• Shy Davis

The Roots That Entwines Us (Chapter 4)

She hesitated a little too long for his liking, standing there staring at him. What was she thinking? "Sure. Yes, yes, come in." The apartment smelled of something familiar, he couldn't quite place the scent but it was inviting and relaxing. As she led the way, he took the opportunity to take in the enticing view. She didn't have an hour glass figure, and that was fine by him. She didn't have much of an ass either, but her hips made up for it. The sight of her thighs in those shorts were just, so mouthwatering. He wanted those thighs wrapped around him. He felt his temperature rise and he fought to control himself: which was not easy with her curvature, or her braless state. She turned around, and gesturing to the couch, invited him to sit. A coy smile graced her face. Where did that come from? He took a seat and as he did so he noticed there was an empty wine glass on the glass coffee table and a bottle on the floor next to the couch, adjacent from where they sat. He smiled inwardly, thinking “So, she's been drinking”. She sat so close to him that her thighs and elbows were touching. Hmm, she smelled so good. The scent of her and the apartment, (which he still had yet to identify) the setting of the room, her thick thighs, her breasts so free under her shirt were all ignis fatuus to how she appeared to feel. He liked her this close. He placed the paper work on the center table in front of them, when suddenly, she got back up and walked over to the wine bottle and glass and brought them over. "Wine?" She asked. Oh he was tempted. He was oh so tempted. He couldn’t. He shouldn't. His control was at the very brink. "Yes. Thanks." He couldn't resist. She disappeared into the kitchen and back with another wine glass and poured both of them a round. She took a long sip of hers and placed it on the far side of the table. Contorting herself into a lotus position, she faced him. He felt her staring at him with hungry eyes, a look she had never graced him with before. He liked it, a great turn on. ​ "I guess I'll need a pen right?" She untangled her feet and...was she about to stretch across him? He turned to his right and saw that there was a bag next to him. He should just hand the bag to her...or not. She reached across him ever so slowly, almost seductively. Why is she fucking with him? Both knees in the couch, ass in the air, her left hand over his right knee for balance, she rummaged in the bag. Her breasts were hanging down near his face in this position. She found the pen and was making her way back when he placed a hand on her arm. She stopped and their eyes met. They stared at each other and the heat off of their bodies were unmistakable. It was now or never. He leaned forward and kissed her bottom lip. He leaned back to look at her. Her facial expression was still inviting so he licked it this time. A soft moan escaped her. She brought one leg over and straddled him. She cupped his face, lifting his chin, and he looked up at her. He saw the heat in her eyes and he wanted her. Now! He shifted her a bit so that she was more settled in his lap so she could feel what she was doing to him. She looked down at him and smiled. She parted his lips with hers and kissed him deeper. She started to slowly grind on him and he felt himself getting harder. He reached under her shirt and started to run his hands up and down her back gently. Damn her skin was so smooth. Another soft moan escaped her and he pressed her more into him and she deepened the kiss. Her tongue and ass were moving to a melody that only she could hear but he followed her lead. She reached behind him to the nape of his neck, grabbed a handful of locs and pulled him more into her. He liked the aggression. He knew she had this inside of her. "Renji I want-" ERRK ERRK ERRK ERRK ERRK ERRK He jumped out of his sleep. His heart was racing fast. ERRK ERRK ERRK. He looked over at his alarm clock and with pure hate and rage he backhanded it. It didn't stop the noise so he reached over and yanked the chord out of the socket. Silence. He took a few moments to bring his heartbeat to a stable rhythm and to reacclimatize to his surroundings. He was in fact in his bed and not at Jo's. Damnit! It was all a fucking dream. He felt around the bed for his phone until he found it. It was 1:50am. At 2am he had a video conference with Iwao who was currently in Tokyo on business, which means that he was 14hrs ahead of New York. He had 10 minutes to wash his face, throw on a dress shirt and gather up some files. He got up, walked into his office and turned on his laptop. He continued quickly padding around his loft getting himself ready. At 1:59am He was logged into the conference site. At the stroke of 2am he saw his face. "Ahh Renji! Kon'nichiwa." Iwao said. Renji noticed that all five members of Iwao's team were present. "Kon'nichwa, Sir. Everyone." They all nodded at the acknowledgement. "What do you have for us Renji?" Always straight to the