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Oh Goshhhhh...Guess Who's Birthday It Is Today?!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE IT’S MY BIRTHDAY YALL!! BIRTHDAY TUNUP!! *cue firecrackers* RAH RAH RAH!!! Lightas inna di air!!! Okay okay can you tell how excited I am? I love birthdays and mines is finally here. Shawnie and Greg just arrived to pick me up for Atlantic City. Gonna be there for the weekend baby! WOOT WOOT!!! I decided to light the birthday candles real quick before we head out. More folks will be joining us down there. Anyway, although I love birthdays when it comes to mines I like to be sorta low key. Once I realized my birthday was approaching I took the date off Facebook. I’ll talk nonstop and count down my birthday but the day of I’m as silent as a mouse. I wasn’t even going to write anything and then I decided why the hell not? I got excited and then just as quickly my excitement deflated. What in the world would I write about? What can I say about myself? Eight months of blogging and I don’t know what to write? Yep! When it comes to talking about myself I freeze. Fingers drumming the table, mind blank that sort of thing. Then when ideas came I was fearful I would come off as vain and that’s far from the truth. I’m a humble person so it was right back to the drawing board. I don’t recall what Ryan and I were talking about some weeks ago and he showed me on Facebook where he asked his friends to leave a memory that they and him shared. That was my light bulb moment! I figure I’ll ask a few people in honor of my birthday to write a few words about me and I’ll post it on here. A total cop out but I don’t care. LOL!! I’m grateful to those that participated. As the messages and emails came in I was amazed by what was said. Get comfy and walk with me… ***Ladies and gentlemen I would like you to picture yourselves at a banquet hall. The place is decorated in red and gold. You’re seated six to a table with a bottle of my favorite wine, and appetizers from Vinciolla is being served by very attractive males and females. The music has died down. I’m seated at a table with the folks that I love and adore. I’m alternating between Kinsen Plum wine and Asconi. I’m a little nervous as to what’s about to be said. One by one they take to the microphone to share with you memories of me. First up is Mumsie! *round of applause please* I love each and every one of my children equally but not the same, because each one has their own special qualities. Shan has always been blessed with firmness and with a sense of humor no one can match. There has been many days throughout her childhood and even adulthood that I can’t help but to smile. She was born and raised in Jamaica. She started school at two years old. Her first Basic School was Sylvia Foot. When she turned three she started Pen Tab, which was closer to her brother and sister’s school. Anyway, Shan has always been a very, very bright girl. A very bright girl with a lot of creativity. She would come home from school and teach the trees that were growing in the backyard. Yes I said trees. She wanted to be a teacher but that dream soon changed. When she was six, she dreamed of becoming a doctor. Her sister has always been supportive of her dream. Her sister bought Shan her first doctor kit. When Shan turned nine, she came to the United States. Since her arrival she has always been best friends with the bathroom and bed. These were her favorite places to read. That was her favorite thing to do. It was her hobby. She didn’t enjoy cleaning, especially the bathroom (mostly because she dreaded my inspections) but she enjoyed the peace and solitude it provided when she wanted to read her books. I’m happy that she loves reading but back then I just wanted to use the bathroom. Bedtime did not equal sleep time. Shan would hide under the sheets with her book and her flashlight. I pretended that I didn’t see the bright light. In school she always got good marks. One summer she got such high marks that she received a trophy. I’ve never ONCE had to tell Shan to do her homework. She knew exactly what was expected of her and she did it. Shan has always been a great communicator, astute for her age and vigilant to her surroundings. Her mouth…it has no filter sometimes, but I’m not upset by this. Doesn’t matter how young or old you are she speaks her mind. I’m glad that even though she’s much older this has not changed. Shan love her dad very, very much. He taught her how to drive from a very young age. Her father would sleep sleep sleep until we nicknamed him Dropsee. Lol. Her father is half Indian so he has nice hair. Shan would want to play but he would always be sleeping. Not perturbed by him being asleep she would go get her bubbles and hair clips and put it in his hair giving him a wicked hairstyle. He would not be aware of this until he see himself and we would be dying of laughter. He