• Shy Davis

"There are only two speeds in the Bahamas. Slow and Stop"

Dear Diary, OMG, I had so much in Florida and the Bahamas that I couldn’t wait to come home and tell you. Before I dive into all that I just want to express how happy I am about my blog anniversary that passed on 4/26. I wanted to write something to my readers, thanking them for being with me for a year but I was in Florida and didn’t get around to it. Can you believe it? It’s been a whole year! I’m so grateful for my cousin, Ryan, and the encouragement of my besties to let it happen. I’m looking forward to many more years of writing and for even more readers. Let me tell you about my trip. It was four of us, Shawnie, Greg, G and myself. Remember G? I told you all about him some years ago. That fine ass specimen of a man with the locs with that walk from science class that I had a crush on. Wait, no, do you call lust a crush? I would wet myself back then just watching him. Yay, well, that guy. Yep I invited him. Marshall couldn’t make it and it was too much time off to take so early in the year for KD and it was too last minute for others, but G came through. Anyway my vacation started from Thursday when I flew outta work like a bat out of hell at 5:05pm. I came home and you know I’m a last minute packer. No Bueno for such an organized freak like me. However, I was a good girl and took out clothes that I thought I may want from Wednesday, so when I got home Thursday, I just packed. I was sure to drop my aquamarine crystal in my luggage. You know, it’s called a sailor’s stone. It’s good for crossing waters. I wanted to get a spiritual bath before travelling but didn’t get around to scheduling it with Ms. Royalty. Anyway, Shawnie and I had the same flight going, the others didn’t. Shawnie decided she wanted to try to get Greg on the same flight as us but when she called the airline, it was already full. Plan B was to go the airport at the crack of dawn and get on the 6am flight as standbys. The representative told her that it was free of charge and that there were plenty of seats on the 6am and 7am flights. As to not be back and forth to the airport Shawnie suggested I meet them there and us three get on the flight. This way we’ll just have to make one trip back to the airport. Ya, that sooooo didn’t happen. I woke up early and called Shawnie to make sure she was up and heading to the airport. I called over and over and her phone kept going to voicemail. At 3:30am I sent a text that if I didn’t hear from her by 4am, I’m taking my scheduled flight which was at a respectable decent normal hour of 10:47am. Well At 4, I was still unable to reach her so I climbed back into bed, put my phone on silent and put the phone face down on the nightstand. Then I started wrestling with my mind. My ego was saying that I should check my phone, while my intuition was saying to stay in bed and catch my original flight. My ego won and I saw that she responded at 4:04, that she’s on her way. I jumped up and called the car service to change my pick up time to now but they had no cars available. I ended up getting a local cab. Sighhhhh. Long story short, the cab came in 5 minutes and I was securely strapped in the SUV by 4:30 but ended up turning back because I forgot my charger. That turned out to be considered a stop and the trip ended up costing me $75. I wasn’t sure what type of phone G had and didn’t want to risk not having a charger and I certainly didn’t want to purchase one once I got to Florida. All the while in the car my gut kept saying I should be in my bed. Approaching the terminal at 4:55a I got a call from Shawnie saying that there’s a $75 fee for standbys. WTH?! Deep sigh. Well that wasn’t going to happen so we stayed at the airport till our regularly scheduled flights. Ours at 10:47 and Greg’s at 1pm. Sucks, but I wasn’t mad. I’ve learned that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Let me tell you, that aquamarine crystal was doing its thing for the entire trip. When I got to the airport the line to get through security was super-duper long. Also, when I peeped how small one’s personal item should be I got nervous. I had me a big Fredrick’s of Hollywood beach bag filled with shoes and other stuff that couldn’t fit into my carryon. Hey I like having options. Then I got even more nervous when security pulled a woman off the line saying her bag was too big and it was smaller than mines. I kept my eyes straight and asked my Celestial Team to make me invisible. LOL. Next thing I know, after two minutes tops of being online a female security approached me and I was like oh sh*t, but put a smile on my face. She asked me if I was travelling alone and I confirmed that I was. She pointed to the express line and told me to go on over. It was completely empty. WOOT WOOT! I thanked her and off I went to that line. I made sure my hair was did but I had a million and one pins in it. Last year was the same thing and they had to take me off the line and touch up my ‘do’ to make sure I wasn’t smuggling anything in my hair. Then they had to wipe me down with that cloth to make sure I had no chemicals on me that would make the plane go boom. Well none of that happen. I showed the nice lady my state id and electronic boarding pass and off I went. No shoes came off, no wipe down, no messing up my do, no putting my hands up to get scanned. Nada. Thank you Celestial Team and aquamarine for making that happen. The flight was smooth. I asked archangel Michael (overseer of all other archangels. The Big Man.) archangel Metatron (specialty is time wrapping and time management), and God to be with the wings of the plane and to have a smooth safe flight. I also asked my spirit guides and anyone from my Celestial Team to not make my ears hurt after takeoff or when we land. I love that I can ask them for anything. They are around to make our lives go smoother and all we have to do is ask. You see, they can’t interfere with our free will unless you’re about to die before your time then they step in. So I take full advantage of asking for their help and they truly enjoying helping. Nothing is too mundane for God and his messengers. Anyway diary, the flight was smooth. I