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30 Day Challenge Update: Day 14

Challenge update: It’s now day 14 of this challenge and I must say, so far so good. As you can tell I’m still listening to the Tony Robbins cds. I’m almost finished with those. Abstaining from: 1. Cheese: Asking myself if cheese will be on an item I order has really helped in not eating it. 2. Alcohol: This has been easy. I’m learning to use other methods of celebrating other than having a glass to drink. Same if work upsets me and I could use a glass to relax. Instead I take a few moments to breathe when I get home and keep it moving. I also try to breathe while in the moment. It doesn’t always happen but I’m trying. 3. Sex: It’s been two weeks into the challenge but three weeks since I last had sex. I’m still alive and I haven’t jumped anyone’s bones, nor have you seen me in the news, so you should be very proud of me. :-) I certainly am. *Warning, it’s about to get TMI* So the other day I realized that I haven’t shaved. I usually shave once a week and it’s been 3 weeks so my hair is growing. I’m going to have to shave soon but I find that it helps with the temptation. You know, like wearing bingo bags or granny undies on a date so you won’t have sex with a guy after a couple of dates. A surprising factor is that I looked on the calendar and realized that I started ovulating the other day. Now, usually during this time I’m horny as all hell because my eggs, which will remain unfertilized, what’s to play hooky, but I felt nothing. Zip, zero, nada! I’m not becoming a monk or anything but I’m a tad turned off by it because I’ve set my mind to respect sex more. I’ve associated having sex outside of a committed relationship to pain. I know I won’t feel fulfilled after so why bother? Why go through that pain, which really equals more pain. So saying no has been easy this week. I’m still thinking of extending my celibacy after this challenge because feeling unfulfilled won’t change after the thirty days. I hope when I get weak in the knees and need a good slam I can remember all this. Lol! Spiritually: I still haven’t started any crystal meditation or chakra healing. I want to get Tony Robbins out the way. I could do it in the evenings but I like to do things in the morning. I’m more energized and focused at that time. When I get home from work or school I’m totally spent. Fitness Challenge: I’m in beast mode right now. Well semi beast mode. My true beast mode is working out twice a day and I’m not doing that. If you've been following my post s you know that I’ve increased the intensity of my workouts by adding 30-45mins of cardio 3-4x a week and to jog. I started running downstairs and using the elliptical and work out to my soca in the mornings before my Keaira Lashea’s workout videos. I haven’t jogged as yet. My intention was to do so on Saturday but it was pouring ( :-) ) and I got in late Sunday morning and waking up at 5am to jog, just wasn’t going to happen. However, I made sure to use the elliptical instead. To give myself some variety, I’ve pulled out my belly dancing dvd and have been doing that on the weekends. It’s so much fun and hurts!! The fun type of hurt. Right now my back, sides and tummy works. The best part of an intense workout for me is that I eat less. I’ve been cutting everything I eat in half because I honestly just can’t finish it. I’m now full from eating a foot long subway sandwich which hasn't happened in a veryyyyyyyyy long time! Anything that I eat even if I think I can finish it I separate it and try to tackle half. So far 100% of the time I’m full and will have to eat the other half later. I’m already noticing changes. My sides feel slimmer, my tummy isn’t as pushed out and I can even cross my legs for much longer than before. That’s the thing with my body; I always lose inches before pounds. I’m going to weigh in at the end of the challenge. Self: I need to meditate and do more, much more self love activities. This week session with Tony was an emotional one. Especially after listening to the relationship cd. I’m trying my best not to dwell on it but it was a huge smack to the forehead and slap in the face. It was a bit draining. Like I said, I’m disturbed and I’m working on correcting the relationship I have with myself and I’ve given more thought as to what I want in my next relationship. I’m enjoying writing these blogs and it gives me a sense of fulfillment. Especially when I read the comments on here, receive text messages and emails. It really warms my heart that I’m reaching people and that folks can relate or that I've given them something to think about or that they've learned something. I appreciate the feedback and keep them coming! Stay Blessed! Love, Shy

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