• Shy Davis

The Roots That Entwines Us (Part 2)

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He chatted with his mom a few minutes more and then ended the call. She got up and walked back over to the three paint canisters. "Sorry about that." "No worries." She replied. "Did you read the paper?" "Come on Renji. You should-" "There's an article in there about the AAAUHI charity event you hosted last week." Oh. He was referring to the Arthur Ashe Academy for Urban Health Institute Sports Ball. She was a part of that program in high school and she's a firm believer in giving back. After all, material wealth is temporary and nothing lasts forever. She has also realized that our purpose here on earth isn't to go searching for a purpose. Instead, that by serving a purpose, the purpose will then serve you. She has been Blessed and she continually shows her gratitude to God, or the Universe or whatever is out there. So, she gives praises for how far she has come and giving her time and resources away for a worthy cause fulfills her. "Oh." She said aloud. "I marked the page. They had very good things to say. Not that you gave them much choice. You raised more money than anyone who has ever hosted the event. A quarter of a million dollars!" He whistled. She shrugged. "I did nothing. I just invited the right people and helped them bring in very good items to auction off." "And others over the years didn't?" He walked over to her and placed both palms on her shoulders gently which sent electrical impulses throughout her body. He looked at her and she met his eyes and held it. He continued, his voice softer and more huskier. "You spoke from the heart. You have a certain jenesequa about you Jo. People listen to you and if they realize it or not they are very much drawn in. So much so that they are willing to write you five digit checks. These aren't bromide words coming out of my mouth. Don't shy away from this accomplishment and Jo?" She raised an eyebrow indicating for him to continue. " Accept the compliment." She blushed ever so slightly. She felt the warmth of his words wash over her and felt his breath tickle her bottom lip. She caught a whiff of his cologne. He was a little too close. Was he? Actually, no. It just felt a little too intimate. She took a half step back and smiled at him. "Thank you for that and thank you for coming and for staying. You didn't have to. You were off the clock. I truly appreciate it." He smiled back at her in a seductive way. She knew that smile. She knew it well. It made her melt which sent her pudendal nerves from her clit to her brain an immediate message. She shifted her weight. "It was my pleasure." He walked back over to the desk. This man. This handsome, sexy man, was truly getting to her. At 6'1, he wasn't much taller to her 5'8. His facial features were strong. His eyes a simple light brown hue but dark, mysterious, and seductive. Is that what they call dreamy eyes? She had no clue. His body was firm. He doesn't have a six pack, maybe 4 pack? She tries to look away whenever he takes off his top shirt to leave the under shirt on. Both would ride up a bit and she'll notice a peak then look away. She doesn't like everything on a man to be firm. Except his dick. And even if it wasn't she knew she could get it there in a moment's notice. Huh. Maybe she needs to get laid. Yeah, maybe she just need some dick. Shucks, how long has it been? She's been so busy that she hasn't had time to do the "grown up," as her long time friend and personal massage therapist and acupuncturist calls it. Maybe she should call Lance? Or Derrick? But as much as calling them sounded appealing she knew she wouldn't enjoy it. It wasn't them. It was her. The sex was good. It was great actually, but she felt...empty after. She has been avoiding both their calls and messages. She was saving herself. Huh. Saving herself? For what? That thought surprised her. What was she saving herself for? She was a bit afraid to learn the answer but decided to revisit it at another time. He came up behind her and she caught a whiff of his scent once more. Hmmm, what was that cologne? And why was he wearing cologne? Maybe a date later? It smelled familiar though. She took a deeper breath. Ahh, it was Bleu de Chanel. Her ex used to wear it. Things ended well between them so it's not like she has a negative nueroassociation with the scent. But he usually smelled of only Dove soap. She knew it made one's skin soft but was his skin soft? She would love to find out. "Everything okay?" He asked. "Yes. Why?" "You took a deep breath." Oh. Whoops, she thought. She once again, looked down at the canisters. "Just trying to figure which color would work best over here. I'm not even sure if I want the same colors throughout the studio." He gazed around