slept, snored, and drooled all over my neck pillow. We landed on time and my ears didn’t pop. Shawnie and I went straight to the car rental to pick up the keys to our whip for the trip. Well, when we got there we met a nice pretty friendly lady. Shawnie did all the talking because everything was in her name and I did all the praying. When the woman pulled up the information she informed us that we were getting a Fiat. A Fiat???! Screw the commercials. Four adults with luggage cannot fit in a Fiat. I said a quick prayer for something to be worked out. After Shawnie explained that it was silly for the cruise line to book us a Fiat when there’s four people and I had my sad face on, she leaned in and whispered that she’ll upgrade us to a standard car but at the price of a compact. WOOT WOOT! That was an additional $250 for the seven days, that we didn’t expect but was willing to spend for comfort. The plan was to tell the men about it and split the cost but Shawnie and I are so funny about asking men for money and G had already paid his portion, plus I had to tell him about additional fees that we found out about on Wednesday. I didn’t want to go back to him and say hey, the cruise line messed up and now we have to pay $250 and split it. I bit the bullet on that and gave Shawnie $125. Off we went into a white Ford. I suck at cars so I have no idea what type of Ford. All I know is that it had leather seats, it was cute, and that Shawnie looked cool behind the wheel.

We arrived at the Ramada Hotel in no time. We walked in and we were instantly like oh hell naw. Why does it look like a baby was playing with paint and just painted the insides all sorts of colors? SMH. We first had to get our welcome packet for the Bahamas Celebration cruise line from Guest Services and then check in. The line was long and I really don’t have patience with that sort of thing. Anyway, we got to the rep who looked bored and tired who turned out to be a little under the weather and tired. Shawnie, always the outspoken friendly one started making jokes and we all were standing there laughing in no time. Well we ended up standing there for a long time because our rooms weren’t ready. I was getting aggravated so I sent up another prayer. Few minutes later the manger came over and apologized for the delay and upgraded us to a better room. This one had a view of the pool and she credited us a night’s surcharge fee. WOOT WOOT! Thank you Celestial Team. Got to the room and Shawnie immediately hit the shower while I found something to change into. Being in a black long sleeve shirt, black sweats, and sneakers in 91degree weather wasn’t cutting it. Because check-in took so long we had a short amount of time before Greg’s plane was due to land. As a matter of fact, Shawnie was still showering when he called me saying he landed. She ran out the shower and while she was getting dressed I took a quick bath. Off to the airport we went. After picking him up, we headed to Waffle House. I’ve never been and Shawnie had her tummy set on waffles with chocolate chips and syrup. Ewwww if you ask me. We pulled up, took a couple pics and went in. The waitress was flirting with Greg and I saw Shawnie giving her the look. I ordered a burger. Wasn’t feeling for waffles. Not going to lie though, after she put the butter and syrup on the waffle it looked so unhealthy but oh so good. She also ordered jalapeno biscuits and gravy. Again ewwww. She’s a Southern gal and knows all about that stuff. I took a bite though and it was de-li-cious! She found a hair in her waffle so she only ended up eating the biscuit and gravy. Then we took a much needed trip…to the liquor store which I of course with my lush self, noticed that it was right across from the hotel. We headed back to the hotel so that Greg can check in to guest services (each person had to show that they have a valid passport). As sooonnnn as we sat down G called saying he landed. He took an earlier flight. Back to the airport we went. Shawnie patted the car and said “it’s okay baby, I promise we’ll take you other places.” I didn’t mind because I was loving looking up into the sky. I noticed the sun rays just beaming through the clouds. It was spectacular. At least to me. We picked up G and it was off to Walmart for the three of them to pick up some stuff. I went next door to their liquor store for even more liquor. Diary, let me tell youuuu, liquor is CHEAP! I was so amazed at the prices. I love me the new Budweiser coolers. You know the lime-a-rita, mangorita, etc. It was $1.07 for ONE! I was in heaven. We had dinner at the hotel. I noticed a women on the line; slim, light skinned, with puffy natural hair. Two things I always notice instantly: women with their natural fro and men with locs. I commented how pretty she is to the others. I glanced now and again to see who she was with. Turns out she was with a good looking man with locs. I said to myself that it would be cool if our group got acquainted with them. We did later on. His name was B and hers D. Moving on, we had received free passes for a strip club and a buy one get the other drink off ½ off tickets from dude behind the desk but we were too tired to go anywhere. We stayed in and had a couple drinks and went to sleep. Plus Shawnie had a timeshare meeting at 9:30am and it was a 45 min drive away so she needed to rest up a bit. Especially since she didn’t sleep Thursday night. In the morning she decided to threaten us. She didn’t want to go alone, granted Greg was going with her, so she said if we don’t all go she won’t collect our boarding passes for the ship. I actually didn’t mind going because I’ve heard so many negative things about timeshares and wanted to form my own opinion. We got there and we had a cute white guy name David. He had blue/green eyes and he had a nice smile. The plan was to show that we weren’t interested so we could end the presentation and go to Miami Beach. We had our bathing suits under our clothes and was ready. Well I ended up being interested and was glad I had my shades on to block the daggers that were aiming my way from the other three. Here’s the thing: we really shouldn’t judge. We should always hear someone/situation