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30 Day Challenge Day 9 Part II

Get the Edge Day 2 Part II Greetings!! I hope you had a great day yesterday. I had class last night. I got my edu-ma-cation on. I had genetics lab. I must say I had fun this semester. Majority of the semester consisted of working on Drosophilas (fruit flies). We crossed breed them several times to see what the following generation would look like. Good stuff! Finals are coming up and I can’t wait for it to all be over! Recall that yesterday I said I’ll be doing 30-45 minutes of extra cardio. Well I powered up and it was beast mode ON baby! I woke up, blessed my head, did some breathing exercises, grabbed my mp3 and I was taking my tushy downstairs to workout. I was jamming to my friend Dj Wally’s soca mix cd and it was ON! The cool thing about the gym is it has three large windows and there’s like a little garden in front and it’s so pretty to look at. My eyes were graced with the beauty, my ears with music and my legs loved the burn. Burn baby burn! I was so energized! So pumped! I was ready for Keaira Lashae’s workout and when she said go low, I went low. I did all the advanced versions in the second rounds. After my workout I made a nice smoothie to carry to work. It was oranges, banana, almond milk and ginger and I was careful of what I ate throughout the day. So I was feeling good, feeling great! Let’s continue with the assignment. Step 4: Change Your Limiting Beliefs (words directly from journal workbook) A belief is nothing more than a feeling of absolute certainty about what something means. Beliefs control our behavior. They can be unconscious or conscious, and they often stem from things we’ve heard or seen, felt a lot of emotion about, and then repeated to ourselves again and again until we felt certain. Exercise: Old beliefs, new beliefs. Write down all of the old beliefs that have kept you from following through on your goal in the past. No belief comes to mind in regards to following through on my goals. However, I’ve had other beliefs in different categories. For example, money. I believe I shared this before but I’ll say it again. I held the belief all my life up until earlier this year that I have to work hard to make a living. This is something that we hear all the time. You want to make money you have to work hard for it. This includes working hard physically, mentally and maybe even emotionally. I also grew up with a fear of making too much money. Ask me last year if I want to be rich and my answer would be no. I would tell you that I want to be well off. Why did I think this? Because I kept hearing that more money equals more problems. Another belief I had is religion based. For those of you who are extremely religious please note that what I’m stating here (and at all times) are MY beliefs. Please repeat that sentence. Now, let’s continue. I grew up fearing God immensely. You hear that you should fear him but it was at the level that if I sinned I felt that it’s fire and brimstone for me. If I didn’t go to church and pay my tithes and offerings then fire and brimstone for me. If I wore nail polish, jewelry and a lot of those other things then God doesn’t love me and its fire and brimstone. Yes I was also taught that he was a forgiving God but then it was like I was being pressured to be this perfect person because he made us in His own image and we should then be like him. It was a lot of distress for me. Write down the new beliefs that will empower you from this point on forward. Why is it I can’t have a lovely ocean view and sit at my desk and pound away at the keyboard with a smile on my face? That doesn’t sound like working hard to me. What about being at the beach and working? Doesn’t sound like working hard to me. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be working hard and what I produce will be utter crap but I now believe that I won’t have to work long hours, bags under my eyes and just be stressed the hell out to make a buck. Hibiscus Moon posted a picture of herself at the beach working with her crystals and that was just so inspirational. I know she’s working hard but she’s not working hard. Of course it definitely helps to be doing something we enjoy doing. Ask me now if I want to be rich and my answer is now HECK YEA! My belief is that abundance is deserved to all of us. Why should it be that the more money we make the more problems arises? Blah! Just don’t manifest any problems. Ahhh Shy you living in a fairytale. We have to work hard! The more money I make the more problems. Nah, that’s just you’re belief. When I become rich I’ll manage my money. I won’t have the fear that nothing but problem will arise. Blah! Right now I enjoy writing these blogs that, that’s all I think about. It what gets me through the day. When I’m