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Labor Day Weekend/Summer Reflection

Good morning my sweets!!! It’s 1:06am and I’m writing to you from the comfort of my bed. Is it me or is it chilly? First I had to turn off the fan. Then I had to pull the sheets over my head. Then snuggled more with my body pillow and finally I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get up and close in the window a bit. Cheesh! Winter is almost here. Now why am I not sleeping when I’ve only received 1.5hrs of sleep thus for? Well instead of ponies and unicorns I was dreaming of words and paragraphs. So with a sigh (a good sigh) I got up and grabbed my laptop. So here I am, propped up in bed ready to share some stuff with you.

Labor Day has passed and unfortunately it’s back to work. I don’t know about you but I could’ve used just one more day before being tossed back into the grind. That’s usually the case isn’t it? LOL! Well for me I was off from work from 8/23 and was back yesterday. I had a bit of a stay-cation. It didn’t go as I had hoped. I wanted to actually stay in as much as possible and just have some peace but that didn’t happen as often as I would’ve liked. So, how was your Labor Day? Were you on the parkway jumping up? Whatever you did I hope you enjoyed it, even if it was nothing at all. Sometimes we need that solitude to balance us out. As for me I was in Atlantic City baby! My good friend took me and It was both our first time and I can’t wait to go back! The trip had its ups and downs but I shall only speak about the positives. First up was after we parked the car we went straight for the boardwalk! As soon as I climbed those stairs my senses were overwhelmed, but in a good way. First thing that engulfed me was the wonderful breeze that came from the ocean. All my stresses of the previous hours just melted away. It just disappeared! I instantly walked further up so I could see what the water looked like and took in a few deep lung filling air. I packed my swimsuit but I wasn’t pulled to go in the water. I wasn’t digging the color of the water. Sorry AC, Trinidad and Tobago’s blue sea from my trip earlier this year spoiled me. Then I noticed all the people. It wasn’t as much people as I was expecting but it was still a good bit. As social as I am, I don’t like crowds. Then my nose was accosted by all the different scents of the food. As we walked my ears were graced by the pelican’s cries and of reggae music. There was a live dj and I was ready to burst out and whine on somebody! Sadly, my friend is a church going man and does not dance so I was left to just twitching my butt and bobbing my head as we walked along.

As we were walking along we saw the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. We decided to go and I was excited because it’s one of the places on my semi bucket list to visit. Before we entered, Optimus Prime greeted us and upon walking in I met a Gypsy woman and the world’s tallest man and a lovely female bone statue made entirely from camel’s bone! They had some pretty wild stuff that had me shaking my head, saying eww, or straight up not willing to even pass by. I had a few scratching head moments. For example there was a photo of triangles and it asked how many are there and as much as myself and a couple counted we got no were near the correct answer. The picture is above. How much did you count? I did enjoy the African section. There was a Penis Sheath from New Guinea. It’s used both for decoration and protection. The protection are against insect bites. There was a display of an African Shaman fetish jar and an African drum. Definitely lots to see there. Before we knew it, it was time to head in the direction of the Bally’s hotel for the Legend’s In Concert. First we stopped by the casino where I spent $10 gambling and won $7.80. I would’ve won $4.25 more but I didn’t understand the game and didn’t cash out. I was playing the 1ct game of Sex and the City. As you can tell I’m not a gambler. However, I definitely see how people get addicted and why it’s so much fun. What was totally sweet was the fact that I could sit my butt right there and had drinks delivered to me and it was free! I ordered me a glass of apple martini and wasn’t tempted to order another one. It was free so it was completely watered down. Finally we headed upstairs to the concert. We were a bit early so I ordered a real apple martini from the bar and lounged in the comfy chair and chatted with VZ. Then it was time for the concert where Rob Stewart, Katy Perry, Michael Buble, Brittany Spears and Elvis performed. Let me just say: Bravo! Bravo! What a great impersonation they did. The backup dancers were fantastic! My favorite was the blonde woman ;-) They were sweating like pigs with a smile on their faces like it was a piece of cake (as should be the case). None of them looked tired. I did wish that someone would’ve toweled off the tall dark haired male dancer. I swear I felt his sweat caught me at one point (we had fab sweats. 4th row baby!). Like seriously dude, in between acts please towel down. Smh. Anyway, they were great! My favs in order: Elvis stole the show of course, then Michael Buble, Rob Stewart, Brittany and lastly Katy Perry. If ever you’re planning a trip go ahead and purchase a ticket for the concert. Every few months the cast changes so to keep things fresh.

