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The Full Moon

August 20, 2013


I wanted to write this last night so that you will be prepared for tonight but I fell asleep sometime between 7:16 and 7:30pm and woke up at 5:38am then went back to sleep and woke up again at 7am.  Yep, I was tired.  I’ve been learning more and more to listen to my body.  When she says sleep, I sleep!  We all know I’m cranky if I get less than 7hrs so…ya.  Earlier when I got home I did a few things in the house, hit the shower and was in bed before 8pm.  Nothing was really pressing my nerves.  I just wanted to be in bed.  Once again I listened and remained in bed.  My mind kept wandering on my friends and acquaintances and so I started checking in on them one by one.  If you received a text from me tonight you were truly on my mind.  :-)  Then my good friend hit me up and asked what I was doing, if I was writing because it’s the full moon and I owe you guys this blog.  I told him no, I’m just laying in bed thinking.  I didn’t even do the ritual.  This is the third time he has asked about the full moon blog, so I said you know what, let me grab the laptop.  So here goes…


No, no, I’m not a werewolf (although wouldn't that be cool?).  Those very close to me know that my intuition has increased aka my psychic abilities (we ALL have psychic abilities but I’ll write about that another day) have increased. Anyway, tonight is the full moon and I’ve spoken a few times about it and that I have a ritual.  The new moon is a great time for manifesting your dreams and the full moon is a great time for forgiving and releasing that which that no longer serves you.  Of course you can do this at any time and not be dependent on the moon’s cycle.  Forgiving after all should become second nature to us.  If I want to do this ritual and it’s not the full moon I won’t not do it (grammar police please don't get me).  That would be ludicrous! 


The metaphysics behind it: it’s a great time to release and forgive.  Which is why I choose this time to do it.  If that’s not your thing then ignore that and do it whenever you feel.   I wrote in great detail about forgiveness in my blog *Forgiveness under the health and wellness tab of this site so I won’t duplicate my writings.  What I will do is remind you that holding on to things is VERY toxic and that forgiving yourself is essential.  How many times do we beat ourselves up for things we have done and don’t let it go?  I had a premonition Saturday and I didn’t follow it and when it happened I was so upset with myself!  UGHHHHH!  If only I had followed my mind!  We say that to ourselves all the time don’t we?  This can be in regards to something big or small.  The size of the issue doesn’t matter because the end result is us beating up on ourselves.  Now I used to be so verbally abusive to myself that it was ridiculous!  I mean out right cussing and degrading.  Then I read an article that said to speak to yourself as you would a very dear and close friend and I was horrified!  I would NEVER speak to my besties the way that I spoke to myself.  I’m very very loving AND firm when I speak to them. Never would I curse my friends out when they call me and share with me something they did that they were feeling horrible about.  Instead I’m very compassionate and understanding.  So, that’s what I started doing to myself.  Instead of:  “you blazing fool, how could you make that mistake? Huh huh?! You f’ng know BETTER!”  “I can’t BELIEVE you just did that sh*t”  “hold up, hold up *snide tone* did you just make the same mistake…AGAIN?!”  Instead, I now say: ‘Okay Shy, Tis okay. Don’t worry about it.  You’ll do better next time.’ “Now pumpkin, you know you know better.  Go ahead, cry.  Let it out.  Dust yourself off and let’s go again.”  See?  Much more gentle and let me tell you it feels so darn good.  You see, the change first comes from forgiving myself.  I have to take responsibility of the role I’ve played in the situation and then move on.  I’m not saying I brush it aside and then move on.  No!  I mean I completely and wholeheartedly forgive myself. I know I’ve forgiven myself when I can remember something I was so upset, embarrassed or whatever about and I can laugh or smile or not feel a gut wrenching feeling under my left breast.  That’s when I know I’ve released and have truly forgiven myself or someone. 


 As I’ve mentioned before, holding on to toxicity is poisonous to our mental, physical and spiritual health.  It creates blockages.  Such as blocking a manifestation of a loving relationship, a new job, a new home, abundance etc.  Anger, jealousy, resentment, hatred, frustrations and things of that nature can all be lumped up and placed under the ‘toxic’ category.  I started picturing anything toxic as little grey bubbles.  When I’m angry about a situation or at a person that’s a grey bubble.  When I’m resentful about something that I did that’s another grey bubble.  When work is upsetting or stressful that’s a million grey bubbles, when I’m frustrated that’s another grey bubble and so on and so forth.  Now, I imagine all those grey bubbles floating around and covering my psyche.  I imagine all those grey bubbles blocking my loving nature.  I imagine those grey bubbles blocking my creativity and clarity.  I imagine those grey bubbles blocking my pathway to God.  No Bueno!  Sometimes it’s as easy as closing my eyes and taking a few deep breaths to forgive myself or someone to rid those grey bubbles but sometimes I need to sit down and do a ritual that I  learned from Gina Sendef.  The full article can be found here. For the very stubborn grey bubbles I do the Iyanla Vanzant’s technique which I shared in my Forgiveness blog.  Now don’t tell me you have no one or no situation to forgive (ok if you TRULY have nada then sweet!!).  Are you healed of everything?  Or have you just brushed things aside and created a bridge and have just crossed over it several times? *blink blink* Thought so!  Get comfy and grab a pen.


