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New Year, New Me...BullSh*t?

Ahhh yes, a new year. New beginnings. Fresh starts. I love it. It's ten days into the new year already and I purposely waited late to wish you all a Happy New Year in the new year. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across the first image and I tell ya, I mentally rolled off the bed dying of laughter!!! I'm like gosh golly, well aren't we cynical? Then I thought hold up, I can see where this is coming from. You may have that friend who comes out professing it's a new them and not one thing change during the year and then boom 1/1 rolls around, another year and it's the same BS. I've known people like that. So maybe the challenge should be to be about it! That's right. Stop talking out your behind and be about that change. If you know a friend like that and you guys are 'true friends' then speak up. Hold that friend or family member accountable. Kindly interject when you see or hear them saying or doing something that go against their 'new year new me' conviction. Sometimes, self motivation doesn't help and encouragement from others and being held accountable are good motivational factors. So help a brotha or sistah out. Now I came across some new year resolution articles that listed common goals that tend to fail and the top two seems to be fitness and travel. It's ten days in and either you already stopped going to the gym or haven't even made it there yet. To this I'll say, remember that each day is a new day and a new beginning and another chance to do and become better, healthier, stronger etc. Take it one day at a time and don't beat yourself up. Forgive yourself, dust yourself off and try again (cue the music) and be about it. I know for me, my current 'fun situation' (trying to stay away from using the terms problems or issues etc. I got this line from @Suncard19 on ig) is that I feel I've lost my mojo to motivate myself. I started making exercise apart of my life nine years ago (Cheesh, it's been 9 yrs?? that flew!) and as of the end of last year it's been a bit challenging to remain motivated. So I started saying I need a new motivation, that maybe I need a personal trainer. Someone I have to meet up with and someone to tell me what to do. Well, a personal trainer isn't in the budget. So I sent out a text message just this morning to a few people asking them: how do you motivate yourself when you've lost your motivation? Well, today is Saturday and I sent the message quite early so no one responded so I decided to ask my pal Google. He shared with me something I found interesting: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/05/workout-motivation-science_n_5752594.html Well I especially loved numbers 2 and 4. Then the wheels in my head started to turn. Hmmmm, this can be a way to motivate myself and others (you know I don't like to keep to myself what will also benefit someone else). So, what if I start this 'pact' thing with my close friends? I say hey, we put $5 a week in the pot and if we stick to our weekly workout commitment then we all get paid. If someone doesn't then more money for us. Then I took it a step further. If someone doesn't want to exercise then how about you help a sistah out with needing help with being motivating and invest $5 a week in me. You pay me $5 a week for working out and if I don't I'll pay you. See, I'm being creative. Well folks are biting so I'm still ironing out the kinks. I'll keep you posted on it. Shoot if youwould like to invest in me then drop me a comment or an email. This whole thing made me realize that I just need a new refreshing way to get motivated. I realized I have a fun situation and I'm trying to change it into an even more exciting situation. My ultimate goal will be to joining the pact app. Who knows? We'll see. I do know that somehow somehow I'm going to make the change. Now, my friend asked me, well what am I going to do if others fail at motivating me. I told him that's a good question and I asked it right back at him. A discussion ensued and basically it falls back on you. Someone else motivating you is not a bad thing but a part of you have to want the change to keep the changes continuous. I was fine with how I felt and looked for months until I went to the doctor in November and heard how much I weighed. Came home and used my scale because you know those doctor's scales have to be lying to us at times and my scale confirmed the number. Then I'm like, nope we have to do something. I feel fine, I mean yeah my arms and tummy can go but I feel fine. Then I repeated what I just said to myself and realize that no, I'm not fine. Let's work on that tummy and arms. As for that vacation that never happened? Make it happen this year. Create a vision board, excel chart, grab a notepad and start planning and put a date. That's important. You must put a date. Say to yourself that, I, Thomas/Sharon, will go to Japan August of this year. Make it one of your daily affirmations. Start researching where in Japan you would like to stay. Look up the cost of air tickets (DON'T be discouraged by the cost), calculate the cost of the activities you may want to do, how much rooming will be and spending money. Let's say everything is $3000, then you now have 8 months to come up with that money. Again, don't be discouraged by the figure. Break it down! Well $3000/8 = $375 a month. That's $93.75 a week and break that even further $13 a day. Now let's be honest, how many times do you spend more than $13 a day? Exactly! Now, there are a lot of saving plans out there and I started doing them two years ago and it has helped TREMOUNDOUSLY when it comes to my trips. You already know I need no motivation to get on the plane but it cost money to do so. I went to Florida, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Chicago, back to Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago all last year. That's airfare, room, dining, excursions, car rental (only for two places) and spending money for all locations. That came up to a whopping $6165. Guess what? $3102 of that was cash and the remaining $3065 was on credit. When I did the math the other day I was jumping up for joy I was so proud of myself. I went from put all my trip expenses on a credit card to saying, nope we aren't doing that to saving as much as I could towards my trips to a new goal which is to do my 2015 trips debt free. You see what I did was changed my way of thinking. I remembered what Kenny told me which was money is money. So I no longer think oh, it's only $5 it's nothing. Instead I know that $5 will turn into $50 in no time. Then I changed my mentality about saving. I have my budget file and my savings is considered a bill so I pay myself. When I'm paying my bills, I also pay myself. The other thing was I actually followed those saving plan stuff that floats around like this one: http://savingabuck.com/2014/12/in-case-you-missed-it-the-52-week-challenge-break-down-by-pay-periods/ but last year what I did was I sacrificed and started backwards because I know December is a very busy month and dinero tends to be a bit of a challenge. So in January I put in $100+ which would've been the December deposit and in December I only had to deposit like $5 bucks. This year I'm going to start off by doing the random approach like that article mentioned. Another thing that I did late that I suggest you do early. Get a credit card that rewards you with mileage. I applied for an Amex in September and it had an intro offer of if you spend $1000 you get 20,000 miles. For what I was going for this was the best deal I found and the APR wasn't bad. This was back in September. Now I have over 20,000 miles so I'm set for at least one trip next year. There you go, Japan is going to happen for Thomas/Sharon. I want to hear about where you're going and I want to hear all about your trip(s). I can't be the only one around here travelling the world and sharing pics. Come join me. So, what goals do I have for 2015? I have seven. I'll share four with you.