out before making a decision. I’m glad I follow that philosophy. I give everyone a fair chance. I'm 99% successful at it. Even though the presentation ended up being 5hrs I learned A LOT! I understood why people say oh timeshares are bs. Actually they aren’t. Just like anything in life, if you don’t choose wisely you will suffer the consequences. For my lifestyle a timeshare would be PERFECT for me. I want to travel three times a year. If I purchase the high class package then I can go anywhere from the Poconos to yachting in Aruba to Dubai. I valued G’s opinion because he does a lot of business and he told me that the price they were offering was bs. Would you believe that we got them down from $24,000+ to $5k+. Well aint that summin. That tells me several things. Either way I was ready to buy. The monthly payment wasn’t bad and I know in a couple months things will be a tips better financially so I was willing to go for it. Plus they worked with me so my monthly payment wouldn’t start until two months’ time. David’s manger came over to talk about the financial part and boy oh boy his energy knocked me back. I started glaring at him and trying hard not to tell him a few choice words. His approach and energy was just so OFF. I was ready to leave. When he walked off to make me ‘think’ about things I turned to David and asked him if he would be the one I have to deal with when comes time to do the paperwork because no way I could sit with him long enough to do so. He assured me that he won’t be the guy and that the manager is getting married the next day and shouldn’t even be there. Good. After we got them down to $5k I was ready to sign the dotted line but I didn’t have that credit card with me. David said that a picture of the back and front would do. I hit up Nikole and she sent me a picture of it. Turns out that wouldn’t be good enough but they’ll figure something out. Went to the back and had to deal with an older white man. Again, the hairs on my body started standing up. He was putting me on edge but I like to give people a chance. Well he blew it. I didn’t like his tone, his attitude, his demeanor, nothing! G was in the back with me while Shawnie and Greg were in the lobby. They walked out on the presentation long before. At this time, although I liked David, I was getting aggravated. First you told me a picture of the credit card will do then it turns out it won’t. I got you down from $24k to $5k and although it was sweet I was a little uncomfortable. G and I didn’t see anything hidden but still. Then the manger’s attitude pissed me off and now this man’s attitude was annoying me. I felt like he looked down at the price and was annoyed that it was reduced so much and then thought to himself this little black girl is poor. That was the vibe I got and being black, it’s not my first time experiencing racism. I go through it from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Also, keep in mind I’m in the South sooooo ya. I bit my tongue. I needed to pay at least $200 that same day before I could say I now own a timeshare. So, I transferred $200. Then when I passed over my card he told me it’s $200.65. Nonono! You said $200! Not a penny more. Again that attitude of really $0.65? Then he took my id and asked if the address on there is my mailing address. I said no. He gave me another look as if to say I’m some fraud and THAT was the final straw. I said you know what I’m done. I’m outta here. Now there were other people in the room and eyes started turning our way. I’ve done business transactions several times, so I know with certain things if your mailing address doesn’t match your id you’ll have to provide additional documents. That’s all well and good. But the attitude and look just got to me. I asked for my documents and WOULD YOU BELIEVE that this man TOSSED my id across the room. Yes hunny. He TOSSED my id! G witnessed it. It went sailing across the room. The Blessed Savior was on my side because I wanted to choke him! He was getting up so I said a quick prayer and I calmly got up and said, “No don’t get it. I will.” To which he replied: “Don’t worry I wasn’t.” I’m sorry WHAT!? Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be THY name, THY kingdom come. I started saying the Our Father prayer in my head. I bent down and picked it up. By this time he was standing where I was picking up the card. So while I was bending down he was standing above me. OOOO that irked me! Why are you towering over me?! My hands shook a little and my debit card fell. I didn’t even pick it up. I stood up, back to everyone and walked out. I prayed G saw it and would pick it up. He did. I was walking quickly to the lobby face red, eyes turned to slits. I approached Shawnie and Greg and simply said: “Let’s go.” The look on my face and the tone had them scrambling to their feet. Then the man was calling after me loudly saying he needed the papers I walked out with. I turned around. He stopped with one hand outstretched. I gave him an evil smile and told him absolutely not. I ripped up the top portion that had my information on it to bits and dropped it in his outstretched palm, did an about face and walked out the lobby doors with the crew behind me. Shawnie was not happy about the scene because everyone was looking and as black folks in this day and age we know we are still looked down upon so most of us try to conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times. She didn’t appreciate the ‘ethnic’ scene. When I got in the car and told her what happened she was PISSED! Everyone in that car KNEW had I been white that would’ve NEVER happened! Who in God’s green earth gave you authority to TOSS my id card? Blessed Savior. SMDFH. I was fuming in the car. I text Nikole to send me some Reiki because I needed to calm all the way down and couldn’t feel straight to do it. Then I called Marshall but he put me on hold and that annoyed me. I text my Munchkin (my nephew) and between the Reiki Nikole sent and texting him I felt my heart rate slow down and the sky turning blue again. I was quiet while the others were talking about the day’s event and then I suddenly said. “Let’s go to the gun range.” So off we went.

