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Weigh-In Day!!

ELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO!! Good day, good day to you. Just finished working out and had an awesome conversation with one of the tenants in the gym. She’s the founder of a woman organization and they do lots of stuff including fitness. You know once she said that I was in. We’re going to share some information and see what can take place from there. I’m so psyched!! All this because I opened my mouth (I don’t speak to people in my building).

Anyway, last month I was 247 ( I don't have a scale pic of that) and I told you that I would like to lose 47lbs before my vacation that’s coming up in August. I'll be checking in with you guys monthly until then so you can see how I'm doing. Well today is weigh-in day and as you can see by the pic I now weigh 237lbs and I’ve lost a total of 8inches. WOOT WOOT!!!!!!! *High 5* YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY *waving pom poms* That pic was taken of me on Saturday June 4th right before I left for Ms. Royalty’s bday party.

What have I been doing? Well I was doing the 30 day challenge with Keaira Lashae on her YouTube channel but I did that back in March into April so doing it again so quickly bored me. I get bored really easy…in certain categories. I like variety. Although I love her and her workouts are fun, doing it back to back didn’t motivate me to jump up and workout so I stopped about two weeks ago. Instead, every other day I was downstairs in the gym doing cardio, I did a lot of yoga with Tara Stiles on YouTube, I do my own floor exercises and on weekends I shimmy with Veena and Neena doing belly dancing. This week I dusted my Kinect and put my Xbox to work and played my Zumba Rush fitness dvd. There’s a dreadlocks guy *swoons* on there and he just gets my heart pumping both based on his looks and the dance moves. As for eating, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been working my nutribullet 6-7x a week. I’ll make juice for breakfast and another one as my snack. Sometimes I get bored with that so it’ll be juice in the morning and I’ll make a smoothie and bring that as a snack. Sometimes like yesterday and last Friday I don’t want juice for breakfast. Yesterday I had cream of wheat with a little bit of raisins and granolas sprinkled on top with three strips of turkey bacon. I was craving some jerk chicken yesterday but was way too lazy to go to Brooklyn to get it. If I want something I will get it. Remember my motto is moderation moderation moderation. It works for me and so I stick to it. I also wanted some grease so on Tuesday I felt for Burger King…I don’t know guys…I don’t know if Burger King getting sucky or my taste buds have changed drastically but it completely sucked. The chicken was dry and the fries just sucked and where is the lettuce, and why so much mayo?? I had to scrape some off! Highly disappointed but I would be damned if I tossed it. That was $7+! On Sundays I cook (stop gasping! Behave please). I will make a meal plan for the week including snacks. Knowing that I get bored easily even with my food I make sure to include different snack options. Then I get what I need, cook and then dish it out in containers so I just grab and go. I have to hurry and get ready for work and I haven’t juiced yet but I will share some of what I’ve been cooking and juicing/blending in another post. Until then… Stay Blessed!

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Carlene "Shortlegs" Romain

6/6/2013 02:48:39 am

YESSSSSS ...woohoo ...*high 5's you right back* ...so proud of you girl!!! /yes hunnie ...you workin the hell out of that dress too ...*giving Lady Shy the sexy whistle ...real loud too* ...I LOVE IT!!!:o) ...yea girl I completely understand when you stated about the way Burger King taste ...now that I am so sick I can't even smell fast food w/out looking for a toilet bowl ...YUCK!!! ...your taste buds have become more accustom to what your putting in your body ...so they have become more re-finded ...and trust me that's a good thing ...once you start eating more organic foods like I told you about you're really gonna flip out then ...please keep up the great work ...you look HOT mama ...#atrueinspirationladyshy ...have a blessed day sweetie ...can't stop crying and smiling at how AWESOME you look:o)


6/7/2013 05:06:12 am

Looking great my Friend!! :)


6/8/2013 05:26:29 am

Thank you thank you both!

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