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100 Gratitudes Part Quatre

It's New Years Eve!!!! Or as Trinidadians call it Old Years!! WOOT WOOT! I hope your holiday season have been just fabulous thus far. This is the last of the installment of the gratitude series. I'm back from vacation and I had an awesome, just AWESOME time. I do plan to tell you all about it so stay tuned. Thanks again Ryan for posting to the blogs while I was away. I truly appreciate it. So, without further delay...here we go... 76. Who: Dj Wally Black. Why: I've known him for five years now and we share the same birthday. For all my musical questions I go to him. I had a kinesiology project to do and I had an idea for the music. I called him up and he was more than willing to help. No questions asked. Having the music with my project made it even more successful. I remembered walking home and thinking how grateful I am for the people in my life. 77. What: Car accident number one. Why: I was telling Kenny for months that I did not feel comfortable driving the car without being on the insurance. He didn't want to because he feared by adding me it would cost him more money. I was hit from behind while at a stop light. The guy took his foot off the brakes. There's more to that story (it's quite funny actually) and maybe one day I'll tell you. I'm grateful that it happened because it made Kenny add me to his insurance (which ended up reducing his insurance because I was a student) and due to what happened after the guy hit the car it was instilled in me to ALWAYS add insurance to a vehicle. Doesn't matter how much extra it will cost, ALWAYS add it. Better safe than sorry. 78. What: Car accident number two. Why: This one wasn't my fault but due to the laws once you hit from behind you're at fault, so I was at fault. I was driving a rental with Marshall and we were approaching the Manhattan Bridge, heading to my place when it occurred. The taxi guy had a little scrape on the side and the right mirror of my rental was broken. So happened that a police car was right there. I pulled right in front of him and began the process of getting the accident reported. I was very calm. As soon as it was over and the taxi guy drove off I started bawling. Shocked the bejesus out of Marshall. He was like, 'you know normal people cry first.' I told him that made no sense. Get things done then cry. All I kept hearing was the metal on metal of the accident. The police officer was shocked too and tried comforting me but all I kept hearing was that metal on metal sound. He told me this wasn't even considered an accident. Really? Smh. Anyway I vowed never to drive again. I would freak out whenever I saw or heard an accident. One year later I said to myself this living in fear is rubbish! Shaniquea does not do living in fear. For a whole year at that?! Nahhh chill. I'm grateful I paid the $5 for adding the insurance because it would've cost me $750 if I hadn't. I'm also grateful for the reminder that living in fear is not a good way to live. It's an entrapment and that's unhealthy. 79. What: Fire in house. Why: I was living in a room and I smelled smoke. I called the owners who were living in the basement and turns out there was a fire on the 2nd floor. I grabbed the rent money, green card, social security card and my wallet and was OUT! I was on the third floor and as I was passing the 2nd floor I saw the owner's wife trying to put out the fire and she was only making it worse. I yelled to her to leave it and that the fire fighters were on their way. She was in a daze. She just kept saying, “this is my house, this is my house, this is my house and I'm not leaving it.” I'm grateful for that experience because my mother had taught me to keep all important documents in one place that way in case of an emergency you just grab that one folder, bag or whatever and just go. It cost me precious seconds (thankfully I knew exactly were everything were) to get all the items I mentioned and after that I bought something and kept everything in one thing and in one place. I also learned that material things are just not important. 80. What: Divorce. Why: because I was officially, legally free. 81. What: Friends for remembering things. Why: because my memory just isn't all that great. Huge thank you to Nattydread because she remembers everything for me. Her memory was getting a little shaky but she's back on track :-D. 82. Who: Shawnie. Why: She’s always down for anything. That type of person comes in quite handy from time to time. 83. What: Never going to bed hungry. Why: I'm grateful and thankful that despite every single experience that I’ve had I’ve never in my life went to sleep hungry. As a matter of fact I can't sleep if I'm hungry. They are so many people in this world that do and I'm grateful and eternally thankful that, that has not happened to me and I pray that it doesn't. 84. Who: Professor Riley. Why: Introducing me to the movie Zeitgeist. You can watch it for free here: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com It was an eye opener. If you're going to watch it then watch the one that says 2007. 