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30 Day Challenge Days 18 & 19

Day 19 Get the Edge Day 4: Pure Energy Live! Hey folks how are ya? TGIF!!!! So happy its Friday. I had two finals this week. One was last night and I have 1 more coming up and then I’m free as a bird. WOOT WOOT!! Day 19, wow, time flies. I’m going to share with you what I find to be the 2nd BEST thing Tony has spoken about thus far. Our health! Maybe because I’m trying to learn more about holistic medicine and all that healing stuff why this had me at the edge of the seat. Even if you’re not into any of the things I mentioned our bodies need to be taken care of and a majority of us don’t do that. Remember, as you’ve heard before, the body is our temple. It’s where the soul resides. There’s A LOT that will be said but I wouldn’t have sat here and typed all this if I didn’t find it a good source of information worth sharing. So grab your broccoli (no popcorn for us) and let’s dive into what Tony had to say. Tony started off by telling me that increase energy is what we all want. Is it not? Of course it is! Who wants to be sluggish all the time? He then introduced something that I would never have thought of. He said, if you’re over weight or not and want to lose weight and it seems like it doesn’t matter what you do you’re not seeing results it’s because of acid. Come again? You read right. Acid baby! I’m a biology major and I learned more in an hour than I did thus far in school. He talked about how even our thoughts are acidic. We tend to ‘major in minor things.’ Our thoughts and what we put into our bodies are all important and we need to take much better care of ourselves. You must be wondering what kind of bull Tony told me that I’m going to share with you, but let me just say this: you don’t have to agree or follow a concept but you should be open to learning something new. That’s how I think. He says that most truths in life goes through 3 phases because there are convictions in society; ridicule, violently opposed and thirdly the truth becomes evident and accepted as truth. The example he used was Copernicus and that he was ridiculed for saying that the sun is the center of the universe then he was violently opposed. He was stoned and all that bad stuff then the truth became evident and accepted as truth that the sun is in fact the center of the universe. Ok, ok I’m getting way too much into it. I’m going to jump right in now. *diving* The Truth about Germs and Illness We all know this right, that ten people can be exposed to the same germ, but not all of them become ill. Now why is that? Well, because germs are not the source of disease. Tony says that contact with a specific germ is not an absolute guarantee of contracting a disease (ok so far my $ spent in school is looking good. I knew this). There are a lot of other factors involved such as the amount of stress or emotion in your life; your genetic tendencies; the things you do to keep your body balanced; the pollution level of your environment (your body) and your philosophies about health. Re read the last sentence and then I’ll continue. I said re read it!

The Acid-Alkaline Balancing Act Our bodies are driven by electrical impulses in a complex electromagnetic system (which is why I agree with crystals being a good healing tool but that’s another post). This system entails having a delicate balance between the levels of acid and alkalinity. We can easily test this balance by measuring our pH level. Our ideal blood pH is 7.36. Know that number. Remember that number. All the nerves in our body send signals to electricity that are electrical signals- pulses of electricity. All the organs in our body need electrical power to function. So we need a delicate balance. Are you with us so far? However, acid breaks down this delicate balance. We live in a very acid based world. Here’s a question Tony asked: What creates acid? Emotions: anger, resentment and frustrations creates acid. When we take in a lot of acid, out body rushes to get rid of it. He mentioned Norman Cousin who laughed his way back to health because laughing releases good endorphins. No Tony and I aren’t saying to go laughing your pants off...although that would be a good thing. It’s going to get a bit more technical but please bear with me, there’s an ‘aha!’ moment at the end of the tunnel. Red blood cells (RBC) carry oxygen and inside this cell there’s a positive charge and outside there’s a negative charge. The negative charge keeps the blood cells from sticking together. When acid comes about wither by emotions or diet or an acid lifestyle it strips or weakens the charge which then causes them to be clumped together. No bueno! You start to feel sluggish. The cells start to weaken and when they die they release their own acid inside the body. Acid on top of acid. Our body isn’t designed to process every food the way we do in this modern era. We take in foods and drinks that we have no business consuming (sigh…eyeing the macadamia cookie one of my reps gave me this morning as a gift. At least I shared the box with the office). Ok so after consuming all this acidic crap the body says HOLD UP! STOP! We aren’t used to this, it’s an emergency! It then tries to regain a balance by tapping into our stored alkalinity. Our ‘alkaline reserves.’ Lets think: if we keep putting more acid in, what happens to your reserves? If I keep dipping into my piggy bank (yes I have a piggy) and don’t put the money back, what happens? …EXACTLY! Now you’re going to have a dis-ease. Now, acid goes to the weakest part of your body. Meaning that it weakens what’s already troubled. My dad has prostate cancer that means acid is all over his prostate. I’m glad that he’s seeing an herbal doctor and is doing better but it costs and so therefore, he can’t maintain his visits and it acts up periodically. That’s part of my drive to learn all this stuff! To help my daddy and others in the process. Ok back on the subject. So it weakens the body. Here’s another question Tony asked: Why do people shrink? People shrink because of the depletion of the alkaline. After that’s depleted it goes and attacks the calcium in the body which then weakens your bones. The Nation Institute of Health (NIH the big guys) did a study of a hyper cholesterol family: They followed an entire family whose cholesterol levels were over 450! Ummm if you don’t know, your cholesterol should be under 200. This woman’s dad died at 43, mom at 41 and her sister at 39. After switching to an alkaline diet she lost 50 pounds and lowered her cholesterol by 190 points in only six weeks! I’m like Tony, I like to try things and then recommend it. Well Tony said you know what; I’m going to look into this. I’m healthy, I workout, I eat right, I’m good. He wasn’t. His WBC (white blood cells) where a hot mess, they were torn and leaking. He then spoke about yeast and that yeast eats at your glucose and we know that glucose is an energy source. When we eat and never feel satisfied it’s because we are missing nutrients. Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol all = acid. He used to promote eating fruits everyday only for him to find out that that was wrong. He’s NOT saying to not eat fruits! The man didn’t lose his mind just hear him out. As we may now know, most of our foods are processed which = acid. All this acid from the processed food is increasing our acidity and then we eat a bunch of fruits (remembering the foods I had yesterday with the big bowl of fruits on top of it. *shudder*) on top of it adds that much more sugar and creates candida (please look that up. If you’re too lazy… http://www.candidamd.com/candida/symptoms.html) See, he’s not saying fruits aren’t good it’s just that you don’t want to consume much of it if you’re living an acidic lifestyle (I had now clue I was. Did you? Are you?) After using his own eyes and seeing what a mess his blood cells were under a microscope he then switched to an alkaline lifestyle and then BOOM they were healthy and intact. He felt even better than ever. “Nothing tastes as good as vitality.”

How You Get Out of Balance (taken directly from workbook) 1. Your environment is disturbed by something · Emotions- negative emotions, thoughts, words, and actions have a tremendous impact on your bloodstream. (Let’s start thinking positively folks. Have you watched The Secret? Good stuff) · Polluted environment- smog in the air makes you acidic. · Acid diet- animal proteins, cooked oils, sugar, and refined carbohydrates are all sources of acid. Sugar equals acid and acid equals glue. · Radiation- no one really knows what impact constant exposure to things like computer screens may have but excess radiation could easily disturb the delicate balance. (this is why I want to bring my crystals to work. There are some crystals that are good for absorbing this stuff!) 2. Cells become disorganized · When cells are disturbed, they become disorganized in an attempt to deal with or adapt to the new (disturbed) environment. They weaken, die or mutate. 3. As cells attempt to adapt, the environment is compromised · Ruptured or dead cells give off excess acid. The new environment becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, fungus, and molds. 4. The environment becomes polluted · Bacteria, yeast, fungus, and other creatures feed on your energy stores and excrete acid waste, causing even more pollution, more disturbance, more disorganization, and more acids. 5. You develop what most people think of as debilitating disease or aging · The truth is, it’s the acid problem that begins with disturbance. As I was listening to this I remembered a woman in one of my previous class that was 50+ and she looked 30! She rarely eats food. She always always have a healthy drink with her (sometimes green. Ugghh) My therapist too. He’s ummm…ok, I won’t reveal his age but the man looks like he’s in his late 30s! Enough gloom and doom. Here’s how we get back on track. The Three Step Cycle of Regaining Balance 1. Cleanse your system, ideally for 7-10 days (or a minimum of 3-4days). You don’t need a blood test to know that you’ve built up some toxicity and acid through your lifestyle until now. The best way to cleanse is to superhydrate your system with plenty of fluids that are alkaline in nature. Green drinks (eww Ughhh!!), such as wheat grass (he warned that this tastes yucky, but that’s because of all the acid that’s in our temple and after we flush the acid out it starts tasting sweet. Hmmm I’ll let you know how it goes). 