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April 3, 2016



So I've wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot for some time now.  Since I started this blog to be exact so roughly 4 years now and I specifically wanted to post them right on here.  A couple of my friends thought me crazy but blah, what else is new?  Some roadblocks appeared but as the saying goes 'nothing before it's time.'  If you're following me on social media then you're aware that I take striptease classes at StripXpertease.  I'm In LOVE with the women there; the instructors, work study students, and the women that take the classes are all a wonderful group of people. 

In February, StripXpertease hosted an open house where we had drinks, met some of the other students and all the instructors.  The instructors put on a show for us and let me tell you, I got my LIFE watching.  The most encouraging thing of all was that, majority, if not all the instructors were once students themselves.  Which means this chica will be able to do what they do! I've said it countless times and I will continue to say it: being with these women is so EMPOWERING!  They teach you to OWN your sexuality and to have CONFIDENCE and to just be who you are.  No doubt I think that's a very important message to spread.

Anyway, at the open house they had several items for raffle, that were from the very instructors themselves.  For example when she's not teaching her twerking or floor classes, Jillian is a chef and thus one of the raffle item was to have her come to your home and cook a delicious meal for you and your boo (V-Day was right around the corner).  Sam makes beautiful hats.  Selma makes various crochet items and had leg warmers up for grabs and Barbara is a photographer.  Well, guess what was up for grabs? You guessed it, a boudoir photo shoot!  Guess who started praying from the moment she saw it AND WON? That's right,  >>>>THIS GIRL<<<<  I was so happy I won that I spilled my drink running up to claim my prize.  


I met a lot of ladies and some of us have remained close and are building friendships. 


It wasn't all about taking photos and watching the instructors perform though. No, we also played games, such as the instructors naming a hand job (you read right) move and we had to demonstrate how it was done on a dildo (How else does one spend their Saturday nights? LOL). Your girl volunteered to do one and got it right!  I knew two others but wanted to give other folks a shot at the win.  We also played a game where we were on opposing sides and had to moan and talk dirty to each other without laughing. Yaaaaaaaassss hunny!!! It goes DOWN at StripXpertease!

There were lots of things that led up to the shoot but much love to Barbara for putting up with me.  I had several questions and she answered them all patiently and enthusiastically.  She even helped me when I went shopping at 'Shy's Closet' located in the Lower East Side.  Small spot, but lots inside. LMBO @ self!  I have so much lingerie that a lot of them still have the tags on.  I laid them all out, took photos of them and she helped me choose two looks.  We went with a sweet innocent look and a VaVaVoom POW look.  

When the day of the shoot finally arrived, I sent some Reiki to myself to keep my nerves down.  I mean, I've never done a photo shoot in my life.  I don't even like being in front of the camera to be honest with you.  *GASP* Shocking I know, but tis true.  I much prefer being behind the camera capturing moments.  But hey, times are changing and I'm learning to change with the times.  However, there was a hiccup where Jennifer the MUA (makeup artist) mistook the address of the studio to be in Brooklyn and she then had to hurriedly make her way to Manhattan.  

When she arrived her hands became Flash and she expertly put on my makeup which left us with 15 minutes to shoot.  Below are the results.  If this is what can happen in 15 minutes then I'm SO looking forward to next time with a full hour. 

I wanted to do this shoot four years ago and during that time I was at least forty pounds lighter. Here I am weighing the most I've ever weighed in my life and looking fu*king FABULOUS!!!  

Moral of the story?  You're beautiful at any size and it's up to you to see the beauty within YOU!

​Self love is the very first romance.


​Oh! FYI:I did not see my makeup until AFTER the shoot was over nor did Barbara show me any of the photos she took.  So I was in for a surprise when I finally saw a mirror after the shoot.  I just had to take a few selfies!  I'm not a makeup person but I must admit I understand why most people wear it.  It was like I was looking at a different person.  My sultriness was enhanced and on display and I LOVED it.  No hiding my sexiness behind my glasses.  ;-)


Current mood as I write this post and looking at these photos: Jeremih- F*ck You All the Time

Next time I'm getting NEKKID!! :-P





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