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30 Day Challenge Day 5 Part 2

Day 5 Part II Hi Lovely folks! Hope you had a great day yesterday. I had a good day. Although I was a bit #wotless (yes I spelled that right. If you’re unsure what that means you can find the definition in this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_P7xtZwqSk). So, I got to class early…wasn’t feeling it…left before the professor could come in and see me leaving. Yep #wotless! I got home, hit the shower and knocked out. I woke up around 1:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. My ears were ringing like crazy and I welcomed it. So at 2:30a I decided to just start doing my laundry instead of waiting for the alarm to go off at 3a. Remembering that I had 24hrs to complete the last part of the Tony Robbins assignment I got cracking in between loads. To refresh your memory, the last part of the assignment was to write one way in which you plan on getting a step closer to that goal. 1 year personal development goals. 1. Oprah: Not quite clear on how I would go about this but I decided to check her website to see if she’ll be in the NY area. She isn’t. Something else will come to me. 2. Learn to swim: I googled FREE swimming lessons and turns out I missed the registration for free lessons that NYC recreational parks apparently offers. It would be awesome if I could learn to swim or do something besides bouncing up and down by the time my vacation rolls around in August so I did some more searching. Ummm swimming lessons are expensive!! One site had a price of $1425, I clicked the ‘x’ button so fast, it wasn’t even funny. A celebrity must be teaching me privately for it to be that costly. I then looked into YMCA but was unable to load their website for whatever weird reason. I then found another site that offered lessons for $600. Not bad but not in the budget. I do have a year for this so I’ll keep digging. 3. Writing a book: I contacted a published author and she told me that she enjoy my journals and encouraged me to start a blog. *beaming* I thank all my friends and family members that suggested the same thing and has been encouraging. But it means a tad bit more hearing it from a professional. With that being said, I’ll have a blog soon (HERE IT IS!!! She suggested this on Friday and look…two days I have my own website. #playsnogames).

Top 3, 1 year Things goals. 1. HUGE closet- Do you remember the scene when Big showed Carrie her new closet? I’ll have that facial expression each time I enter my dream closet. The very first picture is what I’ll like my closet to look like. All my clothes laid out so that I can see it and it’ll be roomy enough where I can chillax and have a drink in there. Lemon zinger tea anyone? (sorry that’s all I have. Oh wait I see green tea. You’re in luck J) Doesn't that just look cozy? 2. Concert and plays: I would love to see the Lion King. Turns out my job offers discounts and the prices aren’t bad. The price range is $98-$179. I’ll actually like to see that this summer. I also looked up some concerts. I’ve never been to Madison Square Garden but Brooklyn is my hometown so I’ll like to go to the Barclays Center first. I checked their website and Beyonce will be there soon but tickets starts from $59.15 right up to $282.75. Ummm, yeah, so unless someone is giving me an early birthday gift then...right! Moving on. Soooooo, I don’t know how I got on a site that showed that Kes The Band and Benjai will be performing in Brooklyn, ticket is $35. Let’s see: the chance to see hot dreadlocks Trinidadian men perform…emphasis on the dreadlocks *swoons* I can see Nikole spritzing me and telling me to behave but I love me a dreadlocks man and it’s a bonus if he’s Trinidadian! Anyway, that concert seems more doable and I’ll look into attending that. 3. Bigger Tv: I looked into some Tvs and I think I would like an upgrade to one that’s anywhere between 40”-49” 1080p, LED, Smart Tv. I’ll have to go into a store to get the full effect of the different sizes. Surprisingly, they weren’t expensive at all. Top three 1 Economic goals. 1. $6000 NET per month: I was looking for the file I printed out months ago about blogging when I flipped past my Angel Reading Calendar and for June the first sentence reads: “You are truly suited to work for yourself. It allows you the freedom to better follow your intuition and Life Purpose.” Maybe by starting my own business and by blogging I’ll be able to bring in this $6000 per month or even more. 2. $3,000 in savings: Nikole showed me a plan that someone posted on Instagram where each week you save the corresponding week number. For example week 1 you would deposit $1. Week 2, $2 and your balance will now be $3. After she showed me this I thought it a brilliant plan to get some sort of savings going. I’ve shared this plan with some friends and I text them each Tuesday a reminder to make a ‘deposit.’ By week 52 we should have $1378. That means I’ll be $1622 short of $3000. However I’m confident when my business starts I’ll be able to accomplish the goal of $3000 in savings within a year if not more. 3. Start my mini business: I have to get my Reiki and Crystal Healing Certifications. I double checked the instructor’s website and it doesn't look like she’s back from the Amazon (I can’t WAIT to travel with her and help teach and perform all this healing. Notice I said Amazon. This means snakes. Hence why there’s a great need to get over my fear sooner rather than never. I’ll check again this week. That’s all folks! Have a Blessed and wonderful night. I’ll have the remaining days available soon. They are all in my notebook but I haven’t had the chance to type them up. I've been extremely busy with starting this whole blogging thing. Special thanks to my good friend Ryan Safann who brought this page and my Facebook page to life. Thanks hun!!!! *BIG HUG* Day 6 and 7 coming soon.

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