• Shy Davis

Shy Speaks Pod 26 With Guest Tiffany Bowman

Podcast Record Date: 7/23/16 ​Thank you for listening! Please be sure to check out my website for pics and videos from the show www.shydavis.com Also, follow us on our social media networks to be on top of announcements (such as when we stream live on Facebook). Feel free to comment below, like and share or just hit us up on FB or IG (shy.davis). Thank you so much for all the inquiries and alllllllll the support received! Special Thanks to:

  • Tiffany Bowman aka Penni Alibi for stopping by. Truly a pleasure meeting you!! We wish you tons of success!

  • IG: PenniAlibi

  • FB- Tiffany Bowman: www.facebook.com/harlemsongtress?fref=ts​

  • YouTube- PenniTv: www.youtube.com/user/PenniTV

  • Creative Guru, Ryan Urban Safann aka UrbanPreist for being a host and for the flyer and iTunes artwork. To see how he can be of service to you please visit his site at: www.urbanpreist.xyz

  • All social media networks: UrbanPreist​

  • Dj Wally Black for being a host and editing the show. To listen to his mixes you can find him on http://www.soundcloud.com/djwallyblack For dj bookings contact him at: djwallyblack@gmail.com He can also be heard weekly on http://www.redheartradio.com and Star 99.3FM.

  • Instagram: Mr Wally Black

  • Facebook: Wally Black

  • OneLens Productions (OLP) for having the studio time. Also, a special thanks to Kwam Green of OLP for the studio pics. Let's not forget he's the voice behind my voice overs. I support talent at all times. You heard and see what he can do. Please visit his team's GoFund page and see what else they offer https://www.gofundme.com/onelens Every dollar counts!

Bless, Shy

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