel better, or you’ll join a new peer group. Exercise: How do you rationalize? List at least five rationalizations you use for not following through: 1. I tell myself it costs too much. 2. It’s too far away 3. I’ll do it tomorrow 4. Fear 5. It’ll take too long Step 2: Make a Real Decision. Exercise: Let’s Get Honest. What are you unhappy about in your career, your business, yourself? Write down some things that disturb you right now. I’m disturbed about: · My weight. I know I look good (don’t I look good in my pic in the goal section? Ya I do). I’m told I look good. I get hit on constantly. However, I don’t feel good. I want when I look in the mirror I don’t see any back fat, or love handles. I love my thunder thighs but I want them thinner. Wassup with these flags that I call arms? Come on man things gotta change. What are you committed to doing instead? Decide what new result you want, then write why (your purpose) you are committed to obtaining this result. Result: I am now committed to doing: I’m committed to increasing the intensity of my workouts. When Keaira says go low, I shall go low. When she says jump higher I shall jump higher. I’ll also increase the intensity by adding a full cardio 30-45 mins on the elliptical or bicycle 3-4x a week starting tomorrow. This means getting my butt downstairs to the gym in the morning (there’s a mini gym on the first floor of my building). Also incorporate jogging outside. You already know jogging isn’t my friend but guess what? It works! Jogging was a part of my regiment when I lost the 82 pounds. How did I get over my dislike for jogging? Nature! I enjoyed jogging around the park and taking note of nature. The fresh air, the cool breeze the leaves on the trees etc. There’s a park directly across the street from me, but I honestly don’t even know how to get over there. I’ll have to find out. *talking to self* But wait. Shy, you wotless bad! You have a gym downstairs, a park across the street and you still overweight. How that work?! SMH! Anyway, I more so want to take a walk down to the water and jog there. I love the water more than anything! This is the biggie. This is where you come in. I’m committed to shedding the 47lbs in 90 days! Remember in one of my posts I said that when I was 220 I figure 200 looks like a nice number and I decided I’ll go down to 200 and that there was a boat ride coming up so I wanted to look fab for it. I started working out like a BEAST! I was DETERMINED to look great! Didn’t I look hot in that yellow dress? I looked great and I felt great! The sweet feel of victory. So guess what, my vacation is coming up in around 90 days so the goal is to lose these 47 lbs in 90 days. Did I just type that? Ahh well BEAST MODE ON!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (hence the pic). Purpose: I am committed to this because: I MUST lose the weight. I don’t want another summer to roll around and not feel up to par with my personal standards. I want to get out of the plus size section of Forever 21. I have so many F21 tops that I used to fit into and I’m going right back in them. I want to be able to fit back into a size 12 Ashley Stewart jeans and I should only be shopping for bras at Lane Bryant (LOVE their bras. They hold these boobies up!). I want to be able to fit back into a size large Fredericks undies instead of a XL. Let’s not forget these two girls in front of me gotta go down. Step 3: Create a Massive Action Plan. It’s time to “draw the MAP.” To make sure you follow through, come up with a list of actions that will absolutely produce results. Exercise: Brainstorm Action Items. Choose one new result you are committed to achieving and list all the things you could do to achieve it. Don’t worry about making your list “perfect.” Just brainstorm whatever comes to mind. Ok let’s see: 1. I’m going to refresh my memory of healthy eating options. 2. Continue my home made smoothies and either replace it with a meal or use it as my in between meal snacks. 3. Workout everyday (by the way there’s one day where you only stretch and that’s considered a ‘rest’ day. Your body needs to recover) 4. Eat meat 1x a day (do you know how much meat we consume per day?! It’s crazy!!) 5. Intense cardio for 30-45mins for 3-4x a week ON TOP of my 7 day fitness challenge. 6. Jog 7. Be very conscious of what I put inside of my body and how much of it I put inside (I don’t calorie count. I never did it and I never will. I’ll read the back but I don’t ever sit and calculate calories. That would drive me crazy. Moderation is key). 8. Cook! (I can’t remember the last time I cooked. I swear there’s dust on my stove) That’s it for now. I’ll post the rest of the exercise at another time. You know, I think you should do this with me. It doesn’t have to be with weight but any area of your life. Let’s get results together! Stay Blessed!

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