G had mentioned wanted to get some shooting done and I was excited because it’s something on my vision board and semi bucket list to do. It was too late by this time to head to the beach and no one protested after I said it. We arrived at the range and this ohhhh so cute light skinned black man with light brown eyes greeted us. Too bad for me he was married or else I would’ve totally flirted. We were informed that, that location didn’t teach you how to use a gun. You have to already have experience or with someone with experience. G and Greg are experienced so we paired up. Shawnie was uncomfortable and didn’t want to do it, especially after reading the affidavit we had to sign which basically said we can’t sue if anything at all happens. Including if the gun turned out to be faulty. I wasn’t comfy with a non-licensed person teaching me, but had to put my trust in G and ask archangel Michael to surround us with white light for protection. I still asked the cutie if he could at least be in the room. He looked at us and told us that he could but the guy across the room wouldn’t allow it. Of course we asked why and take a huge guess why. Well diary, because we were black and he’s black and the guy is white. No helping the black folks when you have to tend to the front. Mind you he was doing absolutely nothing so he could’ve manned the front while cutie was in the back with us. I was DISGUSTED! This is some bull sh*t I thought in my head. Anyway he told us he’ll give us a sweet deal if Shawnie decided to do it. She took one for the team and we all signed away our rights. Huh, sounds familiar. Anyway, cutie suggested I start with a 25 Sig and so that’s what I chose. In the back G gave me lessons. After a couple of shots were fired Shawnie started to cry and Greg had to take her out. He left his gun and bullets for us to finish out. I’m not going to lie I was nervous as sh*t because these are REAL bullets. It’s a REAL gun and sh*t happens. G started to get on my nerves because after learning how to load my gun I wasn’t doing something right and I must’ve been making him nervous. I didn’t appreciate his tone so I put the gun down and told him he can finish mines and Greg’s bullets and I’ll just watch. He changed his tone and nicely told me not to be a punk and reminded me that I’ve always wanted to do this. I was much more receptive to that tone. You will get nothing out of me if you demand something, if your tone is demeaning or too authoritative. You get more with honey than lime is what my mama always said. I was a couple rounds in with the 25 when G suggested I switch to HK pistol. My aim was better *cheesing.* Then he had me use a Sig P229. Woieeee chilllleee! I was killing it! I think G was proud of me. Bigger gun better aim. I had a lot of fun and it felt soooooooo good to be able to go to my phone and cross off ‘shooting range’ off my list. Not to mention I couldn’t wait to put a check against it on my vision board. Shawnie did end up firing a couple shots more but that was it. It wasn’t for her. Again I know the feeling. I would be better off as a sniper. I went paintballing and I HATED IT! I really wanted to cry. However, when I went to the range to finish out my balls I was a good shot. Sneaking out of church on Saturdays to the arcade to play gun games paid off. After that we headed back to the hotel. I stayed inside for a bit to reflect on the day. I decided that what happened in the past is in the past. I was super disappointed about the timeshare and somehow somehow before next year I’m going to get into one. When you do the math it works out to be a HELL of A LOT cheaper. If I take three trips a year that’s around $4k where as I pay $5k to own, $700 a year in maintenance fees and $200+ a month to pay off the 5k. G had suggested that I hit up my Credit Union and get a better financing than the 17% APR that they were charging me, to which David had agreed with because I have good credit. I realized they were right because with my credit score I’m paying 9% on a loan I have with the Credit Union. *sigh* Anyway I collected myself and joined the others at the pool. Shawnie was teaching Greg how to swim and I was chilling in the lounge chair next to G. I was trying not to notice how darn sexy the man is. He’s tall and so solid and those bloody locs! Thank God for my shades and some self-control. I didn’t get into the pool. A pool I can get into any day. A beach in the Bahamas doesn’t come every day so I was saving my body for then. I made sure I didn’t change out my swimsuit though because there were threats flying around from Greg that he may toss us in the pool. So I alternated my attention among looking at the love radiating off Greg for Shawnie, the clear blue sky and G talking. Eventually we started discussing spiritual metaphysical stuff. I told him that I brought my aquamarine crystal. He never heard of it so I told him about it. He mentioned that he too bought a crystal with him. I can’t remember if it was a rose quartz or clear quartz. I think it was rose. Shawnie and Greg got