Typical full moon night ritual:

I come home, drop my bag(s) change my clothes and make something to eat.  I make sure my phone is on silent or off.  I usually have a great view of the moon so I open my blinds and let her glorious-ness shine through.  I light my stress relief candle, turn on my lamp, grab a few sheets of paper and a pen and I sit down on my couch.  I then begin to make a list (my name being first) of everyone that has grieved me that day, the day before, last week and last month or however long ago.  Doesn’t matter how small or large the grievance, it’s a grievance so the person or situation makes the list.  I let it flow.  DON’T hesitate, go with your inner self and make the list.  Allow yourself to reflect and remember all that has transpired and be willing to release and let go.  Be sure that your name is first on the list.  Even if you don’t get why your name is first still write it.  In time you will understand the same way I did.  


For each name and situation that made the list you will say the following for each person or situation:
     I am willing to release any and all negative feelings and         toxic emotions related to this person/situation; including       myself for the role I played in it.  I ask that my angels take this negativity to the light for transmutation and leave me with the lessons and love.  I ask that Archangel Michael please cut any unhealthy Etheric cords that resulted from this and take them to the light.  I ask that Archangel Raphael fill me with green healing light to heal my heart and soul as I choose to forgive in all directions of time. 



Do this for each person/situation that made your list.  Be gentle with yourself and don’t rush this.  This is your time.  This is your healing time.  While I’m repeating the above statement I tend to feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders and I can see each grey bubble just disappearing.  Such sweet calm.  Now, if there is a person/situation I find really hard to forgive I write what Gina calls an ‘anger release letter.’  This is where you let it RIP!  Oh yeah!  This is where you get to tell your coworker to kiss your arse.  This is where you tell your significant other that he/she was the most insensitive bastard the other day.  This is the moment where you tell your ex how much he/she has hurt you and that your heart is still bleeding.  Or this is where you call your ex the most vile things you can think of.  Go on, speak…I mean, write your mind.  It’s okay.  It’s your show hunny.  This is also the time to write a letter to yourself expressing your disappointment or anger or whatever.  Like I said, it’s your show.  Do you!  Okay so, once the letter is complete go back to the statement above and repeat it for each letter written.


 Once your list and or letters are completed then you destroy them.  Shred them, rip it up then flush it down the toilet or burn etc.  My favorite thing is to burn them.  (If you are going to do this method, please do so SAFELY) I will turn on the fan and place it under the smoke alarm.  Then grab my lighter and stand over my kitchen sink and light the papers a fire…and just watch it burn.  I’ll watch my blue ink penmanship turn to brown and disappear and then watch the 8.5x11in paper turn to black soot.  I dislike fires.  I don’t even like lighting a match that’s why I use lighters but there’s something about watching my anger disappear to soot that’s calming.  Do whatever resonates with you.  



 Now it’s time for my favorite part.  I think of it as my double reward time.  It’s time to hit the shower!  I bring my candle into the shower then I slowly give myself a bath then rinse then use my Lavender Dead Sea essentials by Ahava scrub on my body.  I scoop a little up and gently in a circular motion I massage the scrub into my body.  Once that lavender scent hit my nose all my other senses are heightened and relaxed.  The circular motion releases any remaining tension.  I especially love massaging in the scrub at my heart chakra (middle of chest).  I can feel my heart just opening up and I feel so alive, rejuvenated and well.  While I’m massaging in the scrub I ask my angels to surround me with pink healing light so that I can give and receive the love of others and also for myself.  The main purpose of this ritual is to return back to love.  Love is the highest energy of them all.  We weren’t born with hatred and frustrations built up in our hearts.  No, that was acquired.  Our true nature is that which is filled with nothing but love.  It’s not easy to love your enemy but let’s make it a work in progress.  Let’s return back to love and lets also forgive more regularly.



Love ya!  Happy forgiving!  Stay blessed!  


Feel free to comment and or share this post!

* I have recently transferred servers and the Health and Wellness tab with the blog post on Forgiveness is currently not up.  Please be patient with me 8/7/17.

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