• Shy Davis

Public Service Announcement - Scheduling Sex

This is a Public Service Announcement. When did it become so difficult to schedule sex? Recently I was exceptionally…in heat. I made a phone call and during and at the end I was perturbed. The conversation went something like this: Me: Hey hun, wassup? Him: Nothing. Wassup with you? Me: When can we link up? (He knows once I call it’s for one thing and one thing only. I have no time for Netflix. Let’s get straight to the ‘chill’.) Him: *in a sly tone* whenever you want to. Me: Aiight, tonight? Him: Okay, wait, what time though? Me: Umm, I have school tonight. So after? Around 10? Him: Shit, nah I can’t do 10. What about missing class? *WTF?!* ​ Me: Nah, I can’t miss class. What about tomorrow? Him: Nah, I’m working overtime tomorrow. Thursday? ​*deep sigh* Me: After my class. Hmm imma be beat, but okay. Him: Shit! Wait I have the kids. *my frustration building* Me: Awwww, that’s sooo sweet. You haven’t seen them in a bit right? Him: Yeah, not since I’ve been back from Miami. Friday? Me: Yeah I can do Friday. Wait let me check my calendar. *checks calendar* Nah I can’t do Friday. I have plans. Him: In the morning? Me: Huh? Hun, remember I work. Him: Right right. I have work Friday. What time will you be done Friday? Me. I dunno know. Probably at 9p. You’ll still be at work though. Him: Yeah. How about this. Come by the job and pick my keys up and then just wait for me. *So now I have to travel for it? TF!* Me: Babes. You know I don’t like leaving my house late and I’ll have to stop home first. ​

Him: Come on babes. I miss you. Don’t be so. *In a sexy voice* I’ll let you take out my hair. *SOB!* No he DIDN’T! He has locs. (If you don't know by now, I LOVE people with locs. Especially men) Me: Alright, alright. I have to be in Brooklyn Saturday morning anyway. Him: See. It works out. Hit me up when you get home. Me: Yeah. Aiight, lattas. Him: Yeah. *call ends* WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPEN?!!! After the call I stared at the phone. How did we go from Tuesday to Friday AND I have to travel for it? I was so perplexed that it took me a moment to focus on my computer screen. I started to reminisce about the good ole days when this would have NEVER happen. I call and it was immediate link up. I never had to wait. As the day progressed and work got busy, it was still nagging at my brain. I know I’m still damn well good in bed. What was so different from then to now? I messaged my girls my pickle and all they did was laugh and said: ‘That’s how it goes now.’ Now? Then I made the connection. Back then me and whatever guy was on the same schedule. High School was from 8-2:40p. So either he was in school just as I was or if he was a little older then he was out of work around that time. Then when college came around, again we were on similar schedules. Now we're grown folks and have much bigger responsibilities. Work, school, children, elderly parents that need our attention, doctors appointments, prior commitments, building your business etc. So although you very MUCH want to tussle between the sheets or on the couch or on top the washing machine during the spin cycle or wherever, we have sh*t to do now. So although sex is wanted it’s not a priority. That made me feel good. Really really good. I’m proud of us! So go ahead. Schedule that time to knock some boots. Mark it on the calendar…or call your other option(s) and see what they up to. LOL! Bless up! Shy #Priorities

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