out the pool where Greg and G got into a heated friendly discussion which had us girls rolling our eyes in mock annoyance. It was the first time G was meeting those two and it was my first time spending this much time with him outside of a class when I used to attend Medgar and a Reiki session, so I was glad how much we all meshed together. After the pool the consensus was to go to Golden Corral for dinner. Apparently it’s the best buffet ever. This according to Shawnie and Greg and I guess most of the population. I’ve never heard of the place and was willing to try anywhere. My goodness! The food was GOOD! It had SEASON on it. It was so good that Greg was bowing over his food, Shawnie was in a food coma and G was hooked on a waffle pudding. I didn’t overeat but my taste buds where happy and so was my tummy. I didn’t have the pudding but the others did. They said it taste like something your grandma would make adding a generous amount of love to it. They nicknamed it ‘Nana’s pudding.’ I think they had more than one serving of it and it just put them all over the edge. Smh. We headed back to the hotel tired from the day’s events and had a few rounds of drinks. Now in Walmart we each bought a cup that would be our personal cup for all the drinking we were planning on doing. We had purchased Pinnacle Vodka, Mango-ritas, Red Stripe beer, Jack Daniels, big ass bottle of Barefoot wine, 1800 Tequila and rum. We were ready to tun up! Now I got teased mercilessly because I was all for tunning up but because my tolerance for alcohol got lowered some months ago my version of alcohol tunning up differed from there's. Two, three mangoritas and I was good. I had a Red Stripe and couldn’t finish it. It tasted like water. I should’ve known better. Even though it was imported from Jamaica it’s just NOT the same. When I go to Jamaica it taste so much more different: much stronger and a lot more refreshing. So I didn’t finish it. Like I said I was called all sorts of names and teased for not drinking more things but hey I didn’t care. Morning came and I was told by G that I was a sheet hogger. LOL. I guess it’s true because I’ve always been told that. My thing is, if you want blanket then take. If in the middle of the night I realize I have no blanket then I’m yanking some. Not my problem if you aren’t grabbing some. G turned out to be like a mini electric blanket. His body temperature was so cozy. I do recall that the AC got a bit too cold for me so maybe that’s when I took more covers. We laid awake talking for some time before the others woke up. He told me that he’s really proud of me. He admires the courage I have to start over with school, the courage to put myself out there with my blog, the courage to be into all this holistic and metaphysics stuff and not caring a damn what anyone thinks. He likes how much different I’m being. It meant a lot to me hearing that and it warmed my heart.

It was time to check out of the hotel and head to the ship. Like I mentioned David was a sweety pie and he told us that they lied to us. We don’t need to be at the ship at 11am. The ship leaves at 6 so at the very least get there by 4:30 because we have to go through customs, register and all that jazz. He asked us if we were carrying alcohol and we told him we can’t, that it wasn’t allowed on the ship. Being the sweety pie that he was he gave us a tip. I won't write about it but it was a BRILLIANT idea! We still had to get rid of the beers. I was down for dumping it but wasting liquor is sacrilege! I’m slowly getting away from that mentality and I’m cool with it. If I can’t finish a drink then I’m not forcing it. I especially didn’t mind tossing the beers seeing that I was the one that paid for them but the others wouldn’t let me get rid of it. G suggested that I’ll be in their good graces if I drank two mangoritas and two red stripes. The rest they would split and finish. Deal! I ended up drinking two mangoritas and three Red Stripes because Shawnie didn’t like it. In my Walmart cup I had another can of mangorita, 1800 tequila, vodka AND wine. Needless to say I was beyond tipsy when we got to the ship. I kept it together though. Once we arrived I was a little worried about going through customs, but I made it without incident. YAYYY aquamarine crystal. We had a Club Suite room which wasn’t bad. It had a window, queen size bed and a sofa bed. G and I shared the sofa. Then it was off to dinner. Food was eh. Nothing to talk about and I retired to the room. I needed to be horizontal for a few. Sometimes when one drink too much they either throw up or do a #2. I hate throwing up so I was glad that I only did #2s. I was not prepared for the 5x I blew up the bathroom but hey, I needed to get it out my system. G came back and checked on me around 11p and I was a little better. By 1am I was ready to leave the room and explore. I ended up finding the men at the club. Then Shawnie joined us. Not many people where there and the dj wasn’t a dj. He was just playing music. However, we are very good at making the best of any situation.