85. What: Reiki. Why: I'm so grateful for being a conduit of this healing modality. If a friend, family, stranger, anyone is sick my first thought is Reiki and I activate it and send. I'm just so thankful for being a part of the many practitioners that are out there playing our part in healing. 86. What: Quality time to myself. Why: I get to sort through my thoughts. I get to commune with my Celestial Team. I get to be peaceful. Being quiet is a blessing. 87. What: Raped. Why: I am grateful for the four years of rape I endured because it has made me a strong woman and an inspiration for others. 88. What: Trees. Why: for its magical healing abilities. Ever sat under a tree and just feel peaceful? Or in pain or sick and feel better after being under or near a tree? Ya that's what I'm talking about. I'll like to share this with you: "Do you need something to worship or symbolize your faith? Choose a tree. The tree digs its roots really deep into Gaia in order to reach its arms high into the sky...The tree stands tall in all situations. The tree flows with the wind, but isn't moved by it...It stands tall in the harshest of winters and rebuilds itself every spring. The tree adds layers to itself every year, but its core remains unchanged...the tree grows in silence, simply working, never a brag or boast. The tree gives and asks for nothing in return. Let this symbolize your faith in the unseen and the unprovable..." Taken from Instagram @suncard19 89. What: Promiscuity. Why: Now I have more respect for sex. 90. Who: My therapist. Why: when doing the intake they asked for my preference. I told them either a white man or a black woman. I ended up with a black man. I love my therapist. I'm so grateful to have him in my life. He has taught me so much and I'm grateful for all his teachings. 91. What: Music. Why: Ever in a bad mood and then you put on some music and feel better? Or have used music to express how you feel towards someone? Or in a good mood and it increases your mood even further? You know what I'm talking about. I'm grateful for music. If I'm at work and I feel some type of way, I put music on and its booty popping time in the chair. Or maybe I'm home in just a t-shirt and undies dancing away working up a sweat and just jamming. I love how music just puts me in a better mood. 92. What: Every time my mother dragged me grocery, clothes, or furniture shopping. Why: OMG, it was such a dragggggggggg. Why must we check the expiration date on everything we pick up? There's a good book at home waiting for me. Why must we inspect this furniture and ask so many questions? It's pretty, now buy it and let's go because there's a good book at home waiting for me. Seriously, mommy this outfit is a bit roomy. Really, why are we searching for sheets that says at least 300 thread count? The closest is 250, why can't we take that and go because there is a good book at home waiting for me!!! Help you pick out yam? I'm not touching that! That stains your clothes. Yep, yep, I'm grateful for every single one of those moments. Of course it's important to check expiration dates on things. Of course it's important to be thorough when purchasing items. You're missing out on some comfy sheets if your thread count is less than 300. I ain't knocking you if that's all you can afford. Save a few bucks more and invest and you'll see and feel the difference. It is of course NOT cute wearing tight clothing. Sorry, I still won't touch yam but I'm grateful my mama never made me had my own way to stay home and read all the time because I would be missing out on all these little experiences that has taught me so much. 93. Who: Mumsie. Why: *singing* Please joining me and sing this song to my mama. "Thank you mama" By Sizzla. Listen and watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32ZI1yWUdNc This song is for you mumsie. Hey mama, hi mama Oh my, oh my Oh, mama don't cry Thank you so I Reachin' out to all di mothers in di world Sometimes just the way things are to be (Yeah) Thank you mama for the nine months you carried me through All the pain an' sufferin' No one knows the pressure you bare a just only you Give you all my love, oh yeah Thank you mama for the nine months you carried me through All the pain an' sufferin' No one knows the pressure you bare a just only you It's my words and my utterin' Mama I would never let you down I'll never go away, I'll always be around You know why you do it such love that you found I'm always gonna let you wear that crown Through the roughest of times you maintain your count I was your only (Yeah) While shelterin' me from the storm And when it's cold you wrap me in a towel so warm Oh ma, oh ma, I'm so glad I was born Thank you mama for the nine months you carried me through All the pain an' sufferin' No one knows the pressure you bare a just only you Give you all my love, oh yeah Thank you mama for the nine months you carried me through All the pain an' sufferin' No one knows the pressure you bare a just only you It's my words and my utterin' I'm gonna make u so proud, such good son you have You are the one who