point this man. He didn't mind. The less he has to speak to him the better. "We're looking to sell 15 Central Park West, at an average of $5,636 square foot. I'm working on getting it a bit more as the views of Central Park are priceless. The deal for the penthouse on One57 is complete. $91.5 million. The-" He was interrupted by a round of applause by everyone, except from Iwao. No, Iwao just leaned further back in his chair. With a twinkle in his eyes, Mr. Jiro said, "Well done. You did a fine job closing that deal." Jiro, whose name means 'second son' was his favorite. They continued hashing out the various deals for 20 more minutes when Iwao dismissed everyone from the table. It was just Renji and Iwao. He felt that if this were a movie, that in the background an epicedium would be playing, reflecting the gloom and doom he felt coming. He was trying to think of a word that encompassed a foreshadowing of the dark cloud he felt settling over his heart. Ah yes, barghest. Perfect! Renji took a deep breath to settle his tremulous spirit. It wasn't that he feared him, it was just that he had, albeit, a lot of unresolved emotions towards the man. He looked at the computer screen and saw an older reflection of himself. Same strong cheekbone, chin, nose and forehead. Everything were the same except for Renji's eyes and well...skin color. "Son." Iwao said. Renji continued to stare at him refusing to answer him. There was a pregnant pause. "You made me proud." Renji's eyes widened and an eyebrow lifted. Did he just hear him correctly? Did his father just say he was proud of him? "Didn't know you knew how to use those words together in a sentence." Iwao took a deep breath. "Renji I'm trying here." Renji said nothing. They've been having this fight for the past six months. Suddenly Renji felt a little sensation on his upper right shoulder where his tattoo resided. "Still a personal assistant?" The bewilderment in his voice couldn't be ferhoodled. He didn't want to answer him. He didn't want to speak to him at all. Why was he doing this to him? "What are you doing?" Iwao clasped and unclasped his hands then leaned back in the black and what appeared to be a coriaceous, chair. Maybe it wasn't leather. What was he thinking? It's his father. Of course it was leather. Nothing but the best in his office. Nothing but the best period. "I'm trying to have a better relationship with you." "You're 32 years late." "It's never too late." Renji scoffed and looked away from the screen. "I hardly have regrets. My two largest ones are not being there for your mother and not being a better father to you. I've come to realize my mistakes and I just want to fix them as best as I can." "What exactly are those mistakes?" "Well, I should've defied my father many years ago. I should've fought for you and your mom. Father was a bigot. He felt that I shamed the family by being with a Black woman. But your mother was the best thing that ever happened to me. I know we may never be together but I'm trying to also mend things with her. As illness took over, Ba Ba became softer. I don't know, he really has changed. He's the one that has been encouraging me to mend my relationship with you. I see how you are with Jiro, and while it never bothered me before, it has started to bother me how close you two are. Don't misunderstand me; I'm grateful that he has been there for you but now that my eyes are opening, I want something similar for us." Renji heard and felt the desperation and plea coming from his father. He felt tingling up and down his spine. Everything he said surprised him. He has never heard his father be so, so open. So-raw. It was such a recondite situation that he honestly, did not know what to say. He wanted to hate this man, but isn't this what he has been dreaming of for years? A better relationship with this man? Did he really expect that all those years of hurt and neglect can be washed away instantaneously? But he wasn't asking for that, was he? He was asking, that they take it a step at a time. "I'll get those documents over to you by close of business day tomorrow." "I'll be in town soon. I'll like to meet this woman who has captivated your heart." Renji thought that his desultory response to his dad's heartfelt speech would've thrown him off, but the man was quick on his feet. Before he could respond to his comment, his dad winked at him and ended the video call. Grrr. That fucker always had to have the last word! He stared at the black screen for a moment and started to smile as his father's last words replayed in his head. He shook his head and gently closed his laptop. He didn't need to look at the clock on the wall to know that it was a little after five. He could hear the birds on his balcony singing their morning songs welcoming the crepuscular rays that were making its way through the morning fog. He climbed back into bed to try and get another hour or so sleep before he had to be up again.

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