Daylight broke and we were in the Bahamas! Oh.My.Word. Absolutely gorgeous. The ocean was so bluish/green. The grounds were well manicured and the sky extra blue. We had purchased a ticket for transportation from the ship to the Grand Lucayan for 10:30am and we couldn’t wait to get off the ship. At least I couldn’t. We hopped abroad the bus where we had a friendly driver. I could’ve done without the monologue but the other folks seemed to be enjoying it. One thing that he said that made an impression on me was: “ There are only two speeds in the Bahamas. Slow and Stop.” Sure enough I was wondering why he was driving so slowly and when I took note of the vehicles on the opposite side of the road they were going slow. Laid back much? Love it! This is th elife I want. Less hustle and bustle. We met a couple on the bus and we were talking about our horrible experience at the timeshare. Turns out that a majority of people who boarded the ship had to go through the whole timeshare ordeal. Their rep told them that if they didn’t stay, they would be charged $1600. Can you believe it? *sigh* The four of us ended up having a discussion about how expensive having children are. G has two beautiful girls and told us a bit on how much he spent on them right before the trip. Madness. Then he said something profound. He said that they cost a lot but it’s worth it. That watching them grow up and knowing that who they are becoming is part of his doing makes it worth it. I instantly thought of my nephew. He’s been with me for some time now and I do smile when I see how his vocabulary and views towards certain things and several other things have changed and I know that it’s a direct result of me. It’s like boom, I taught him that! Something for me to think about. Not sure if it’s 100% worth it but it will definitely let me look at parenthood as a tips more beneficial. When we pulled up to the Resort I noted how much it looked like a ship. I knew this prior based on my research but I wasn’t prepared for it. Although my friend had been there and told me the pictures of the resort doesn’t do it justice I still wasn’t 100% in believe mode. But wow! Very nice. The hotel lobby was warm and welcoming. The décor top notch. It is a 4.5 star resort. When we went to check in we found out we were in a standard room with an island view and that it was ready. That was both good news and bad news. Good news because check in was at 3p and we were there at 11am and bad news because Shawnie had upgraded us to an ocean view with two king beds and we had all chipped in for that. Well at this point we were ready to just check in and start enjoying this gorgeous resort with the beach just steps away. Shawnie figured she would just deal with the issue once we got back to the States. Got to the room and although it was very, very nice we couldn’t stay. There was only one bed and our ‘island view’ was just of a very large coconut true blocking the view of the ocean and a 180 view of the grounds. Shawnie went back to handle that. G and I decided to explore the area, more specifically head to the market place for some food while that was being sorted out. My friend highly recommended the restaurant ‘After Deck’ and so did the bus driver. Supposedly their snapper fish and conch was off the chain. They were all out of snapper so I ordered conch fritters and some other fish. I never had conch. I can’t say I like it or dislike it. We also had two Bahamamamas. It was okay. Nothing to brag about. After we ate we walked around a bit and headed back to the hotel to see if things we sorted out. It wasn’t. I already had my bathing suit under my clothes so I stripped and put on a cover up. I was a tips shy for having on a two piece. My first time in one. I mustered up some courage because there were people larger than I wearing two pieces. G was walking with me to the beach when we came upon a hammock. I told him I’ve never been in one. I’ve always been afraid I’ll tumble over. He called me a punk and told me to get in. I told him he should go first. He did and tumbled over. LOL! A worker was nearby and with the help of her and G I made it in safely. After snapping a pic of me he told me he would brb that he’s going to wash off his feet. Well 15 minutes later and I just couldn’t ignore the call of the water. It was calling my name. Now I know I write some pretty crazy stuff in here diary but I’m dead serious. I love the water so much. I really ought to learn how to swim but the fact that I can’t and nearly drown twice has never deterred me from always wandering into the water. The sand was hot so I made sure to put on my water shoes. Not only for that reason but I just always bring one to the beach. The water was so warm and welcoming on my skin. The sky so blue. Each wave washing over my skin felt like a greeting. The taste of the water not too salty. I stayed in the water facing the resort admiring its structure and the manicured grass, the coconut trees, palm trees, and little flowers all about. I looked at folks enjoying the pool bar. I heard music in the distance of the other bar by another pool. Then I turned around and just starred at the vast ocean. I watched people parasailing. I noted the jet skis that jetted by occasionally. But most of all I noted just how absolutely beautiful the water was. My shoulders started to ease and I thanked God for a mostly smooth trip thus far. I had faith that everything will continue to work itself out and that this would be a really good trip. I got out and sat in the lounge chair to soak up some vitamin D. I had my sunscreen on of course, SPF 80. I took a couple selfies and headed back to the water. Spent another ½ hr in there, came back out, took more selfies and headed back to the room we weren’t going to be staying in. I ran into G on the way back where he chastised me for disappearing on him. Hehehehe. I told him after 15 minutes of not seeing him