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Atlantic City, Bday Weekend Photos

Seeing that I have some energy I said let me post some pics of my birthday weekend. As you know I went with Shawnie and Greg and Greg’s friend C and his girlfriend Lana. I had a really good time and I’m thankful to Shawnie for that. We ended up hitting the road late which was entirely my fault but she’s not afraid of the road and so we got there in like an hour and half. We stayed at the Golden Nugget and thankfully the pics on their website were truthful. The room was very modern and comfy. I swear I need a king size bed in my life. So much room to roll! I shared the bed with Shawnie and Greg and C and Lana brought an air mattress. So three ladies and two men with one bathroom. Not as bad as it may sound. It was really really fun. We went down with ten bottles and only one made it back. We had Ciroc, Jack Daniels Honey, three bottles of wine, Barcardi, you name it and we had it. The first night we stayed in and played ‘I’ve Never.’ You know that game? She had a deck of cards for it but if you don’t have the cards you can just make stuff up. The game is like this: You pick up a card and it may say something like, ‘I’ve never had a one night stand’ and If it’s true you don’t have to take a drink and it’s not true then you have to take like 2 or 3 shots. Whatever the card says. It’s my second time playing this game and I’ve learned my lesson…I’m going to start lying. The amount of bloody shots I had to take. Nah, chill, I’m lying next time. Then I hated when Greg got a blank card which means you make up your own rules. So he would make up something silly like every time he blinks we have to take a shot. LOL! Madness!...Yes he really said that and no we didn’t do it. We went through the whole deck. Like 90 cards in there and we went to bed like 4:30am Saturday morning.

I’m an early riser so I was up at 8am plus Lana’s alarm went off so I would’ve been up anyway. I took the opportunity to hit the shower first and slowly the others started waking up. I went down for breakfast. The breakfast buffet was $16.04. For $16.04 I had an omelet, turkey sausage, bread and plantains. That would’ve cost me like $5 at the café at work. The options they had were very little but I’m not going to lie the omelet was delish. The chef made it right in front of you. Still wasn’t worth $16. I understand it was a buffet but that’s all I ate so to me I paid $16 for an omelet. Moving on. The others decided they would wait till lunch to eat and Greg was told there was a buffet place near the Resort hotel for $11. We hopped in the car and parked near the Resort and went hunting…there was no buffet. We went inside to check and were told that there’s no buffet. Closest buffet is at the Ballys hotel. It was a BEAUTIFUL day out so we walked the boardwalk alllllllllll the way to Ballys. Got to Ballys and were told that it’s closed and that it’s now at the Caesars. At this time everyone was starved except for me. We walked further down to Caesars. Got there and we were told that it was $42 EACH! I didn’t even have time to be shocked. I did an about face and was outta there. When we all got off the escalator we started chatting about the madness. I mean seriously. $42?! EACH!?? You HAVE to be crazy. You better have lobsters, oysters, clams, and 24oz steak as buffet options for that bloody price. Let’s just say they became very appreciative of The Golden Nugget’s $16.99 lunch buffet. By the time we walked allllllllllll the way back to the car and drove back to the Nugget I was hungry so I chowed down with them.

When we got back to the room we chilled for a bit. Watched some movies and having three girls in a room means that we were the commenters. We noticed everything! Then there was some pillow fighting. Lana was a bit sick but she really was a trooper. She didn’t hamper our fun and she was game for everything. The guys did hookah by the outdoor pool and Jacuzzi. I went down to do it but it was waaaayyyyy too cold Saturday night to stay and do it. I went, said hi and ran back upstairs. We decided we’ll hit the club that’s in the hotel and I’m glad we did. Club Haven. It was POPPING!! No soca, no dancehall but that’s okay. We played all that in the room before we went down because we knew we weren’t going to hear it. Got there and the female dj did her thing. The place was PACKED! They had girls in sexy Santa costumes in harnesses and on tables dancing. They even made it rain!! I got $2. I would’ve gotten more but I didn’t think it was real so I didn’t bother then by the time I realized it was real, it was too late. Shawnie got $6. Even though we had drinks in our room, C bought me a drink. I still don’t know what it was but it tasted really good. I loved, loved when C and Greg acted stupid and danced together. I was close to tears. I like seeing men act silly all in good fun. Shawnie, Greg and I left the club around 3-ish. C and lana came up not long after. We were asleep by 4 something. I was up by 8 something again. This time Shawnie was up before me. She started packing and I just did not want to move. I eventually hit the shower, went down for breakfast and went back up to pack. All too soon it was 12pm and it was checkout and we were hitting the road. Doesn’t sound like we did much but I had A LOT of fun. There were so much laughter and that’s all I need. I’m very simple. Staying home and chilling can be more fun to me than going out and doing stuff. We didn’t go down with a plan, we did everything by ear and it worked out and I had fun. Thanks Shawnie, Greg, C and Lana for making my birthday weekend the bomb! I won’t forget it. Enjoy the pics folks. Don’t I look hot in that red dress? I was totally feeling myself! Love ya! Happy Holidays! Stay Blessed.

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