the studio with expert eyes. After a moment he began speaking and started to give her different viewpoints as to what each color would invoke when people entered. He even began giving her ideas as to what artwork to purchase to decorate the walls. Such as some sacred geometry art from K. Reed or even some graffiti art from Ls or something from the young, up and coming artist Anya. He was such a cognoscente of the arts and was a firm believer in showcasing local artist's work. She has learned so much from him in the short time he has been with her. Actually, she barely remembered much of what he says as she mostly paid a attention to the base of his voice that sent vibrations all along her erogenous zones. Goodness! She needed to cool down. "I'm going to get some water and get a bit of air. I'm also hungry. Do you want anything?" "I can go for something but I can get it for us." "No, it's okay, I'll be right back." "Don't take too long. I know how you are. We have a list of things to review, discuss and for you to make decisions on." He looked down at the canisters. "Like deciding on a color. And don't forget about tomorrow." She groaned. ​ "Hey, the sooner we get through this the faster you can be home and get a good night's rest. So don't be too long." "Okay, I'll be back." Sheesh he's so bossy. But he was right. She grabbed her phone and wallet and walked out. ******************************************************************************************** He let out a sigh of relief as soon as he heard the door clicked closed. He doesn't know what it is but he's sure that something is going on between them. And it's more than him just wanting to be buried deep in her while pulling on her loosely coiled obstreperous curls. Things have been strictly professional between them. Hell if she hasn't been his oneiric star, or front and center of his imagination as he performed his one handed lube show at nights. That's another shit. What the fuck was up with that? He doesn't need to jerk off. He has options. Several options. Shiitt, his boys call him a man whore. He chucked to himself. They tease him a lot about Jo. They see the sexual frustration and wonders why he hasn't tried something with her. Why hasn't he slithered his way into her and then poison her by walking away. That's their interpretation of his behavior and of a huge tat of a snake he has on his back. They may have a point in regards to how he has treated women in the past but that specific tat has a religious connotation to it. No one has ever bothered to ask so he never wasted his breath correcting or explaining. But why, they've wondered, at 32 a man of his vast talent is an assistant to a writer? But she's so much more than that isn't she? They call him her personal gofer, but she has always reminded him that he's not a personal assistant and has tried to keep the lines clear. But damnit, he wanted shit to get personal! He took a deep breath to calm his breathing. He's very attracted to her. And yes, he likes a challenge, but she's not someone he wants to conquer. He want to slowly un-entwine her like a candy wrapper and lick her insides. His dick jumped. Yeah he wanted her but his mind was intrigued. It's like the more he learns about her the more he wants her. All of her. Mind body and soul. The last time he felt this way was- he heard the door open. "I'm back" She yelled out. He looked down at his watch, which he had purchased from a merchant at the African Bazaar the year before. Hmm, that gave him a thought. She never misses a year and he wondered if he could finagle a way to go with her this year. It was 3:15p. Damnit! Has it really been twenty minutes since she left? He shifted things around in his pants but remained seated. It wasn't safe to get up yet and thankfully there was no need to. "I got us something to eat. Veggie Roti and coconut water for you and for meeee some oxtails with rice and peas, sweet plantains with Peardrax." She grinned from ear to ear, eyes twinkling. Damn. He loved seeing her giddy. He cherished these little glimpses of the fun side that he knew she has but doesn't often show. He wanted to see more of it and he's been plotting. She's one smart cookie and will have to be careful with his execution. He can't make it too hot. "Where in the world did you find a Caribbean spot around here?" He asked as he went into his messenger bag to take out the mail he picked up from her P.O Box. He began separating them into a junk, fan mail and a business pile. Besides him knowing what companies write to her, It was easy to tell the junk mail as they commit a haplography with her name. They either omit a 'n' or add an extra 'n.' It would read Joana or Joannna. It was so annoying to see. Really, how do you mess up the name Joanna? "I came across a food truck while walking. The owner said he's not there every day so I took his business card." He nodded. "Okay, let's run through some things after you eat." "You're not eating?" She asked as she sat across from him. "Later." She scowled. Even her scowl was cute. His mouth twitched with amusement. He thought she would press the issue but in true Jo style, she left simple shit alone. "Okay, so you talk and I'll eat." "Okay let's start with the bad news." She frowned. He thought about his words and restated it. "We have a temporary setback with the new location. Building permits." "When did they say it should be done?" "This month. The 15th." "Ahh. 