would exclaimed: DoonDoon!!! That was his nickname for her. It was all in good fun. Shan’s father loves his children but I’m sure Shan is his favorite. She always looked out for me as well. As much as she loved her father she had no problem telling me stories from their days together, and sometimes ratting him out. When her father picked her up from school she would ride with him in his Dollar Van. When she came home she would always have stories for me. She would tell me all about the passengers. Especially about the women passengers. She would tell me how many rode in the van and how close the women sat. Shaniquea would sit in the middle between her father and the front seat passenger, especially if it was a woman. When she came home she would tell me all about it and acted out how the women behaved around her father. Shan took part in church, especially during the Young People’s Crusade. There were nights when she would give her sermons. She was never afraid to speak in public. Everyone loved her at church because she was always willing to help out. There’s a church sister name Dravis, and up until this blessed day whenever she sees me she would ask about Shan. Shan would read the mission story in her class every week without fail because no one else was willing to volunteer. It was through Shan that I met my first husband Del. He wanted to know who was the parent to such an active child in church. I mentioned that Shan have no problem speaking her mind. Let me give you an example. One time there was this lady. Let’s call her lady X. Lady X would always come over to have lunch with our family. When she came over, she would sit nearest to my husband at the time. Rather than sit on the sofa she would sit on the chair arm next to my husband. Shan, who was around 10 or 11 at the time said to her: “don’t you think it would be much better to sit in the chair?” Shan knew I did not like anyone sitting on the armrest. Even at such a young age she was perceptive. One day, Del told me that Shan turned to Lady X and said, “don’t you think you should leave because my mom is not here.” From that day, Lady X never returned. We have a saying back home: show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are. Shan didn’t have much friends from ever since. If you can’t uplift her or teach her anything or have good morals then she didn’t want you around. Shan have two Trinidadian friends from since high school, BJD and Nattydread. It warms my heart how much those two have been there for my daughter. I really like how much they have grown and even though they are all in separate states they keep their friendship going. She is very very loyal to her friends and I admire that. Now she have two more friends, Jamaicans this time. Nikole and Ms. Royalty. Ms. Royalty a my likkle friend. I like how she rolls. Even though the other two are a phone call away, I’m glad that she has these two who are a train ride away. Shan chooses her friends wisely and I like that. Shan doesn’t only look out for me and her friends. She looks out for strangers as well. She has a kind heart and always willing to help. I would call her to help a coworker and she would stop what she’s doing and help. If it requires her to come to my house, she would find time and meet whomever that needs the help at my house. It never fails. All I have to do is call and she’s there to help. No one is off limits for her to extend her kindness. I love you Shan. Happy Birthday! I am very proud of my daughter. She doesn’t have my shyness and I couldn’t be happier. She is a woman of her word, the woman I always wanted her to be. She is reliable, honest, strong willed and well-tempered. She has achieved so much at such a young age. She is much better off than me. I know I’ve done a beautiful job raising her. And she is doing an amazing job at being a beautiful, successful young lady. There is nothing more I can ask of her other than beautiful grandchildren one day. Lol. I am very proud to be Shaniquea’s mom. –Mumsie. Awwww mommy that was beautiful!! Next up: I once met a little miss at church. Bright eyed, fair of face, punctual to her commitments week after week. I looked up on her with an outreaching heart, a heart of love, and not knowing that you would be emplaced in my jurisdiction and care. Very soon you were mines. I gladly accepted, making you my eleventh child. Who was that child? It was you, Shaniquea Davis. I watched you thrive and strived, slowly but truly moving upwards to maturity, picking up all the pieces of a puzzle and affixing them in their rightful slot to complete a work of art (meaning your achievements). I’m proud of what you have achieved thus far and I know that the pursuant of a higher level of pursuance will come forth. We are at the opposite ends of the distance miles but the connections are unbroken and unbreakable. May you enjoy the bliss of happiness and joy as you mature