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100 Gratitudes Part Deux

Howdie!!! If you're reading this then that means I'm in Jamaica. Thank you Ryan for posting this for me. I hope your day is going well. Mines is :-D. Okay, so as promised here is part two of four. Shall we continue?... 26. What: Sparing my life 29 years thus far (today is my birthday 12/20). WOOT WOOT!!! Why: Thank you Jah for another year on mama Earth. I look out at the beautiful sunrise and know that's all You. I'm grateful to be spending this joyous day on this beautiful island of my birth. I know there's plenty more to be done and I'm grateful to be of service. 27. What: Working at my current job. Why: My bills have never been late, my rent is always paid on time and I don’t go to sleep hungry. Working here has also reinforced how not to treat people. I’ve learned that your job should be something you’re passionate about. Once you have that passion then it just becomes doing something fun and being paid for it. I believe the biggest lesson of all, is that it stripped away my mentality that in order to survive I must work for others. I was always told I would be a good entrepreneur but never believed it because I was brainwashed (majority of us were) into thinking that in order to make a $1 I have to work for someone else and that just isn’t correct. 28. What: Attending PCOM. Why: My bushy tail and wide eyes are never disappointed when I go to school. I’ve been exposed to acupuncture, cupping, shiatsu, tui na, tai chi, herbs, essential oils and several other things that just resonates with me. 29. What: Mini business. Why: It has shown me what others saw along that I didn’t see within myself. I was brained washed into thinking that I can only survive by working for someone else, while a selective few would tell me I would make a very good business woman. Starting my own little mini business has shown me that I’m prepared to go full throttle. 30. What: Trip to Trinidad and Tobago. Why: Now y’all knooowwwwwwww I love me some Trini people. My first time to Trinidad was last year when Marshall took. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the energy I felt once I landed. I also liked Tobago a lot. So much so that I’m contemplating retiring there. Sometimes you meet people and go places and these events occur to help you along your path. 31. What: Trip to Dominican Republic. Why: It was an all-girls trip and that trip was a baptism of Nattydread, Mell and myself friendship. We were of course close but that trip brought us even closer. The chords that keeps us together feels renewed and stronger and I’m grateful for that. 32. What: MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) Why: Because it’s always going my way. 33. What: Living in the basement. Why: Now after I left behind god’s back, ahem, I mean, moved from New Lots, I moved into a room in a basement in the Flatbush area. Back to civilization. Love me some Flatbush. I was sharing the kitchen and bathroom with three other men. I wasn’t there five days when one of the tenant pulled a gun on me. Yasssssssss hunny, you read right. I’m still amazed that I left that situation with dry pants. Anyway, supposedly he thought I was his girlfriend and they play games like that. RIGHTTTTT!!!! *side eye* Well I had just moved and had no more money so all I could do was ask God to be with me. Needless to say living there wasn’t a walk in the park. I had several issues living there. All these things made me create a vision board on my wall and at the very top was: ‘Own apartment April 2011.” How in the world was I going to afford an apartment with a salary of $29,000? Not one clue but I dreamed about it and fantasized about it every day. I didn’t know it then but I was manifesting. I manifested pretty good because I got a studio apartment in Manhattan while making the same $29,000. Ain’t God good?! I’m grateful for alllllll that transpired. Even though I knew nothing about the Law of Attraction and manifesting, and what it meant to truly leave things to God, I was doing it anyway. I didn’t know how I was going to get it but I said somehow it’s going to happen and left it at that. Look back on your life and recall what you have manifested in your life. 34. What: Having my own apartment. Why: This video explains how I feel. Please note the content is a little rated R. Check the link out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr5PxzbbzZY Now I had me a good laugh when Shawnie sent it to me. I do follow his channel but I didn’t get around to watching it. The man is right. Nothing (in my opinion) beats having your own place. You already read some of what I’ve been through with housing and those don’t even scratch the surface. I’ve been paying rent since I was 18 years old so I have some stories for you. Having your own place is AWESOME! I walk around in just my draws. I let my