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HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! How art thou? I’m feeling good and tingly all over! I’m so excited to share this with you… Remember that I told you I have plenty of things to share with you. Well ladies and gents, I was compelled to start a health and wellness section on here. The idea was mentally whispered to me when I first created this site. I wasn't sure what exactly I would do, but I just knew I had to do it and slowly things starting coming to me as to what to write. One such idea came when an ex roommate hit me up by text one day whilst I was working out. She mentioned she hope she didn't wake me. I responded that I'm always up and about early and that I just took a break from working out. She said that she prefers working out at night and I let her know that my energy decreases at 5p so ya, morning workouts for me. Seldom do I work out in the evenings. She said she'll try that. Days later she hit me up again and said that she actually liked it! I was shocked that she actually tried it. Then two weeks ago she text me, stating that as a way to keep on track she and her cousin text each other what they had for the day daily and would like to know if I would do the same with her. Well by now you know what my response was…HECK YEA! I was totally down! I think it’s such a great idea. By listing what you’ve had for the day you can see where you binged and what needs correcting. You’re not beating yourself up but just noting small errors. Not to mention it’s like ‘reporting’ (for a lack of a better word) to someone and because you know you have to report you hold yourself more accountable. Now if you’re not honest then you’re just lying to yourself. So for two week’s we’ve been doing this and I really like it. I get to learn some food ideas (we all know I like my variety), recipe ideas and other tidbits from her. A great support system. With that being said, this section will be all about our health and our wellbeing. This is not limited to the foods we eat. I’m going to share with you food for our minds, spirit and definitely fitness. These are things that I have tried, is doing, willing to try or things that I find very interesting and is noteworthy. I’M SO EXCITED to be doing this! I have my panties in a bunch! I’m all about sharing what I know and hope that you learn something new or even snag a few ideas. Look out for lots more posts in this section. I definitely would like your help with this. Please feel absolutely free to share any recipe or information that you may have. If you’re shy to leave a post here, continue to call, text or email me your thoughts. I love learning. Especially if it’s for my health. So grab a note pad and your fountain pen and let’s get our education on!

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