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Happy New Year (I can still say that right?)

Well HELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO sweetums! Happy New Year!!!! Yes, yes I know I’m mad late, but better late than never right? Right! I’ve been super busy. A lot has happened during the month of December. Before I dive into that, look around…how do you like the changes to the site? Check out all the tabs. Even the mobile view is different. My nephew was bugging me about some things that irk his nerves about the site. I completely agree with him but unfortunately I cannot change a lot of things on here. While I was toying around with my options when I got the vaps (Trini term for a boost of energy) to make some other changes. While I was on the phone with Ryan relaying my nephew’s concerns I decided to take advantage of him being on the phone with me and help with the changes. Hope you like!!! *cheesing* I LOVE IT! Tell me what you think. I would like to acknowledge *hands over chest* that I do feel your pain of all the scrolliiinnnngggg you must do while reading my blog via your mobile device. Trust me, I feel your pain. Unfortunately there is no way around that. The most I can suggest is on the right hand side where it says archives, click the month you would like to be in and only the blogs for that month would be on the page. That should shorten how much you see on a page. It won’t shorten the amount of scrolling for that particular blog but it’s a start. Lol. I am considering adding a search engine on the site so if you would like to re-read a blog and don’t remember what month it’s in, you can quickly find it. In the meantime you can use the search feature on your mobile device or ctrl +F on your desktop. Just bare with me because some additions cost.

Now, let me give you a quick rundown of December. Hunnnnnyyy, let me tell you, I had a great month. It started off by celebrating Alicie’s birthday the first week of the month. She decided she wanted to go pole dancing and then dinner. Yep pole dancing. Imagine these thick thighs around a pole. SMH! I did have fun. It was myself, her coworker, her sister and our girl E. Then some of her other friends showed up to dinner. Mannn I had so much fun. Then there was the night that Alicie and E came over for some drinks after one of our finals. It was brutal and all we could think of was having a nice glass of wine and relaxing. Well I didn’t see the point of paying $15 for a drink when I had bottles at home. So off we went to my house. The time escaped us and they decided to spend the night. SLEEPOVER!! We finished three bottles (or was it four?) of my favorite wine (Asconi). Shhh I don’t think Alicie wants you to know this, but Imma tell you anyway…*beckoning you*come closer, let me tell you what happened: home girl got drunk. OMG!! It was the funniest thing ever. It was her first time getting drunk and she pointed out that I should feel honored that she got drunk in my home. *beaming* *feeling honored* Doesn’t sound funny but it was totally funny.

Another fun thing was for my last class of Asian Philosophy our professor invited the class (only half of the class was able to make it) to Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy in Chinatown. It’s one of the oldest herbal pharmacies on the East Coast. It has been catering to the Chinese medical community for forty one years now. It’s currently owned and operated by a fourth generation Chinese herbalist. After a private tour of the store he took us to the famous Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown to get our gurb on. If you haven’t been, GO CHECK IT OUT! Real traditional Chinese cuisine. No chicken wings with French fries there. I tried a lot of new things. I had me some bean curd with spinach, spicy clams with black bean sauce, chicken rice cakes, scallion pancakes *mouth watering*, shrimp noodle soup, eggplant with garlic sauce, Sake (I didn’t know that you’re supposed to drink Sake warm. Learn something new each day), and a Chinese beer, Tsingtao, that tasted like Heineken. Let me tell you we had a blast. Food everywhere and it was so cost efficient for the quality of food. Yum!

Then my birthday came and we know what I did. Then for Christmas I went to Vincilona’s house and stuffed my face and had a couple of drinks. I had a second stop to make so I couldn’t drink too much. Cool part about being there was seeing her set a cake on fire. I don’t remember what’s it called but it was a sight. The other super DUPER cool thing that happened was that I got to spend time with my nephew and niece. WOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOT! Yall know how much I love him and cherish every moment that I get with him. WELL, the Lord has heard my prayers and He was like I’m going to send him your way for some time. By some miracle my sister was like hey, you want to go by your aunty go, go spend some time with her. Well he’s technically been with me since after Christmas and I’m soaking in every single second. He has only been in the country for a year and with school he hasn’t had much of a chance to explore so we’ve been doing some tourist things and just enjoying chilling. What has been even more amazing is that he’s into a lot of the things I’m into. Like meditating, Reiki, bodywork, crystals and other metaphysical things. In the mornings or whenever I’ll say would you like to meditate with me and he’s on board. We’ve went crystal shopping and we even read The ChrystalHealer together in one night. I had a moment in which I reflected on 2013 and it had its ups and downs but thankfully there were a lot more ups than downs. I finally found myself in Trinidad, I found my true calling and changed career goals. I was introduced to Tony Robbins who changed my views on several things in life. I plan on revisiting those cds again this year. With the encouragement of a few people I started a blog and Ryan was right by my side getting it done. Let me rephrase that. Ryan was on the computer getting it done. LOL! Poor me had not one clue how to get started and what’s worse I had to create a Facebook account and he did all that for me. *palm to palm, bows* Arigatou (thank you in Japanese) my friend. I started my book, which I’ll be restarting (blah don’t ask). I experienced Dance Africa and already have the cost of tickets in my budget for this year. I’m preeing (Jamaican term for looking/watching) the website for when tickets go on sale. I also increased my spending budget for the African Bazaar *rub hands together* I can’t WAIT! I started my own mini business. I went paint balling, a water park, and Atlantic City all for the first time. Thanks to Vinciollan and her crew, Marshal and Vz, respectively for making that happen. Started my new school and met some wonderful people. Had a nervous breakdown…can’t forget that. LOL. A couple friendships deteriorated but I gained a couple and several lessons learned throughout the year. The number one lesson I learned was that each and every soul we encounter are placed in our lives to teach us a lesson. I knew this prior but that lesson really hit home this year for me. Then before I knew it, it was New Years. *sigh* I swore it snuck up on me. I was invited to a party and I went. I was pretty low key but I enjoyed watching others enjoy themselves. The New Year was actually pretty cloudy for me. Usually I’m pretty much prepared for the New Year, I would have my goals set and my mind ready but that didn’t happen. I stopped doing New Year resolutions many a moons ago, but I do write out a yearly goal. Well turns out that New Years was also a New Moon so I took full advantage of writing out my goals during my New Moon ritual. My mind was still foggy so I had to do some grounding exercises, meditation and got some crystals involved. That left me completely focused and I’m now ready to take on 2014. According to the Chinese zodiac, this year (Chinese New Year is January 31st) is the year of the horse which means a time to improve oneself and a year of success. I like to consider myself a W.I.P (work in progress) and so I look forward to more improvements within myself and for all the blessings to come. I want to thank you for being with me thus far and hope that you stick around in 2014 and I hope that you share me. I know you want to keep me all to yourself *blushing* but oh gosh you gotta share me. So tell your friends to check out this site. I wish you lots of blessings this year my friends. Lattas Blessings! Love Ya!


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