boobs hang all day. If I don’t feel like taking a bath, I don’t. If I don’t feel like cleaning the bathroom, I don’t. Now don’t go thinking I’m a slob but we have those days when we don’t feel like doing not one thing and it’s great to not have someone call you out on it. It’s a great feeling to have peace. Blessed peace. I don’t have to speak to anyone. I don’t have to deal with someone else’s attitude. I’ve been living here for three years and I absolutely am grateful. Each day I open my door I say: “Thank you God.” 35. What: Amway. Why: Well while it’s not a business that’s for me, I do enjoy their products and renew my membership yearly. I’ve always written down my goals but through one of the meetings I learned about a vision board. Since then I’ve utilized a vision board and have found it quite effective. 36. What: Sunshine. Why: Noo I’m not talking about Kizzy my ray of sunshine. LOL. Ever notice that the sun brightens up your day? I’m grateful for it. 37. What: Books. Why: I love what reading a book does to me. It’s an opportunity to enter another world through someone else’s eyes. Reading a book just gets me so excited. 38. What: Medgar Evers College. Why: I attended Medgar from 2008-2013. It was the Spring semester of 2013 when I just didn’t feel like signing up for the next semester. I just didn’t want to and so I followed my intuition and didn’t. Well it was the same year I found massage therapy. I remember telling folks that I’m switching from biology to massage therapy. Massage therapy sounded interesting to them but what blew their mind was that I wasn’t going to finish up my degree. *shrug* Why continue in something that no longer seems fitting? My soul was singing when I found massage therapy so why would I spend another semester doing something else? That’s like Mr. Right coming along but you stay with Mr. Wrong because you’ve invested so much time in him already. See that just doesn’t make sense to me and I would just smile and be quiet because after explaining myself I see they still don’t get it. I don’t let it bother me. I was starting over with massage therapy. None of my credits were transferrable but I’m still thankful for my time there. That’s where I met Dixie, Ms. Royalty and through her I met Nikole. I met some influential teachers. Plus it’s education. Learning something isn’t a waste of time so I’m grateful for the people I met and the information I learned. 39. Who: Dixie. Why: He had forgotten my birthday and wanted to make it up to me. I told him not to worry himself but he insisted. He gave me a gift certificate to get a 50 minute Swedish massage. The place was so booked that I didn’t get an appointment until February. The massage therapist was a sweet young woman. I couldn’t believe how I felt after the session. Just touching me can make me feel this good? Seriously? So, I made another appointment. During the session we would get to chatting. Turns out she reads chakras and is into crystals. She would give me a chakra reading and whatever other messages that may come through during one of our sessions. She recommended I attend PCOM. She didn’t attend PCOM but highly recommended it. Well when I did my research between PCOM and the other well-known school, PCOM was a better fit. I was slowly being pulled into Oriental Medicine and they have Reiki practitioners and all sorts of cool people working there so definitely the right fit. I’m grateful for Dixie purchasing that massage gift certificate for me because it led me right onto my path. 40. Who: Gina Sendef. Why: I was browsing Iyalna Vanzant’s website when I came across an article: “To Forgive is Divine: Releasing Negative blocks with Forgiveness.” (http://vividlife.me/ultimate/25658/to-forgive-is-divine-releasing-negative-blocks-with-forgiveness-by-gina-sendef/) It was such a good article that I decided to visit her website. She’s an angel intuitive and I was curious so I decided to schedule a reading. Well in that reading all the little ‘weird’ things and feelings that were happening, started to make sense. She told me that my life purpose involved body work, crystals, writing and energy healing, specifically Reiki. I had not a clue what energy healing was and that reading just opened a door to a whole different aspect of life. The reading she gave me had similar information to what the girl in the T-mobile store gave me so it was time to really look into things. I’m grateful for learning about Gina because I still use the method she describes in the article and grateful for the reading because he helped me get on track to my true life purpose. 