I figured he left. He said he wouldn’t have left just like that and that it wasn’t as long as 15mins. Maybe he was right. I wasn’t paying attention to the time and I kept feeling the ocean calling me. He told me he saw the others in the pool so we headed that way. I got in the pool and it was so nice and warm. We ‘peer pressured’ G into the pool. I called him a punk and told him that not getting his hair wet is a stupid excuse for not getting into the water. We tried pulling him in the pool but like I said the man is solid. Instead we splashed water on him while he was chilling in the chair watching us. He was making fun of the progress Greg made with swimming so we started teasing him that he should hush because he can’t swim. He insisted he could. We teased him and taunted him that he couldn’t. Well that did it for him and he got in the water and shut us all up. The man can swim! My eyes lit up seeing him wet. He had pulled up his hair but it got loosed and was nicely soaked. He complained about the chlorine and we splashed more water to shut him up. I tried not to stare at the water glistening off his upper body. My admiring his body was nothing sexual. I got over the crush I had of him years ago. Watching him didn’t bring heat to my loins but my eyes appreciated every inch of him. I wanted to run my hands all over him. *sigh* I’m so glad I can write all these thoughts down here in my journal. He’ll probably think I’m crazy if he ever found out my true thoughts. I have told him he’s sexy but left it there. But man oh man oh man. I wanted to back him up against the edge of the pool and touch everywhere and pull on his locs and just play with it. Twirl it between my fingers. *sigh* I’ve GOT to figure out what’s up with my obsession with locs. It’s not bad with women. But men? It’s darn bad! While in the pool B was walking by and we called him over. We chatted for a bit. A Spanish guy was playing some Spanish music loudly from his portable radio and Shawnie mentioned she would go dance with him so we dared her to and she sure did get out the pool and starting doing the salsa or whatever Spanish dance that was with him. A little close to 4p everything was sorted out. We walked in and let me tell you…we really got an ocean view. It stopped us in our tracks. We didn’t get king size beds. It was two full size beds but with that view we would’ve crashed on the floor. We hanged out for bit getting used to the room then showered and changed and it was time for food. We headed back to the marketplace and this time chose a restaurant called Agave. Their specialty is Latin cuisine. We took an outside table and we had a lovely hostess name Faith. She was very friendly and cool and put up with our antics even chiming in from time to time. At one point she gave us a round of complimentary shots and even had one with us. No clue what it was but we drank it down. Then there was a debate about macaroni and cheese vs macaroni pie. Well Shawnie is the only American at the table so we kept insisting it was pie because it was baked. Her argument that when one hears the term pie they think apple pie, pumpkin pie etc. Well G was feigning for some macaroni pie and so when Skyy our waitress came out we asked for macaroni pie. She looked confused and told his that she have macaroni and liquid cheese. We burst out laughing hysterically at that. Maybe it was the drinks we had. Maybe it was really funny. Whatever the reason we laughed and laughed and laughed. She watched us like we were crazy. We let her in on our debate and she informed us that in Bahamas they call it macaroni and cheese. Of course Shawnie was happy to hear that.

The next day it was food, souvenir shopping, beach and pool. Shawnie and Greg raved about some jerk wings they had at Batesman Restaurant. I stayed back when the others headed out. I just wanted a moment of solitude to enjoy the beauty of where I was. I sat in a lotus position on the floor enjoying the balcony view until my butt hurt from being on the hard floor. Then I moved to the balcony and sat on the chair. I soaked up some sun and enjoyed the music of the waves. Hunger started to bite me so I showered, put on a sun dress and headed to the market. First I picked up some souvenirs and then headed to Batemans to try these wings. They were so good! Very spicy! I ordered a yellow bird drink and saw G walking in the direction of the restaurant. I ran out to greet him. He ordered the wings as well. We chatted a bit and then left. For our last night on the island G insisted that we all wear all white. He mentioned this back in Florida and I wasn’t digging the idea. However, not to be a wuss I agreed after Shawnie and Greg were okay with it. G had invited the other couple and so we headed up to their room to get them. They weren’t ready and D was surprised that G was serious about all of us wearing white. We decided to head to Rum Runners at the marketplace for drinks and appetizers while we waited for them. When we got there G pointed out that the bartender looked like Dave Chappelle. The convo went like this: G: Tell me who you look like? Bartender *blank stare*: I don’t know. Who? G: Come on you have to know. Bartender: No. G: Dave Chappelle! Bartender: *still blank stare* Who is Dave Chapelle? Me: You know the comedian. The bartender burst out laughing and said he knows and was just messing with us. He says he gets it all the time. I ordered a rum punch that was missing the rum. G suggested I ask if it’s virgin and that bartenders usually get the message once you say that. I took his advice and sure enough more rum was added. I had me a nice little buzz! I ordered a burger and it was delicious! Well-seasoned and very juicy. As I ordered another rum punch I saw the couple approaching. We headed to Batemans to eat. They heard us raving about the wings and wanted to try it. It was our last night on the island so we wanted to make the best