• Shy Davis

The Roots That Entwines Us

Photo credit: @mordioffical Instagram

She was redecorating her atelier. She wanted more bright colors in the studio. She stood looking down at three paint colors trying to decide on one, when her assistant came in and dropped the newspaper on the desk. "For you" he said. She looked at him flummoxed. He knew well enough that she thought the newspaper was an amphigory piece of shit. She watched him as he took off his jacket. Dang, he's so handsome. He has locs and she never thought she would be attracted to someone with it but she just loved how neat it was. How it smelled whenever she was close to him. Handsome fella, Asian and Black parents. He's been working with her for a year now and often times she wanted to divulge just how she felt but his alexithymia attitude towards women stopped her time and time again. Maybe she should just fire him. No, that wouldn't be fair. After all he does great work. She took a seat. She looked down and her feet and noticed they were tumescent. Yep, definitely time for a break. She's been going at it for hours. She overheard him on the phone and so her ears perked up. Sounded like he was correcting a child. Hmmm, she listened more keenly to his words. Ahhh yes, by the sounds of it he was speaking his parvenu mother. "Mom buying a gold toilet and inviting the neighborhood to show it off will most certainly get you uninvited to bingo night..." She chuckled to herself and went back to discreetly watching his movements. Wishing and wondering about what it would be like to mount him and pull his hair. She heard him take a deep breath. Their eyes met and he look exasperated but beyond the look she knew that she was jejune to him. ~ Shy Davis [Edited: I've changed this blog post title from Inspired Fiction to the name I've given this series: The Roots That Entwines US.]

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