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Because 2x In Less Than a Year Wasn't Enough...Republica Dominica

Yep that's right folks I went to DR...AGAIN! Well, this is my first time posting pics (all below) from the trips but for my peeps close to me, they were like, sheesh you going again? Yep! *smacks lips together like Tamar Braxton* Well this is what had happened (lol). My first trip was last year August. It was to celebrate my besties, Nattydread and BJD's birthdays that had passed in July. At the last minute an old friend Nica joined us and the four off us were off to Puerta Plata, DR. We stayed at #Cofresi Palms which is one of the Lifestyle Hotels. We were there for a week and had us a good time. There are some photos below but you won't see any photos of the girls as they requested that I not post anything of them. They despise social media more than I do. Also, they have high profile jobs and really want no photos out there of themselves. Understandable. Anyhoo on that trip, we of course went to the beach, went horseback riding (BJD sat this one out), climbed waterfalls (Nica sat this one out), zip lining(I was pooped so I skipped out on this one)all in one day. Nattydread was a pro and did all three. We drove buggies, met a guy there that took a fancy to me. He took us off the resort and out dancing at the club, dinner and to Sousa beach, which is another part of DR. I think the two best days were when we went to drive the buggies. It rained heavily and it was GREAT splashing through all the mud and going to Sousa and seeing how beautiful the beach was, was insane. The pictures does it no justice. Overall, I enjoyed being with my girls. It was our first trip all together. We've travelled together before, one with the other but never all together. It was great finally syncing our monies and time. Love those girls, 15 years and counting!

Puerto Plata, RD August 2014

Well, after a great trip in August, BJD needed a quick break in October and I suggested DR again, she was down so I booked us. This time we decided to stay in Sousa because it was just so lovely. It was for only three days and we rented an apartment and it came with a SUV, sweet deal. We met up with the same guys that showed us around the last time so they were our tour guides again. They even cooked for us!

Sosua, RD October 2014

January rolls around, it's a new year, a new semester and Estina my classmate approached me saying, she knew I was just in DR but wanted to know if I would like to join her and her sister and another friend in DR for April? Blah. I love it there but I was just there. I don't like going to the same place over and over but I did go to different parts each time so I asked where in DR? When she said Punta Cana, I said count me IN! It was time to use some of my JetBlue frequent flyer miles. It was my first time meeting her sister Elisa, and her good friend Shira and I meshed well with them. These ladies were a lot of fun. Estina decided to make up Spanish names for us. I was Shy Diaz, she was Yasmine De La Cruz and I can't remember the names for the other two. We stayed at Ifa Bavaro Resort and Spa, where we enjoyed days at the beach and pool and a bit of adventure. We went....ummm not sure of the name but it's like the banana boat excursion except we were in a tube type thing. I was the only one that knew how to swim and let me tell ya, I laughed till I cried. Estina does not like the water but she was a good sport each time we had to do any water adventure, however, she drew the line at tubing when we had to get on a speed boat to get to where the tubes were, where they then tethered us to the speed boat. When Estina saw that, plus remembered the ride over, her heart couldn't take it. It was me, Shira and Estina down for the adventure and Estina stayed on the boat. Well, let me tell you, Shira had me dying! There was nothing to strap us in and so we had to hold on to our individual hooks. Shira was on one end, Elisa in the middle and I on the other end. I said a prayer and off we went. Full speed ahead! Tell me why, several times throughout the ride Shira's feet ended up on my feet? She was so scared and was screaming at the top of her lungs and was all on top of Elisa and myself. Poor Elisa. Elisa kept saying "Shira, HOLD ON!" At one point Elisa was like, "I want my mommy." LOL! While I was screaming, FASTER FASTER!!! I know they wanted to kill me. Great times great times. We also went on an excursion to the lovely Saona beach. Can't forget about the buggies! While on the buggie we stopped at Macao beach. Folks, I strongly encourage you to go there. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It took our breath away. To wind down our trip we booked a massage for the four of us on the beach. Two folks to a room. Now, as massage therapist students Estina and I agreed they used too much oil. Of course we knew going in that the likelihood of them being licensed was slim. Estina and her sis weren't a fan of their individual therapists. It was Shira's first massage and she enjoyed it. Besides using too much oil I enjoyed mines. Maybe because I instructed her? I would raise up and point to her elbow and then to different areas on my back and Mami went IN! I was nice and loose after. I need my deep pressure. These muscles are tight! It was a nice end to our trip. Oh! Let me share a story. So, Shira had only two jobs while on the trip. To have her selfie stick and while at the swim up bar to watch Elisa while Estina go to the bathroom. Let me explain the second part. I don't do pools when I travel to the Caribbean. Stush? Very! The ladies wanted to go to the swim up bar and I decided to just lay out on the chair by the pool. Estina and Shira came over with a margarita for me and asked if I'm sure I don't want to join them. I told her no. Then, she mentioned that there were some folks playing dominoes at the bar. I quickly put away my stuff! #HowToGetAJamaicanInThePool ...LOL! Anyway, get to the swim up bar and the two bartenders were playing with two guests. I sat and watched and had a good time laughing when they had to take shoots of mamjuanas each time they lost. Meanwhile Elisa, Estina and Shira were taking shots with some Canadian girls. SMH. Elisa really let her hair down. Well, Estina decided it was time for her big sis to not have any more drinks. She needed to use the rest room so she asked Shira to watch her sis. Well as soon as Estina was out the pool, it was another round of shots and the bartender was like how about a body shot? We were all like YEAH!!! He asked for a volunteer, guess who got on the counter? In Shira's defense, Elisa slipped right out her hands and jumped up on the counter like a stealthy cat. Well Estina heard all the noise and turned back only to see the bartender slurping up alcohol off her big sis. It was at that point Estina decided it was time to go back to the room. LOL! She was like, "Shira, you had ONE JOB and one job only!" Anyway, Elisa got off the golf cart first that took us back to our rooms, and we followed behind. We saw her stumble a bit but it looked like she regained her footing...nope nope...tim-berrrrrrr she fell right into the bush. Let me tell you, we laughed, and laughed, and laughed AND LAUGHED! Estina fell to the floor laughing, Shira had to brace herself on the palm tree and I had to lean on the chair that was on the veranda. The driver was the one that ran out the cart and helped her out the bush and into the chair. We just could not stop laughing. Definitely a memorable moment. I included the pics of us below. Anyway, I hope you've been well and I hope you're planning some down time. Summer is almost here and I can't wait! This by no means, if God spares my life, is my last trip for the year. I peeked in my crystal ball and I see Trinidad coming up soon and Puerto Rico, so stay tuned. I was invited to St Vincent but rats, I can't make that trip. It is on my list of places to go so another time. Next year it's Europe babies! Much love! Peace! Stay Blessed, Shy Davis P.S. I'M TURNING 30 THIS YEAR YA'LL!!!!!! WOOT WOOT! I can't wait!

Punta Cana, RD April 2015

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