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30 Day Challenge COMPLETED! YAY BABY!

Hi loves!!! Well, my 30 day challenge ended on Wednesday. I totally forgot. I wasn’t looking at the calendar at all. I was having a conversation with VZ and he was the one that reminded me. I feel as if I’ve gone through different stages during this challenge: an illusion state, dream state, non dream sleep state, waking state and the state in which I’m learning more and more and that is, that I cannot reach total consciousness by being limited in my beliefs. This is what the Om symbol you see above means (if ever I get tattoos this will be one of them). I thought it a fitting symbol for the close of this challenge. I thought I would’ve been jumping up and down for joy and ordering my next sandwich with cheese on it or eliminating juicing from my daily routine or having a few drinks to celebrate (or saving my money and having a couple glasses of wine I have at home) but none of those things happened. The fact that I completely missed the day speaks for itself. Why? Because I mentioned somewhere in one of these posts that this is a lifestyle change. I’m not saying I won’t ever do anything that I abstained from. I’m saying that the want to do them isn’t as strong. I had that slip during the challenge and I’m still working on it. I’ve definitely grown and learned so much during this challenge and that includes that pitfall. I’ve grown to accept that part of my Life Purpose is to write. I feel so happy when I’m writing and it comes so natural to me. Creating this blog has reinforced my dream to be a motivational speaker. The comments that are posted here, the text messages, the phone conversations and emails all attest to that. I’ve had my moments of fear and worry and I know it’s my ego holding me back but then I’ll get a text message from someone that read the blog and their message either makes me cry, warms my heart, or makes me smile or more likely, all three. It makes me feel so happy and it just justifies that yes, I should continue writing. Continue reaching people. Not to mention I have my friends like Nikole who will tell me ‘cut the crap!’ when I mention my fear of not being good enough to write. If the earth realm isn’t enough then I have my angels who answer my call. Quick story. Earlier this week, before I went to bed, I placed an amethyst crystal under my pillow (to have clear dreams and to remember it long enough to write it down) and my second to last thought was: am I doing the right thing? I enjoy this but am I fooling myself? I woke up and the first thing I remembered was my dream. It’s rare for me to have one, a clear dream and two, to remember it. In the dream I was sitting right where I am now, writing a post for this site with a huge smile on my face. I looked so happy and I was glowing. There were angels ‘flying’ all around me and were playing music. Only one had a trumpet and ‘he’ was the only one that had an instrument. I have no clue as to where the other instruments that were playing this melodious indescribable music was coming from. It didn’t matter now did it? The dream was easy to interpret: CONTINUE WRITING! Lol. My eating has changed much more differently than the last time I set out to lose all that weight. I’ve been putting my nutribullet to very good use. It totally knocks my blender and my 1000 watts juicer out the ballpark. So I’ve been drinking and eating a lot healthier and not craving unhealthy foods. Again, I’m not saying you won’t see me eating fries or macaroni pie but you know my philosophy by now…moderation. However, I feel even doing it in moderation will be a lot less because I’m fuller quicker and eating less. Most importantly I’ve grown more to love myself and know more of what I want. This is kudos to the Tony Robbins cds ( I know I owe you the last two in the series and I’ll write about it even though the challenge is over). I can now look AT myself in the mirror and tell myself how much I LOVE myself. I can tell myself why I love myself with a smile on my face with no crying or being fearful of becoming conceited. None of that! I thought I knew what I want out of a relationship but listening to that relationship cd and doing the assignment proved that I had a lot more to learn. Now if a guy wants to date me I’m just going to refer him to that blog entry and if after reading it he thinks he can be that person then we’ll go on a date. Same of course goes for him about me. Don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours. I think doing a detox is a healthy thing to do for the mind, body, and spirit. I was itching for a change for a couple months before starting this and was trying to figure out how to go about it. However, I realize now that the time just wasn’t right and I was in prep mode. If you remember I mentioned that when I decided to start this challenge I ended up coming across my personalized angel reading calendar and it said that May was a month for me to detox. All I can say is that if there’s been a thought for you to do a detox or make any type of positive change(s), then I feel it’s your intuition that is lovingly nudging you to make that change and your Higher Self, God, angels, Universe or whatever you belief is in, only wants what’s best for you. Love ya! Stay Blessed ! PS. The challenge is over but there’s plenty more to come. Don’t forget to check out the ‘Health and Wellness’ tab above.

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