in what you always love to do and may the grace of God be with you, upon you, ever and always. Love love love. Del *** Okay. So here is my two cents. You are a people person, and I do not mean that in the way it is commonly applied. You are a people person in that you look out for the people around you, be they in your immediate circle or not. If someone is having issues and you know what they have to do, when they have to do it and how, you share it. You even go and look it up for them sometimes (depending on the person of course because you don't have time for every Tom, Dick and Harry). You do not hoard information. You share to the best of your abilities, and I love that about you. You don't discriminate. Now I know people have been "harshing your mellow" recently (that's right people, I said it, get over it!). But do NOT let them change this about you! They are soooooo not worth it, and look how many people you have reached with your blog!!! Keep it up! - Nattydread *** Fearless, friendly, go getter, savvy...those are the few words that come to mind when I think of SHY. Also the fact that she is an absolute contradiction to her moniker. If she was one of my students she would have gotten our acclaimed "GRIT award," for her perseverance. There are few people I know who has been through what she has and is still whole; mentally, spiritually and emotionally. In those ways, I am envious of her tenacity, her guts, and determination. I sometimes refer to her as my "headhunter," you want something done, she will get it done. So to the Ultimate Hustler, who will continue to be the successful strong sister role model that I see her already as. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Cheers to that *glass in the air* - BJD *Raise your glasses everyone* Here here! Next up: Well what I can say about my time with Shaniquea Davis? It will always be memorable, from since the first day we started talking, I was always so curious as to how this person had me talking back to her when I’m generally so shy. That's because she was a very interesting person. We first met online and had an ongoing conversation that seems to go on and on, one of my longest with a girl. When we met we were inseparable, she actually didn't want me to leave, so I can see why she was always by my side during our time together. A very strong loving person and a lifelong partner. She never made me feel like she was untrustworthy. She will do a lot for the ones she care about, can be very jealous sometimes, it depends on certain things in her relationship, but it was reason enough. Loyalty is defined by her love for you, but she don't share her favorite wine at all...lol. A woman that is a good friend as much as a great love. A woman of great beauty with such a pretty smile. It was wonderful to had put that smile on your face on your 21st birthday on that yacht. It was the least I could do. I recall how amazed I was at how much planning it took when you took me to Tavern on the Green for my birthday. Thanks for showing me so much of New York that I had not seen. Did I mention that you make a great wife to someone lucky guy some day? You are a very loving person. Happy Birthday Shy!- Kenny *** I know your birthday is coming up and I wish I could help to make it special just as you. You have come into my life offering your friendship and unwavering kindness not only to me but also to my family. You are an inspiration to others who seek to build friendships and to appreciate and celebrate life. I thank you for all the things you've shown me through the years, all the times that you were there I am grateful and for whatever brought us together. You are a good friend. You crack me up with laughter and touch my heart with your kindness you go the extra mile to help others in need. I admire you. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. I appreciate our connection. You are an inspiration you grasp for what you want and by all means do all that you can to attain your goals. You are bright and intelligent and have talents that you seek to shine from within. – Ms. Royalty * blushes* Sips wine. Here we go, Shaniquea Davis what can I say about her? She’s a beautiful, kind, gentle, loving person except when she gets mad. I met her about 4 years ago and it was love at first sight. We met at a night club. She was sitting there beautiful as ever. I was nervous and intimidated but I knew she was going to be mines, she just didn't know it yet. She was shocked at how persistent I was. The thing is, when you find someone that you're that interested in you don't let them go. She was the one for me and our three years together were wonderful. She was there for me emotionally and physically. I was also there for her. She tells me I'm the one who showed her what love is but I think it’s the other way around. She's a true friend that I would die for!! Believe it or not I can’t do without