'Beware of the Ides of March.' " He recognized the Shakespeare reference. "Julius Caesar?" "Yep!" "Well in our case it's the Ides of May." She gave him a half smile. It looked almost playful. Almost seductive. Is she fucking with him? Yeah, she's fucking with him. Wait, is she? The thing that blows his mind is that he's 98% sure that the shit she inadvertently do, she doesn't realize sets his groin afire. Every fucking day he has a hard on. Shit is ridiculous. "Okay, I'll make some calls. See what strings I can pull on my end. I don't want to delay the opening." Her voice returned him back to the present. Next they reviewed some contracts that needed to be submitted tomorrow. He had 'sign here' flags throughout the confidential document where her signature was needed. Because she was still eating- she's such a slow eater- she instructed him to put it to the side and she'll sign and review later. They moved on to other pressing matters. He loved how she was decisive. And if she's unsure, she's not shy to say she'll sleep on it. And then she really gets back to him. He didn't have to hound her which made his assistant life easier. They got through a lot and It was 9 o clock when he glanced at his watch again. They've been at it for some hours now. "Okay Jo, you need to go. You need some rest or else Marie Nikole will have to use more makeup than necessary to hide the bags under your eyes." She sighed. "You're right." She leaned over more to her left and using her right hand, reached over two chairs to where her bag was. But in doing so, her right hand squeezed her right breasts together with the left which caused both of them to be pushed together, which awarded him a quick nice view of her cleavage which made him lick his lips. He continued watching her as she got up and started to clear their mess. "Don't worry about it. I got it." He wasn't about to shirk away from his duties. He may not be her personal assistant but he's still a man. She paused. "You sure?" "Yes. And I'll put all the other stuff from earlier away and lock up. Go home. Go get some rest." She nodded. She started gathering up some papers when her cell phone began to sing Sizzla's 'Thank you Mama.' She stared at the phone then looked up at him. He burst out laughing. "Well? Answer it." She sighed. "Hi mom." She listened. "Nooo I haven't been ignoring your calls..." He scoffed under his breath. She glared at him and started digging around in her bag. Why must women's bags be so big? He decided he didn't want to know. "Hold on ma, let me get my earphones out." He got up and started walking towards the back. "Renji?" He turned back around. "I'm out. Get home safe. And thanks for locking up." He fanned away the comment with his hands as if to say, no problem. She smiled and then she was out the door. He stood there a moment looking at the door, then walked over to the table to first clear that up when he noticed the paperwork that had confidential watermarked all over it.

Hey folks! I hope you have enjoyed the second installment of my fictional story. As you can see I've now given it a title. As I've mentioned on social media, this is my first time dabbling in the fiction category. I was actually sitting in my couch last Sunday, when I wrote the first part (If you haven't read the first part please hit the previous button and get caught up) as a text message to my best friends. They weren't awake to give me feedback so I sent it to a few of my other friends. Their response were all the same, asking "what happens next?" I was perplexed as to what they were referring to as it was just a text message I decided to whip up and send to the girls. As more people read it, I was encouraged to take it further. Thank you to those who are encouraging me to take this further. Please feel free to post any comments below that you may have or hit me up on FB. Don't be shy. If you like what you're reading so far then go on ahead and hit the like button below or simply drop me a comment below stating that you like it. Stay tune for the next installment next week. Love you and stay Blessed! Shy

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