• Shy Davis

Frequently Asked Questions

Good evening ladies and gents. Hope your weekend is going good so far. Since starting a blog I have received a few repeated questions. I decided to take a moment to answer them here. 1. Why do you want me to go to your site…is it because you’re getting paid for it? When I was first asked this I was taken aback. People get paid to blog? I tend to have slow moments at times and I had to search my memory bank to see if I knew this and indeed I did. I just didn’t remember. I don’t know how you can get paid for it. So, NO! I am not getting paid for you to visit my site nor am I getting paid to blog. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting paid for what I love doing (sharing, supporting, encouraging, motivating and writing) a sistah got bills. If you know how I can, then you can let me know but please note that that isn’t why I want you to visit my site. 2. Are you getting paid for mentioning people’s names, like Tony Robbins? No I am not. I like to share. If I’ve learned something new, the first thing I do is send out a mass text to my close friends. It is not in my nature to sit down on beneficial information. If I’ve tried something and it’s working for me I like to share. I’m not receiving any financial compensation for sharing the wonderful things that I’m learning from Tony Robbins or from Keaira Lashae for her fitness challenge on youtube or Gina Sendef for her angel intuitive practices or anyone else that I mention. These people’s works have affected me in a positive way and I just want to share it with you. 3. What are your beliefs? This is a broad question but I’ll narrow it down based on the contexts in which I was asked. *remember these are my beliefs and I am not saying in no shape or form that this is the way to go* Please repeat that sentence aloud to yourself. I believe in God. When I speak to someone who may not believe in God I may use the term ‘Higher Power’ as not to offend anyone’s religious beliefs. I believe in celestial beings such as guardian angels and archangels and most recently, other beings such as fairies. Nope I’m not off my rockers. Remember these are my beliefs. I also believe in spirits and ancestral spirits, some means us good and some do not. There are more but these are mostly the context in which I’m being asked. 4. Girrrllllllll why you putting your business out there like that? I had a friend whom I called my best friend for over ten years that tried to blackmail me. I told her that she could get in her car and use a blow horn and talk all my business and it will not faze me not one bit. That’s how I felt then and that remains true to this day. This is how I look at it; I have been through so much in my life (and I’m sure so have you) and overcame them and I feel by sharing it will help someone someway. Even the things I’m working on right now with myself I share because the process can be informative to someone. Again, so why not share it? 5. Did the guy that molested you for four years get arrested? The short answer to this is yes, yes he did. I spoke up about it when I was 18 years old. There was a trial and he was found guilty and served time. More about that another time.


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