  1. "A private life is a happy life." Now, now don't get nervous. I'm not going to stop sharing my experiences with you because it's something I'm sure you can learn from. However, I learned last month that it is best at times to keep what you share about your private life to a very limited amount of people. Very limited amount. Everyone has an opinion and some aren't constructive and there are just people out there who just want to be all up in the business. So for 2015 I'm going to become more private.

  2. December 31, 2014 11:59pm was the last day to use a credit card. Why? So that I can be credit card debt free in three years. I know this is a longer term goal but I added it anyway. You know, In November I was at work and I was reminded of my long term goals and I was like, Shaniquea! Being out of debt will put you in a better position for what you have planned. Then I thought, shucks, being out of debt will make me free period. My only plan to use my card is if I'm purchasing something large then I make sure I have the cash first but I'll pay it with my card to get that mileage but as soon as I get home put the amount back on my card. Down to the penny. Hey, I'm not going to miss out on reward mileages.

  3. Travel at least two to three new places (international or domestic) debt free. Last year I went four places I've been before. Granted I made sure to be someplace new at each location, but it was still a state or country I travelled before. I visited three places I've never been before and so I would like to keep that goal.

  4. Last, but certainly not least. I'll like to increase my spiritual practice. I find that when I make time for God I hear and see more. To say that there has been an increase in my clairaudience and clairvoyance abilities is to put it minor. I do notice when I'm outside of New York that it's on 10 soooooooooooo.......ya. Anyway, I would like to spend more time with God and developing my gifts.

The other three goals you'll certainly find out about over the course of the year so keep an eye out. So, tell me, what are your 2015 goals? I'll love to know. Leave me a comment below. Oh, yeahhhhhhhHHHHH!!! I almost forgot to mentioned that I upgraded the site last month so stay tuned for more videos and audios. Also, if you would take a looksee to your right >>> you will see I added a search engine, so if you would like to re-read a blog and forgot what month it was posted then you can just do a search for it. :-D One more thing, on October the 15th of last year I started something new with my circle of friends. At the end of the day we share two positive things that occurred that day. My purpose of doing this was to remind myself and my friends that no matter how unfortunate of a day you think you had, you actually had quite a lovely day. Don't make that one thing bad that happened let you forget all the other good that occurred. I'm trying to shift their focus from negative to positive. I've been consistent with it, even while on my various trips and I'm still doing it now. It has completely changed my mind set. It even changed how I looked at my job *GASP* I know. Shocking! But that was a big one. I'm not saying I don't want to leave. Oh, I'm leaving, but I needed to have a better attitude while there. More on that in another post. I've created a record of what I list as my positives and I think in June I'll post what I have and then in December, post the other six months. I'll like youto try that with your circle of friends and see how much it changes your mindset. Tell me about it. HAPPY NEW YEAR! STAY BLESSED! Remember to share (what you feel comfortable with) your 2015 goals with me.


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