home and staring at the gorgeous view of the bridge to my right, the large trees directly in front and the water just beyond that it’s completely satisfying. Even when I’m in my cubicle on my lunch break writing a post to share with you I’m happy. This isn’t working hard for me. If I could I could get a paycheck by just doing this then life would be great. In regards to God, I now believe that no matter what God loves me. I haven’t gone to church since I was 16 years old. Hmm wait I went to my neice christening and didn’ stay for the service, does that count? I felt that a lot of obstacles that came my way was because I stopped going to church I now believe it’s because I didn’t have a direct relationship with him except for when I was in deep you know what. As I got older I said to myself why do I have to go to church to have a relationship with Him? Why can’t I stay at home, read my bible, pray, rejoice His name and he still love me? I said to myself that you know what; he still loves me regardless of where I worship him. However, I still had that fear that it’s going to be fire and brimstone for my brown tushy. Then recently I was reading a book and it said that no matter what God loves me. He wants what’s best for me. My head started to rise, my heart started pounding rapidly and my heart just opened up and I just knew that this was the acceptance I was seeking. This is the answer! God loves me no matter what. Of course he doesn’t tolerate bad behavior and If I start killing people I’ll be punish but If I decide to eat shrimp, wear makeup, wear nail polish, not go to church, have relations with a woman that He still loves me. As long as I maintain a close relationship with Him things will be gravy. This was the acceptance that I was looking for, for years. Please pleaseeeeeeee, I cannot stress enough that this is my belief. This is what works for me. Do what works for YOU. I’m not trying to convert you and don’t try to convert me. If what you currently do, works for you then by all means keep on doing it. Step 5: Set Yourself Up to Win Exercise: Enhance the experience. Come up with two or three ideas that can help you look forward to doing the things that will get your result. What can you focus on, pay attention to, notice, appreciate, or enjoy that will enhance the experience? 1. Focusing on the pleasure that I’ll receive once it’s accomplished instead of the steps it will take. 2. Notice and pay attention to what isn’t working and like a GPS ‘recalculate.’ Step 6. Take Massive Action (words taken directly from journal workbook). · There is no time like the present! Never leave the site of setting a goal without doing something toward its attainment. Do something while you’re inspired, while you’re “in state.” The more massive the action, the more committed you will be to achieving the result. Exercise: Big action, little action. What are two actions you can take immediately to get yourself going? Little action: I was going to wait until this weekend to call the reiki instructor but I picked up the phone moments ago and called her. She’s back but will have to call me back because she was on another call. Big action: Maintaining this blog. Yes writing these blogs are therapeutic for me but they are also benefiting you and I want to maintain that commitment. I’ve been receiving so many emails and text messages in the short time it’s been up in regards to the good these are doing and I feel so proud that I took action immediately when I got that push. Whenever I get an idea, even if I’m in the shower, I run out and grab a pen and paper and jot it down. You’ll be surprised that the simplest of things can help someone. When those ideas come I jot them down. *Thank you so much for those of you have shared with me your thoughts* J Step 7: The Seventh Power When you care how people feel about you, you make them your peers and you give them power to influence the way you think. Tap into the Seventh Power-the power of environment. Choose a peer group with a high standard, utilize a coach, and immerse yourself in an environment that reinforces you for your wins and challenges you to greater heights. This is SO true. Right this instant I have three people that I can say is such a positive influence on me: Nikole, Ms. Royalty and VZ. Just talking to them always keeps my thoughts in check. Sometimes a simple sentence gets my thoughts going in a positive direction and I love that. I’m not saying my other friends don’t do this but when it comes to the spiritual path I’m glad and grateful to have these three in my environment. Evaluate your environment and if needs be, then like an old friend I had used to say, ‘clean house.’ I have a slight cleaning to do of my own. TTYL HUNKS/HUNKETTS (rofl when Tony said that)

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