41. Who: Reiki instructor. Why: She’s such a calm gentle woman and she’s willing to answer any questions I may have. I was attuned to Reiki levels 1 and 2 by her. Her gentleness is always what stands out to me. I hope to become a philanthropist just like her. She travels and heals, attune and teach all about Reiki to Indigenous people. The way she teaches her classes and her way of being inspires how I teach my own classes. I’m grateful to have met her. 42. What: Sunsets. Why: It's just so beautiful. Seeing the color scheme change is amazing. Watching it change from a light blue, gray or white cloudy sky to a darker blue or to shades of violet, yellow, red and orange is just spectacular. Just watching it makes me so peaceful. 43. What: Travelling. Why: Y’all know I love to travel. Shoot, there are so many travel lines on my palm that I can’t even keep up. Travelling teaches me new things. I love learning. I like going to someplace completely different and inhaling the air, tasting the food, interacting with the locals, learning about their culture etc. I’m thankful that I’m finally in a position to be able to travel. World traveler, that’s me. 44. What: Business degree. Why: So I didn’t complete my business degree. I did two semesters and called it quits. I was exploring what people told me I would be good at. I thought I would have to have a business degree in order to be successful as a business woman. Ya, I switched right back to science. It’s just not for me. My brain felt like it was going to EXPLODE! Give me all the sciences that it takes to complete a biology degree (except organic chemistry. That subject was like sitting through a business course. Good grief) over a business major. By attending a business school I learned that it’s not for me. Back then I felt like if I couldn’t complete my business degree then there’s no way I can be a successful business woman. Ya, uh huh trust me I no longer have those types of thoughts. 45. What: Two jobs and school. Why: I learned that working two full time jobs and attending school isn’t for me. I know a guy that used to make me feel like I should be pushing myself more. He was working full time, attending school full time and like 3 other things full time. When he tells me I can be doing this that and the other I tell him that he and I are different and my body refuses to take on that kind of pressure and it’s not healthy. You need to sleep. To which he would say you sleep when you die. Ummm ya, so whenever I feel like man I wish I could be doing more I remember this experience. 46. What: Huge fight with Kenny that involved the cops. Why: Long story short, I found out that Kenny was having inappropriate conversations with another woman. Even invited the woman to our apartment. SMH. Anyway, I lost it. I went buck wild in that house. He called the police and I was so freaked out. I was trying to leave the apartment but couldn’t find my glasses and could barely see through my tears and all the glass on the floor (yes glass. I said I went buck wild). The police really got there in seconds! They asked me what was going on and I just could not speak. I was crying profusely. I found my voice the second the police officer flipped me around and put cuffs on me though. LOL. I started telling them everythinggggg. They took the cuffs off and actually went into the living room and told him that he should give me a hug and treat me better. He was shocked (LOL). Yep, the Lord was with me. I’m grateful for that day because it made me realize that I cannot handle situations like that. BJD told me for years I should get a therapist given my childhood abuse but after this situation I realized that ya, it’s time and so I did. 47. Who: Grandma. Why: I’m not close to my grandmother but she did teach me how to sew and that has come in quite handy when a button pops or if I have to hem something. 48. What: Read. Why: The fact that I can type means that I can form sentences. If I can form sentences then that means I can read. Do you know how many people don’t know how to read? Shoot, I have relatives that don’t know how to read so I’m grateful that I can. 49. Who: Uncles. Why: My uncles would come over to the house and they, along with my brother would dance their butts off in the living room and they would let me join them. They taught me how to whine, pop my booty and most importantly how to be in rhythm with the music. 50. Who: Aunty Fay. Why: When my mother immigrated to New York I lived with my dad and brother. Some things happened and my mom asked my aunt if I could stay with her M-F and she agreed. I’m grateful that she welcomed me into her home and treated me just like her child. She never treated me any differently than her daughter. Wait, wait, that was a lie. When her daughter got a beating I was sternly spoken to. No beatings for me from her. LOL! Thankful for her opening up her home to me. Thanks for stopping by. It's the holiday season and stress levels tends to go up. Chillax my friend. Don't worry about a thang. Everything irie! Stay blessed!!! xoxoxoxoxo Take a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaGUr6wzyT8

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