her. Even though we are no longer together we still stay in contact with each other. We will forever be a part of each other’s lives. She is a true friend. She will always be there for you in your time of need to lend an ear or a shoulder to lean on. She is more than a friend she is family. – Marshall [*dabs eye with napkin. Trying my best not to ruin the artfully done makeup that Nikole did*] WELL WHERE SHOULD I BEGIN......FIRST OFF HAPPY BIRTHDAY! THATS ALSO VERY FUNNY CUZ WE SHARE THE SAME BDAY...IM NOT TOO BIG ON FANCY WORDS SO HERE GOES...YOU MY FRIEND ARE, BY FAR THE MOST RANDOM PERSON I KNOW! THOSE MESSAGES CATCH ME OFF GUARD ALMOST EVERY TIME BUT THEY ARE USUALLY A GOOD LAUGH. YOUR WANTING TO TRY NEW THINGS IS AN INSPIRATION TO ME. OH I MUST WARN ANYONE READING THIS DO NOT CROSS THIS CHICK CUZ SHE WILL FLIP FROM SOFT N SWEET TO MONSTER IN 10 SEC FLAT *CAR SHOW* INSIDE JOKE LOL..ANYWHO ENJOY YOUR BDAY AND MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU....YOUR BDAY TWIN WALLY [LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO @ Car show comment. Definitely inside joke. Let’s just say my Jamaican accent came out and that’s NEVER a good thing. *sips more wine*] Next up: I love your go getter attitude and ability to tackle any and everything that you put your mind to. Your ability to daydream, is a childlike innocence that I admire. Your loyalty is beyond words, and I am grateful to have you as a friend. – Nikole *big smile* Hmmm...Where to begin where to begin...First off lemme start by saying happy birthday to one of my most favorite people in the world!!! Much love and respect for you! Throughout the time I've known you, I've grown closer and closer to you each day...and no matter how shitty I feel you never seem to fail to pick me up out of that slump. You've been there for me through the best of times and the worst of times and I love and appreciate you so much! A time that sticks out in my head that is funny now that I think back is the time that you and I were sitting in your house with a couple of your friends and we were drinking and having a good time playing cards and just laughing like big kids lol then I went to use the bathroom……anyway I won’t go into details but I have one word for you: handprint! It’s fun to look back on good times as well as bad times we've had but nonetheless we are still here and our friendship is stronger than ever. Once again I love you to no end and I wish you a happy happy birthday, a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!! Much Love, Britton Out!! [*GULPS wine*] I can't remember the day we met but I do know how. It was on an internet radio show on ustream by our mutual friend Dj Wally Black. The chat room had no faces, we couldn't see each other all I knew was that there was a funny, smart and very interesting person behind the name Shyescaflowne. The name itself drew me in….what does it mean, where did she get that name, is it her real name? lol. She had no Facebook or any social media account, It wasn't really her interest to have one. She loved to read and we had mutual interest so conversations were easy. A friendship was about to begin. We exchanged numbers and since then I had a friend ready to listen or just ready to talk to when I needed to just hear a voice. Shy you have given me advice and guidance in many ways. Not by telling me what to do but by telling me what you have done. I was privileged to help you start your blog and now everyone has the same opportunity as me to learn from your experiences. I know your future is a beautiful bright one hun. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Happy Birthday Shy this year had its ups and downs but it’s another year under the belt and I wish you many more to come. Ryan U. Safann *deep breath* Don’t start crying. Nikole is eyeing you. Don’t ruin the makeup! *drinks water* Next up: I heard about you before I met you and when I got introduced to you I saw why Jason bragged about you so much ...he said her name is Shy and she is just as shy as me ....but he forgot to mention how AWESOME you are. I can't tell you how much your friendship means to me ...you welcomed me like I was your long lost sister and that touched me more than you will ever know ....as our friendship grew I realized that you are not just an ordinary friend ..you truly are extraordinary ...you ALWAYS made me feel like I mattered to you and what I said to you was important ...and I truly respect you for that Shy ...when I saw you last year rollin your bamsie on Wally's show I was like ...yessssss my sista got some skills too ...but how is she shy and doing that?? talk about things that make you go hmmm ...lol ...I remember when you told me you was starting a blog page ...I thought ...hmmm this should be interesting indeed ...when I read the first blog I was truly surprised that you opened up your loving and warm heart to those of us who know