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Checking In

Well hello there! How in the world are you? I hope you’re good! I miss youuuuuuuu!! I’m doing GREAT!!!!!! I’m just stopping by to say hello and that I have not forgotten you all. I mentioned before that I’m in school and that is taking up A LOT of my time. So let me catch you up. School: School is GREAT! Once 5pm hits I have a smile on my face because I know I’m going to be linking up with my super duper, cool, loving classmates and we are going to get our edu-macation on! Along with the subjects I’m learning, the cool professors, my classmates are making it such a fun and exciting experience. I can’t describe the joy I feel just by stepping off the train heading to campus. I’ve never been this excited about school. EVER! I’m also doing very well in my classes. My AP (Anatomy and Physiology) class is the hardest class and I’m just killing the weekly quizzes! Grade ranges from 80-100%. The other classes are all 100%s so far. I had two midterms last week and more coming so nervous about those. I know I passed one and waiting for the other score and I know I’ll pass the ones to come. Work: Work is work. Spiritually: My intuition is kicking into high gear! I highly recommend the book “Trusting Your Vibes” by Sonia Choquette. I’m allowing my Higher Self to take over my subconscious mind so I can follow my vibes more instead of my ego and I must say its working. I’ve been receiving daily intuitive flashes and it’s so cool when I follow it how great things turn out and if my ego slips in and I don’t follow it I end up being extremely upset with myself, but not for long. I shake it off and call it a day. My classmate and someone who has turned out to be a very good friend, Juan held a Golden Light Ceremony on 9/15 which is a ceremony that raises your vibrations and it was such a spirit filled experience for all of us that were in attendance that I know that that also has boost me spiritually. I’m looking forward to the next one later this month. I love being around him. His spirit is pure and fun and his energy is just great! He’s a Reiki Master so you know I’m sticking to him like glue. Let me tell you, when you feel his energy *shakes head* it’s like a warm blanket engulfing you with love.

Personal life: OMG! You can’t just work work work and have no play. So let me tell you about some of the fun I’ve been having.

1. On 9/28 I had a tarot reading, crystal healing sleepover with Juan. If interested in booking a session(s) you can check out his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IntentionalHeartHealing?fref=ts. It was such a relaxing weekend. First of all his home is like a crystal cave. Crystals everywhere! Which plays a role with your shoulders being relaxed the instant you walk in. He cooked chicken gnocchi for me (delish!), he gave me a reading that had my head spinning. He told me things about my family that I had no clue about. After the weekend was up I called my mom digging into the family history a bit and turns out he was right. Crazy! Love it! After the reading he laid me on his table and placed crystals over my body and started a crystal healing session. It was amazing. I travelled during that session. Even though I was having conversation during the travel I still felt completely relaxed during the session. After that we grabbed my favorite wine that I brought and we sat on the steps outside counting the stars in the sky. Such a peaceful time. Ahhhhhhh

2. On 10/6 I went to the MET Museum for the first time. My Philosophy and History of Asian Medicine professor scheduled a trip there and I enjoyed the tour. I noticed I took a lot of pictures of Buddha. I don’t know what that’s about. A few days before the trip I purchased a Buddha very randomly. I kept asking myself why why why, especially with how I was raised it would be considered pagan. Blah, you already know I’m spiritual and not religious. I went with the flow and found room for my Buddha on a shelf in my apartment.

3. On 10/9 I went to a gay bar after class and had me a good ole time! I was only there for an hour but still had a good time. It was my first time having Jack Daniels Honey. It was my second time visiting a gay bar. Smh, I love being in that environment. They are SO MUCH FUN! I get to let my hair down and loosen up more than I would at a straight bar. 4. I was off from work and school from the 11th and return to work today so I had a nice break. I was supposed to go to my first gay club on Saturday but that didn’t happen. I ended up having to turn back around and missed it but no sweat I should be hitting one up this weekend. If not definitely before the year is up! Sunday night was a bit of a downer but I had my friends that texted me to uplift my spirits. I think I needed a change of scenery because when an old friend called me and heard my voice he instantly cancelled his plans and came by to scoop me up. I was so grateful. I woke up in much better spirits. I’m not on facebook often (I’m not a social media person. Shocking I know!) but when I logged in (I don’t even have the app on my phone) I saw that Ryan posted this on my timeline: “There is a force in you that is more powerful than the negative people, circumstances or environment where you find yourself. Make a conscious, deliberate effort to keep your mind above all the toxic conversations, attitudes and stresses surrounding you. Guard your mind by immersing yourself in positive words, scriptures, music; as well as self-affirming healing conversations that will drown out the negative voices within your own mind. Create a ritual of prayer, meditation, exercise, yoga, Tai Chi. Volunteer your time. Use whatever method you can to protect yourself from the drama, emotional vampires and energy drainers that will try to rob you of your peace. There is a Presence within you where you can find joy, comfort and inner strength to give you the capacity to handle whatever you are facing. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!!” How awesome is he? How uplifting was that? It’s truly a blessing to have friends like that in your life. Although I missed it Sunday night it truly made me smile Monday morning. Besides that Sunday night downer I had a great time catching up with an old friend. A great time! 5. In between all that I still treat myself to some ME time. I finally upped my massages to twice a month. So I get a nice massage twice a month and I go for acupuncture treatments twice a month. Having needles in you may not sound like fun but it doesn’t hurt and that 20-30mins you get to lay there and let the qi flow is relaxing. That’s my time. I also went shopping this weekend and added some stuff to my wardrobe. So I’ve been trying to keep a balance.

Nikole worked her magic on me for one of the October photo day challenge. LOVE IT!

Well that just about sums up everything. Oh! So I started this October photo challenge that was posted on Instagram. Like I mentioned I’m not a social media butterfly. I have Facebook because of this blog and it’s a long story why I have Instagram. I’m not much of a poster. I don’t randomly share my thoughts. I enjoy scrolling through my timeline on both and seeing artistic pics and reading how folks express themselves via jokes or with their own words but for me to post stuff? Nah! When I saw the photo challenge I decided to break out of my shell a bit and so far we are on day 15 and I haven’t missed a day. Posting pics what’s the big deal right? Well it’s not my thing, so it’s cool doing something different. Anyway folks, just wanted to keep you posted. Love ya! Enjoy your week and… Stay Blessed Shy

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