Sunday rolled around and it was time for the spa that I booked at Spa Toccare at the Borgata Hotel (complimentary of VZ). Please take a moment of silence with me. *silence* 3, 2, 1. Thank you. O.M.G! This is the second time that I’m at lost for words on this blog. Just approaching the Borgata is a moment in which you are in awe. It’s a grand tall golden like structure and at night it changes to bluish/purple. Then once you walk in, the décor was just sick! Sick I tell you! The chandelier was very unique. I have not one clue what it’s made from but the vibrant colors just played with your eye sight. I did not like the amount of people that were there. It was more crowded than the boardwalk but hey, it’s the Borgata and that’s to be expected. There were butlers? Guards? I don’t know what to call them but men in suits at ever door ready to be at your beck and call. After getting some directions I headed upstairs to the Spa. I must say I was not fond of reception nor the staff inside the locker room. Can you say STUCK UP! Look, just because you’re the best does not give you the right to act as if there’s a wooden stick up your butt! Not cool! They were easily ignored because I was too busy taking in the coral décor. I was given a tour by one of the staff members who didn’t even seem as if she wanted to help me and I bit my tongue because I’m not going to lie I was ready to put my mean face on. I couldn’t anyway, like I said I was too busy taking in the décor. Now the ‘locker room’ is larger than most New York apartments! I’m not talking about your gym type locker room. Nope, this place was immaculate! If you wish you can change into their complimentary slippers. Then there’s a robe waiting for you in the electronic locker (how cool is that!) that’s assigned to you. I was shown the makeup area, bathroom and shower area. The bathroom smelled soooooooo good! Then I was showed the Jacuzzi, steam room and the sauna. I couldn’t wait to hit it all up. Oh, they do have a pool but I decided to spend my time in the Jacuzzi. Now, pictures aren’t allowed but I asked if I could snap a few and I was told only a few. Enjoy the above pics. After I unrobed and was nice and snuggled into my oversized comfy robe, I sat and waited in the lounge for my 5pm ‘rock your senses massage.’ With this massage you get a swedish massage, hot stones, and hot towels all for the lovely price of $190.50 (gratuity and tax included). Now now don’t be frugal! It was totally worth it! Man oh man! Remember it doesn’t matter what type of service you receive at the spa. Once you have a reservation you have access to the facilities until closing. When was the last time you treated yourself? It’s totally worth it! My massage therapist was Denise (not her real name. If you would like to know her real name to book a session with her specifically hit me up privately and I’ll tell you her real name). She led me to the dimly lit room, where relaxing music was softly playing and the scent of a nice aroma therapeutic scent was lingering. She asked me to choose the type of oil I would like then instructed me to disrobe. I chose the spearmint. Of course, I’m used to this because I get my monthly massage from Skin Spa NY and it’s the same procedure. Once she entered back into the room it was time to knead all those knots that were in my body especially my neck and shoulders. Like I mentioned the trip had its ups and downs and I was counting down the time for the massage. Folks she was AWESOME! The way she worked my body totally rocked my senses (pun not intended). Her hands were gentle but firm and she got to every single knot. You can feel the love of her job pouring out from her fingertips. Every stroke struck my core. I mean I don’t know how else to describe it. Throughout it all it was reaffirmed to me that yes, this is what I want to do and I’m on the career right path. My favorite part of the massage was when the hot stones were incorporated. When those suckers hit my back and neck my toes curled! Who knew that rocks could be so healing? Actually I knew that but did you? Ohhh you know what was cool, besides the fact that the massage table was heated, it also can be elevated. Just like the hospital beds. She adjusted the table until I was in a v-shaped position and really went IN on my neck and feet. It was great just GREAT! Ten thumbs up! Yep I’m aware we only have two thumbs. Now, there are no coincidences. In fact the term coincidence is derived from the Latin term cum- ("with", "together") and incidere "in" and "cadere": "to fall on", "to happen"). Also, in science it refers to when two rays of light strike a surface at the same point at the same time. So basically when two things co-incide. Simply enough right? Not really. You’ll be surprised how many people think of it as two events that just happens to occur with no correlation. “Oh, Bob! What a coincidence to run into you here.” Not a coincidence folks. Every single person you meet or things that occur all happen for a reason. With that said, it was a lovely coincidence that Denise was my therapist. We had such a lovely time discussing spirituality, Reiki, angels, archangels, we found out that we enjoy reading the same new age authors like Doreen Virtue, we shared similar belief system in regards to our