you and those of us getting to know you ....Shy you have no idea how much your blogs have helped me deal with things I NEVER get to speak about ...I find you to be one of THE most fascinating, loving, open, respectful, beautiful and talented ladies I have met in a long time. You have never judged me and it’s like you know when to call me. There have been a few times when I was sitting in my bed crying because I'm so depressed and I have no one to talk to and out of the blue you text me and I start spilling my guts ...without realizing it you LITERALLY saved my life Shy and I truly love you for that ....when I read your blog on how you wrote your sister a letter telling her how you felt ....I cried ....when you wrote about your trip to Trinidad ...I cried ...you wrote about how those guys would laugh at you when you jogged but you NEVER gave up ...I cried ...I loved this last blog on LOVE ...the song you chose (well you and Ryan chose) was perfect and the way you expressed yourself and the break down of the lyrics of the song really made me appreciate it even more ...I cried like a baby and before I could call you I had to compose myself because I knew you would be like ...I wish she would stop crying because I can't understand a thing she is saying ....lol ...but it's things like these that make me so bloody grateful to have to you in my life ...you're my therapist ...my teacher ...my leader ...my friend ...but most of all I think of you as my sister ...because you get it ...you truly do ....if I die tomorrow the one thing I will thank God for is YOU ...there will NEVER be another like you ...you may not think your perfect ...but you are PERFECT for my life ...and as you birthday approaches I wish I could write all these wonderful things to you on your page ...but just know this is how I feel ...I'm proud of you ...I love you to bits ...and I truly can't wait to meet my sister ...love you babes ....have a blessed evening ...lots of love ALWAYS Carlene a.k.a. "Shortlegs" [Sorry Nikole *Crying. Makeup is ruined* I NEED PUFFS! Lol *big hug to Legs* *drinks water while Nikole salvages makeup*] Please tell me this is the last person. I can’t manage. Last but certainly not least: It hasn't been a long time since I've known Shan but it seems like we've been in this since the beginning, from trying to decide which color box of puffs tissue is best suited for a day of crying to me getting drunk for the first time ever. I love her with all my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye (yes I took it back to grade school). But seriously she gets me and I get her. Our friendship is based on understanding and no expectation except mutual respect. Love you boo - Alicie *HUGE round of applause everyone* Thank you everyone for taking the time out to read this post. You could be doing something else right now but instead you chose to be with me. I would like to thank every single person that shared the memories they have of me. I asked these individuals last week if they would do this and if they wanted to that they had a deadline of December 19th to get it to me so I can put it all together into this post. Each time my phone buzzed with a new email or message I was nicely surprised by what I read. Sometimes we wait until it’s too late to tell the ones we care about how we feel and reminisce on the good times and laugh at the bad times. The best time to share ones feelings is now when the person is alive, healthy and strong. That wasn’t the reason why I did this but as the messages came in I realized how true it is. Tell those that you care about how much you care. Life is too short! It’s been amazing reading all these things. Little ole me have really truly influenced all these people? But why am I shocked? I know that I am an inspiration which is why I started this blog. However, like I mentioned before I’m a humble person so at times things tends to slap me right in the face without warning. It truly, truly warms my heart to know that I’ve really been such a good daughter, step daughter, friend and lover to all these people. I’m so grateful to know each and every one of you and I can’t wait to one day meet all you readers. I’m filled with gratitude that the Lord God Almighty has shown me over and over my life purpose. When I’m feeling blah, I know I’ll return to this post and it would be the pick-me-upper I’ll need. Many thanks to the thirteen folks that participated. *Bows* Thank you so much for all your kind words. Like I mentioned, I’m heading to Atlantic City and I just took a moment to post this. Please enjoy your weekend and you have my permission to TUNUP (Jamaican slang for get wild, get crazy, or extreme excitement) all weekend long. I’m about to pour me some Jack Daniels Honey with gingerale and hit the road. Nah I’m not the one driving. Nuff love! Nuff Respeck! Stay Blessed!! Shy

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