of it. Unfortunately it was a Tuesday night so we couldn’t tun up. We did have fun though. B is really animated and oldies was playing in the square. He got us all to get up and dance. He has this one signature move that I wish I caught on camera. I can't explain it, it's just something you have to see. Michael Jackson was played back to back consecutively and Shawnie was killing it. She broke out all the dance moves from MJ’s videos. At one point she even got on stage lip singing and dancing. Afterwards we went to a karaoke spot that turned into a club. Once again it was a Tuesday night and not crowded. That didn’t stop us from belting out tunes and dancing on the dance floor. After some time the couple decided to head back. Shawnie and Greg left and then G and I decided to bounce. He was still looking for something to do. We went back to the room where I changed my shoes to sandals. I told him I’m done for the night and that I’m going to take a stroll by the beach. He said he’ll come and dared me to go skinny dipping. I had not a problem with that dare because I was already thinking about it. I went back to the room for a towel. We passed Greg and Shawnie in the pool while heading to the beach. Once we got there I was ready to strip when he admonished that he don’t think it’s a good idea. I gave him a look, shrugged and decided not to do it. He headed back to try and find a room party and I found a spot to enjoy the ocean breeze. I was missing my nephew so we started chatting courtesy of the resort’s Wi-Fi. I felt better after catching up with him and headed back to the room. Shawnie and Greg were already back and G came back in not too long after me. I retreated to the balcony. I just couldn’t get enough of the sounds of the waves. G came out and joined me. We chatted about life and then he suggested I record the waves and I did. So relaxing. I did the same thing when I was in Jamaica couple years back. We contemplated sleeping right there on the balcony but didn’t. I don’t know his reason but mines was because we had no extra linen. Went to bed and morning came too soon. It was time to head back to the ship and back to Florida. I was very sad leaving the hotel. I spent most of my time on the balcony soaking in the scenery. I decided I would come back but no time soon. There are just too many places on my list to visit first. Once we boarded the ship the couple came to our room and we had a good time laughing and talking. B gave us plenty of jokes about his parents especially his mother. The funniest to me is that it doesn’t matter how old her children are she rolls up on them ready to fight and her line is: ‘Oh you thought I forgot!’ Forgot what? Apparently she’ll remember something from decades ago and just roll up on you ready to fight. It was hilarious when he reenacted it. We had decided to go to the fancy dinner which was a bust. We didn’t enjoy the food all that much. After dinner G roamed the ship and I stayed in and slept. Morning came and it was breakfast and off the ship. I got a lot of compliments for the shirt I wore. It read: I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right. LOL! Love it! We ran into the couple again while going through customs. They were still waiting for their car by the time we were through so I asked for a group photo. We had some hours to kill so we drove to Greg’s godmother’s job. G and I stayed in the car. After a while he got antsy and I got hungry. Right across the street was The Cheesecake Factory. I’ve never been….the food was really good. I had salmon, with mash potatoes and broccoli with three cosmopolitans. G had a turkey macaroni and cheese burger. It looked good and he said it tasted good. Shawnie and Greg joined us after but didn’t order anything. I had a red velvet cheesecake for dessert which was really moist and good. We still had some time to kill so we googled the closest theater and headed that direction. Shawnie and Greg saw ‘The Other woman’ and G and I saw ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier.’ Tickets were only $5.25. Can you believe it! It was only being played in 3D at that time and the ticket was $7.25. Meanwhile here it’s $14.50 for a regular movie. Madness I say, just MADNESS! The movie was good and it was time to head to the airport. Our flights were only minutes apart. Actually G got on an earlier flight so it made it only minutes apart. Sighhhh. I miss the Bahamas. I miss Trinidad and Tabogo. I miss Jamaica. I need an ocean view year round in my life. I’m excited more than ever to travel. So many places I want to see. St Kitts, St Lucia, Hawaii, Belize, Barbados, Grenada, Turks and Cacaos, Bora Bora and Aruba just to name a few. I know I’ll get there one day. The need to travel is too strong to ignore. I’ve even decided to move back to the Caribbean. Where? I don’t know yet. When? I don’t know. The matter of fact decision just came to me on Saturday. I know myself. Once I make up my mind about something, I set out to making it happen. I wanted to buy a house here but instead I’ll focus on relocating. I’m definitely finishing school and possibly starting up my business here and then move. I’ve met folks who haven’t been outside of the US or even NY. That totally sucks. One thing I know I’ll tell my readers at another time is that they should get out and explore the world. There are so many places and cultures to experience. If you always make money a hindrance then it will always be so. In 2012 I stopped making it a hindrance and instead willed it into existence. The means always finding its way of happening. Anyway it was good jotting all this down. I would share this to my readers but G reads my blog and I don’t want him turning red. Anyway it’s back to school and work this week. I need to go and do something about this hair, there’s sand in it. Oh and I just want to say, thank you God.

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