psychic abilities (that we were ALL born with) aka our sixth sense aka our intuition aka our gut feelings. We had such a lovely conversation and before the end of the session (she went over. I told you we had a good chat) we both realized why we were meant to meet. I won’t share that with you because that’s private but it was a light bulb moment for the both of us. Anyway, don’t feel that you will end up talking about all those things. She is very professional and knows that some people aren’t opened to certain things so unless you both are guided to have a conversation then it won’t happen. If all that’s needed is for her hands to do all the talking then that’s what you’ll get. Just remember to request Denise (not her real name) when (you must experience there) you visit. After my session she recommended I enjoy the sauna, the steam room and then the Jacuzzi. It was time to pop my sauna and steam room cherries. Ummm, I should’ve remained a virgin. If there’s a hell then I must continue to do good because that type of heat isn’t for me! I didn’t last 30 seconds in there. I was dying! The steam room was just as bad! Those that enjoy it, then more power to ya. It’s not my thing. What IS my thing is the Jacuzzi. There were three of them. I mostly stayed in the circular one where the water pressure was just booming. I used a towel as my head rest and rested my head back and enjoyed the hot water and pressure from the valve against my back as it seeped into my skin. Like the spa slippers read: yeah baby. Folks, it was soooooo relaxing. I relaxed and reflected on my past, present and daydreamed about my future. My mind was so relaxed that it allowed a lot of ideas to come through. When I needed a break I lounged in the chair and sipped on water and mango chips. Yep, I had me a good ole time! Then I received a text from VZ that he was on his way to pick me up. *sigh* I couldn’t be too sad about it because they were closing at 8p and I needed to shower and get dressed. As expected the shower area was clean as a whistle. Like I said, this isn’t your typical locker room where you don’t want anything but the water to touch you. It was a rain shower head and I inspected the curtain and not one hint of mildew was there. There were big bottles of shampoo, moisturizer, body wash and a body crème rinse. I have no clue what a body crème rinse is but with a name like ‘yuzu bergamot crème rinse,’ it was a must to try. Not sure what it was for but to be safe I used the bamboo lemon grass body wash after. This by the way will awaken your senses! I had a lovely, lovely time there and I’m already planning my next trip. After the spa we caught a movie (2 Guns. Hilarious!) and headed back to the city. As you can see once I focused on the great time I had, my labor day weekend was wonderful. Gotta cover the good with the bad. I didn’t get home till 3:30 am and I was up from 5am the night before. I tried closing my blinds as tightly as I could even though I knew it wouldn’t work. I didn’t hit my bed till around 4:15 and was up before 7. My body wakes up once the sun is rising. It can’t be helped. I didn’t fall back asleep until after 10. I had a few naps and during my awake moments, I I reflected on my stay-cation and of my weekend and unfortunately my ego won and I thought about all the bad and ended crying myself to sleep. But then I I asked for angelic guidance to uplift my thoughts plus I had B making me feel better via whatsapp. By the time night rolled around I was in better spirits. I properly reflected on my stay0cation. I didn’t get a lot of peace and quiet. However, I did have some good times. I spent a lot of time with Marshall (my ex) and he’s always fun to be around. Always laughter and giggles. I spent some time with my neighbor (Natty dread’s cousin. She’s on the same street as me. Super cool!). We’ve been meaning to link but there was always something and it was mostly on my part. I adopted three babies…aren’t they just adorable!?! So gorgeous! So beautiful. One sleeps write next to me. See pics. Also while on my stay-cation I went to six flags with my second favorite pal, and I cried and screamed a ton of explicits on the ride Nitro. I was petrified! I said the ‘Our Father Prayer,’ ‘ The Lord is My Shepherd’ and prayed and prayed mentality while cussing and crying on the outside. Needless to say I don’t like roller coasters and it was my last ride for the day. So, why did/do I go? The last time I was there was the summer of ’06 and I do enjoy going to Six Flags or theme parks in general. I like hearing and watching people have fun. Plus I like the mellow rides, like the one that gives you a nice relaxing ride while you cruise above and enjoy the view. Which is what we did after Nitro. After he pacified me on the scenic ride he went ahead on Bizzaro sans moi. Afterwards he admonished that it was “whack!” I’ll take his word for it. Like a kid that receives a lollipop for braving the dentist he bought me Cold Stone ice cream. I ended up sharing it. There’s one close to my house and I never heard of them until my trip to Trinidad earlier this year. I tried it and I wasn’t a fan. Looks like I tried the wrong thing because that ‘birthday remix’ combo was off the chain! Anyway, regardless of my crying episode I had a good time!