2. Interrupt destructive patterns that don’t serve you a. Identify and break your destructive patterns. Stop indulging in negative emotions or eating acidic foods. 3. Provide your body with the core nutrients it really needs. He made a joke that had me ROFL: “every man needs a good woman and every woman needs a good woman.” LOLOLOL!! The woman in this joke is nutrients. Our bodies need: water, oxygen/breathing, vitamins and minerals, live alkaline foods and our good pal exercise. He reminds us that if we eat something lifeless our bodies won’t get the energy it deserves. Food itself is taking more than giving. The workbook has a chart that list the MHz of certain foods. Big Mac =5 MHz; chocolate cake 1-3; vitamins 10-30; raw almonds 40-50; green vegetables 70-90 (ugghh okay Shy you have to turn the thought of drinking green juice will be pain to something pleasurable. And..go!); wheat grass 70-90; A rose 70-90; green drink 250-350 (BLOODY HELL! Now I HAVE to do this). Your liver 55-60; Colon 58-63, stomach 58-65, top of your head 60-70, brain 72-78 and a tumor 30. Assignment Everything in life shifts when you put yourself back in balance (so true! When I meditate things are back to being gravy). Take control of your body with this simple, three-step challenge (did he just use the ‘c’ word? Oh it’s ON). For the next ten days (hmm 10 days?): Step 1: Cleanse your system Start cleansing right away by drinking plenty of water. Tony uses the formula of drinking half of your body weight in ounces ever day (wowzers). Another way to do it is with high-alkaline green drinks, like wheat grass. Step 2: Interrupt destructive patterns that don’t serve you. Write down at least three destructive patterns in which you’ve been engaging. Come up with one or two ways to interrupt each pattern the next time it arises. Ok so the first one listed was an example in the book but it was a good one so I jotted it down too. It totally works! I was SO UPSET last night and I did it and I was in a much better mood. Destructive Pattern: Often get angry (I don’t often get angry but when I do…) Pattern Interrupts: When I begin to feel angry, I will take five deep breaths and list at least three things I’m grateful for in my life. Destructive Pattern: Frustrated Pattern Interrupts: When I feel as if I want to throw my work computer out the window I will instead get up and walk over to another co worker’s desk and chat for 5 minutes. Take a break. Destructive Pattern: Annoyed Pattern Interrupts: When I begin to feel annoyed with the stupid crap I read in my emails or dealing with a coworker I will take a few deep breaths and work on something else. Ok ok when I’m outside of work I’ll apply these same principles. Step 3: Provide your body with its vital needs. Write a paragraph or two describing why you are now committed to providing your body with the things it needs. What will it give you? What has not doing this up until now caused you to miss out on or lose in your life? I can honestly say this was very informative. When something makes sense to me I do it. Diet never made sense to me so I never did it. This acid-alkaline balance session makes sense so I will be doing it. I’m positive it will help with getting to my goal weight. Remember that my angelic reading calendar stated that this month is for me to detoxify. This 30 day challenge has been detoxifying but this will be taking it up a notch. A very high healthy notch. Doing this will give me so much energy! My blood cells will be healthy and intact. I went to Duane Reade to get a pH strip but they didn’t have any but I plan to hunt them down. I want to keep a record of this process. Tony mentioned that you can drink half a liter of green juice before eating and it will cut your appetite. I intend to start that way and work my way up to the 7-10 or 3-4 days of a full cleanse like he recommended. I’m full body deep in debt but I walked with my credit card today and will be buying the nutribullet (thanks Ryan for telling me about this). Starting this weekend I’ll be getting to know my greens more intimately. I like variety and will be doing research as to what other alkaline options are out there. Well let me go and look for my martini glasses because I'll be pretending that my green juice is now an apple martini. Time to reshape my thinking. Hope you’ve learned a thing or two. Please note that he spoke about a lot of other things and gave lots of examples and shared a lot of success stories. However, this post is now seven pages long and I didn't want to overload you with information. Remember I’m not saying for you to go out and do this stuff. I just wanted to share what I’ve learned. As you can tell I’ll be doing it. Have a blessed day hun and enjoy your Friday and you’re weekend!! *muahzzzz* Oh, what’s your pH #?

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