teaches me all the good from the bad Even when the system keeps pressurin' my dad You got high hopes, thanks be unto the most high Jah Thank you mama for the nine months you carried me through All the pain an' sufferin' No one knows the pressure you bare a just only you Give you all my love, oh yeah Thank you mama for the nine months you carried me through All the pain an' sufferin' All my visions and aspirations I owe it all unto you. These are my words and my utterin' I'm a big man now that's something gold Things you do to survive only Jah he knows Fiercely protecting us while watchin' us grow You been even when it's on the down low Work so hard to see us go to school Blisters on your fingers so they can't take us for fool I'm here for a purpose, I'm here to rule Most high Jah Rasta fari will see us through Thank you mama for the nine months you carried me through All the pain an' sufferin' No one knows the pressure you bare a just only you Give you all my love, oh yeah Thank you mama for the nine months you carried me through All the pain an' sufferin' No one knows the pressure you bare a just only you It's my words and my utterin' Now it's my turn to make life, I'm so mature You know I got my kids and my wife And I'm positively sure I'm doing fine and still can be so much more You have prepared me for the future (My love you deserve) You been doing your thing while others not knowing But deep inside your heart mama you know where it was going Can a mother lose her tender care for her child that she may showin'? Some how your star keeps glowin Thank you mama for the nine months you carried me through All the pain an' sufferin' Now I'm crying. Thank you mumsie. I'm grateful to have you for my mother. Words aren’t enough to explain my gratitude. 94. Who: Dad. Why: for still teaching me the power of generosity. 95. Who: My sister. Why: I’m grateful for her standing up for me and always being in the background looking out for me. She ran away from home a few times but I would always report to my parents that she visited me at school. Even though I stay away from her because I like my peace if there’s anything major and she needs me I’ll drop everything and provide a helping hand. I’ve done it in the pass and will continue to do so. As long as it doesn’t jeopardize my peace, I’m there. 96. What: Bucket List. Why: I created my bucket list sometime last year and I said, Shaniquea it's time to live some life and make things happen. So far, I've learned to swim which came in very handy for my DR trip. I went to a shooting range, I went to a water park, saw the off Broadway play Stomp, went to central park, attended a 1st Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum, went to a hookah bar, went to Atlantic City (twice), visited the Ripley's and Maddame Toussade museum, visited a swingers club, pass by the Flatiron building and went to Dave and Busters. I still have around twenty three things left and I'm sure I'll add to the list but I'm grateful for being able to accomplish so much already. 97. Who: You. Why: I'm very grateful for the time you take out of your day to be with me and read my stories. It's an inspiration to continue writing and fulfilling part of my life's purpose. From the tips of my toenail to the crown of my head, thank you. 98. What: Every experience, good and bad. Why: Each mistake has made me stronger. Happier because of the sadness I've endured and wiser because of all that I've learned. 99. Who: God, angels, archangels, goddesses, spirit guides etc aka Celestial team: For providing guidance during my time here as a spiritual being learning from these physical experiences. 100. What: Beginnings. Why: Each morning is a new day you haven't lived before. Today marks the last day of this year and I'm grateful for a wonderful year. It certainly had its downs but boy did the ups outweigh them. I'm grateful for seven whole months with my nephew. I'm grateful for the opportunity to visit five different countries (Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago), two new (Bahamas and Dominican Republic) and three oldies but a goodie. I even visited a new state (Chicago). A deeper bond was established with BJD and Nattydread, I learned more about myself. I learned several lessons but I think the number one for me was being in a constant state of gratitude at all times. You missed the bus? Be grateful. The train conductor held the doors open for you? Be grateful. Your supervisor gives you a hug for a job well done? Be grateful. Friendships ended? Be grateful. Met some one new? Be grateful. Someone upsets you? Be grateful. Trees, oceans, dirt? Be grateful. God/Universe/Allah/Jah etc? Be grateful. Someone picked up a fallen item for you? Be grateful. Had a rough year? Be grateful! Just... please, please...be in a continuous mode of gratitude. Happy New Years Eve!! Be safe, have lots of fun and make time to relax. Stay blessed and I'll see you next year. Namaste. PS: I'll like to leave you with this last song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTS_yBr5odE

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