• Shy Davis

Ahhhh, A Day Off!

I’m sitting here cross legged, enjoying the cool wonderful breeze blowing through my hair. It rained last night so the ground is a tad wet. But that’s alright. I have an old sheet on the ground and on top of that a New York Giants blanket. I can hear children squealing with delight in the distant. I can hear the huffing and puffing of the joggers nearby. I can see the bikers speeding along on the pavement. The air is nice and crisp. The trees blocking most of the sun. But it doesn’t matter which direction I look there’s nothing but greenery. Nice green plush grass. Nice green leaves. Green everywhere. Before I decided to type, I was staring up at the sky. Hearing and watching the planes go by. My eyes slowly slid to the left as I had caught a movement. I instantly thought PLEASE DEAR LORD LET IT NOT BE A SNAKE! I can’t tell you what it was because once I looked a second longer and it wasn’t a squirrel I decided I didn’t want to know. Moments later an actual squirrel came by to say hi. We eyed each other, I smiled, and it stared some more then went about its way.

The beauty of the trees are amazing. I can feel any worries, fears, concerns, just melt away. I had to request the day to do some important running around but that got rescheduled. So I decided to load up the trunk and head to the park. After all, my oracle cards have been reminding me and urging me to get out and be with nature. So I figured yep this is a sign. Today will be a ME day. When was the last time you had a ME day? Doesn’t happen often huh? But as I inhaled deeply, I inhaled all my goals, all my desires and then exhaled away my stresses. It’s something about being around nature and hearing the birds sing that just puts me at ease. It makes me so calm. So relaxed. So at peace. I’m not a parent but I will strongly suggest that one day you should ditch the kiddies, ditch your significant other, and just enjoy a day for you. No not to do groceries or run to the bank. No errands! No need to feel guilty. You deserve this. Just have a YOU day! Go get a massage, a foot rub, a facial, take yourself to the movies, go to the park, go to the beach, go by the lake, stay home and read, whatever. But just do something that will be refreshing and rewarding to and for you. This also goes for my gentlemen readers. Don’t go thinking this is all girly. No it is for you as well. Tell wifey you’re going to have a ME day, kiss her and tell her you will catch her later. You’ll be so refreshed, so rejuvenated and we ALL need that. We ought to make more time for ourselves. We are no good to those around us if we are constantly cranky, feeling overwhelmed, lethargic and all that other stuff. I try to be around nature as often as I can but at times life do get in the way. I’m glad when I will get that inward nudge to just want to be alone or a friendly reminder through my oracle cards. Either way my loves, pull out your calendar and schedule a date with yourself. Love you! Stay Blessed. *Smooches*

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