ST, VINCENT DAY! WOOT WOOT! I tried repping their colors as best as possible.

During my summer I did a few things. For example I also got to see how Vincentians boogie. I went on a bus ride to Heckscher State Park where they celebrated St. Vincent Day. I enjoyed Vincollona’s cooking as always. I damn near licked my plate. The woman can cook! The guests were treated to fry bake or roast bake with your choice of shark, saltish or chicken. I had all three! Coffee, juice, or tea were your beverage of choice. However, the second your butt hit the seat on the bus it was time for mimosas and sangrias baby! She and her crew know how to show their guests a good time. The dj was doing his thing even though I wished for quiet BUT that wasn’t his fault. The speakers on the bus were faulty. I had to just focus more on how the song should sound. I overheard a few people complaining but like me it didn’t bothered us for long. Hmmm I wondered if the liquor helped with that? Lol! Anyway Dj Dexter did his thing! For lunch she served rice and peas with turkey mixed in it, potato salad, fish (I missed it), pork (I don’t eat but I saw folks licking their fingers), chicken and pineapple chow. DELISH! Of course when you roll with her crew it’s a flow of liquor. You drink and have fun! Now, now don’t get jealous. If you would like to taste her cooking then hit her up. I drive down to her place (almost) every Saturday where she showcases her cooking skills for sale. Her facebook page is:https://www.facebook.com/allona.bristol?fref=ts. Every Friday she posts the menu for Saturday. *Smacks forehead* I nearly forgot to mention the coconut cake her sister made. I SWORE it was store bought. Smh, that family know their way around the kitchen. Now I’m hungry. Anyway I watched everyone having fun from a distance. My good pal, neighbor and myself chilled all day under a tree. It was SO relaxing. I received a lot of clarity. My mind was all jumbled up and while lying there praying no ants wouldn’t bite me (they didn’t. I don’t know about the other two) I received a lot of answers. Let’s see what else did I do over the summer? Oh! I went paint balling in Staten Island. I fired not one shot. The battlefield is not for me. I’m more of a sniper type person. Hearing all the shots being fired scared me. I did receive three bruises. One of which I still have a mark (the perils of being light skinned). I did share my ‘bullets’ with my nephew (YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I was able to spend time with him! I was overjoyed! Those of you who know more about my personal life know what a HUGE deal it was to have him with me), and my friend. We hit up the shooting range and I won! I had the most accuracy. I’m a shooter not a fighter. Lol. We went to a BBQ at Liberty State Park. It was my first time there. I enjoyed watching my nephew play cricket and having a good time. I also took a ride on one of my friend’s family member’s bike and soaked in the scenery.

Six Flags

Also for the first time I went to a water park: Camelback water park. Thanks Marshall for popping my water park cherry. Of course like all rides I held my breath (except for at Six Flags on Nitro where I screamed my lungs out) and closed my eyes. By the third ride Marshall was shouting at me to open my eyes. When I did I must say it was better…in the sense that I was able to anticipate the turns so I can hold my breath. Although I had a fab time and was terrified I wouldn’t recommend it for adults. The rides aren’t that challenging (for me, yes. For the average thrill seeker, no). Now, my favorite part of the trip was the fact that the food was finger licking good and inexpensive, totally unheard of for a park AND they serve alcohol. WOOT WOOT!!!!! After lunch the –itis hit Marshall and I and we lounged under an umbrella. When I say lounged I mean we slept for a good two hours. Good times. Good times. Oh, and whilst on my stay-cation I hanged out with two handsome men at a bar. Ahhh yes, heaven!

All in all I had a lovely summer. The best in a very very long time. It was very nice reminiscing on Sunday. If I had to repeat one of the events of my summer it would be paintballing and the BBQ at State Liberty Park. Why? Simple, because I received the opportunity to spend time with my nephew and I valued that day more than anything.

My new BABIES!!!!!!!!!! Aren't they gorgeous! My bambo...and I don't know the name of the other two. They only came with instructions. I just loved the colors.

Anyway, I hoped you had an enjoyable summer!!! Stay Blessed my sweets!

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