• Shy Davis

Rain :-)

Early Good Morning to you. I went to bed at 11:30p and probably fell asleep at 12a. My alarm will be going off at 4:45a to get my day started. I have work then school later which means not much sleep. It’s now 3:15am and I’ve been awake for probably around 20 minutes now. Why? Because dear one it’s raining!!! I LOVE the rain! Always have. I just HAD to get up and share with you my thoughts about rain. I love the pitter patter of the rain drops on my AC. It reminds me so much of being back home and hearing the rain drops on the zinc rooftop. It reminds me of being a child and staring at the beauty of the rain. It reminds me of calling over my brother and pointing at the fallen june plums, star apples and mangoes or any of the fallen fruits being washed away: Andrew look look, look pon di mango dem a wash weh! He would come over and laugh with me. He would sit with me for hours with his arms around me watching the beauty. Looking at the wind tussle the leaves. Looking at the brown water washing away (dirt). Inhaling the scent of the rain. Yes folks, back home rain has a smell. In Jamaica I could ALWAYS tell when it’s about to rain. Forget the skies turning gray. No, no I could smell it. I can’t describe how it smells but it was a sweet perfume smell to my nose that always makes me peaceful. Unfortunately I don’t smell that here.

When it rains back home your always almost guaranteed a day off. I think this is why I don’t like being in the rain in America because when it rains life goes on. No moment to stop and appreciate this wonderful element. When it rains back home it rains. Not the 3 minutes of showers here. Because it rains so much, if we are in school they let us out early. If you’re home you stay home. Why? Because the streets would be flooded and your home would probably be flooded which was often the case for where I lived. I didn’t care. I always welcomed the sight at the house being flooded. I would giggle when I saw my slippers floating away in the house. Or anything at all floating away. I never saw my brother get upset at the thought of the cleanup he’ll have to do himself if my dad wasn’t home. Nope, instead he would share the moment with while monitor the water level. For petesake even the animals take shelter and sleep or stare at the rain. The rain is so peaceful! It’s a moment in which I feel so connected with God. It’s a moment where the gate to my Higher Self is open and I can easily speak to Her. I can sink deeper under my covers and fall asleep so much more easily or go into a deeper sleep when it’s raining. I don’t stare out the window as I used to because it’s just not the same here when it ‘rains.‘ Instead I smile and communicate with God how much I’m appreciative of the wonderful blessing he is providing us. If it snows and then rain a day or more after, what happens? The rain melts the snow and help with the cleanup. When the ground is dry and it rains, does it not quench its thirst? Remember hurricane Irene? That hurricane is a regular rainy day for us. Guess what I was doing that day? I was staring out the window for hours till I fell asleep. My boyfriend at the time would constantly warn me to stay away from the windows but I didn’t care. I love the sight! I also slept a lot. I would wake up hear the music and drift right back to sleep. The melodious tones of that pitter patter is the piano, the wind is the flute, the thunder a drum and combined I hear nothing but sweet, wonderful, melodious music penetrating my eardrums.

It’s also a perfect time for making sweet passionate love. Showers of blessings my friends. Showers of blessings. I can go on for much longer but I’m going to crawl back into bed because the alarm will be going off in exactly one hour. Love ya, Shy


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