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30 Day Challenge Update. Day 28!

Hey All!!! How was you’re Holiday weekend? Mines was a blast!!! I’ll write a post all about it. Anyway, hope you did something exciting, if not getting some RnR is always refreshing. Wow, day 28. Where did the time go?! Anyway it’s been fun and a really great learning experience and I’m so happy I got to share it all with you. Let’s get down to the update. Abstaining from: 1. Cheese: With it being Memorial Day weekend I nearly slipped up...2x!!! First my friend came over and offered me food he had cooked. I was so surprised that he actually cooked that my brain froze. He made mac and cheese and fried chicken. When he left I got hungry and warmed it up. Took one bite, remembered and didn't continue eating it. I ate the chicken with bread, added some cucumbers and cherry tomatoes and ate that instead. It was yummy by the way. The mac and cheese is in the fridge and I'll eat it after the 30 days which is very soon. I do remember because of my slip up early this month I gave myself an extra day for just this cheese section. Then I went to the African Bazaar, got hungry and ordered jerk chicken and macaroni pie. Went off to a corner to dig in and boom, I remembered and this time I tossed it. I felt bad about that but I didn't want a lot of cheese type food in the fridge because I plan to limit my cheese intake after the challenge. I mean what happened to asking myself, does this have cheese? Smh. It completely flew right out my mind because I was just so excited for this weekend! 2. Alcohol: Not an issue. 3. Sex: Clean slate. 4. Spiritually: I had a fabulous day Saturday morning. My friend and I meditated. It was his first time and I really enjoyed guiding him through it. I first told him the different ways that I know of and which I’ve tried, of meditating. One of them is to ask a question mentally and once you get into that zone sometimes the answer will come. If not during that session, then it may come as a dream, a song, an article, a thought or something along those lines. You’ll know that it’s the answer to your question. If unsure, I find simply asking for a clearer sign works. He chose that method. I lit my eucalyptus spearmint stress relief candle (LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks Nikole for recommending it. If you’ve never bought one I highly recommend it). We sat on the floor, opposite (not directly opposite) each other in a lotus position, palms up. Then I led him through some breathing exercises and spoke softly to help get him in the ‘zone.’ Then it was time to hit play on my nature playlist where the sounds of birds and the rain filled our ears and off we were in meditating land... for 10 minutes. He really enjoyed it and the best part was he received the answer to his question. How cool is that!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!! That made me feel super good. Personally, I started back doing Iyanla’s ‘calling in the good’ assignment during my morning ritual. I receive her daily stimuli emails and I read them as a part of my daily morning ritual (If I happen to skip out on reading it I’ll read it during my commute or I’ll take a moment and read it at work) but I haven’t done any of the assignments in a long time. This week’s is very good. I’ll share what it was in another post. I still haven’t started any crystal meditation or chakra clearing but I will by next Sunday. I know, I know, the challenge ends in two days but that doesn’t mean I won’t be continuing a lot of the things I started 28 days ago. Know that this is a lifestyle change folks! Fitness Challenge: I was under the weather for the week but I still did some light yoga. Even when I was extremely tired I did it in the bed. Yep I said bed. I’ll do a morning or bedtime routine. I was totally against yoga until I realized it’s pilates I don’t fancy. My coworker recommended a yoga instructor on YouTube. Her name is Tara Stiles and I love her! Check her out. She have a morning and bedtime in bed workout. Besides that I’m feeling good. I took a sneak peak at the scale and I’m very very happy to see results. I want to hold you in suspense as to what the scale read until June 6th. That’s my official weigh in date. Don’t forget I mentioned in one of my posts that I want to lose 47lbs before my upcoming vacation and I’ll be weighing in every month and so June 6th will make it 30 days since I said that. Now I’m VERY happy because I tend to lose inches before I lose pounds and both are happening simultaneously now and that’s awesome. I know it’s because I changed my eating habits. It usually takes awhile for that part to kick in for me and I’m glad it’s happening a lot sooner. Tony Robbins and the Nutribullet pamphlet was a nice needed kick in the arse. Ya, so I’m feeling the inches going. I’m most excited that I can see the difference in my boobies. The girls have got to go down. Self: I’m still looking at my beautiful self in the mirror. That wasn’t meant to sound conceited just noting a fact. It’s a nice little pep talk to get my day started. As I’m typing this very sentence a since of pride overcame me. I’m so very proud of myself. I’ve come far. Besides that, just a year ago I started on this path and look how far I’ve come. My therapist told me last week too how proud of me he is. He said that I’ve grown rapidly since our first session but this past year, the past couple of months I’ve ‘grown exponentially .’ I couldn’t agree with him more. Have a good night. Ta-ta friends. Stay Blessed!!

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