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A Night of Urban Burlesque

August 17, 2016

Hey lovely people.  I know I haven’t written to you in months, but if you’re following me on social media then you know that there’s LOTS going on.  Despite all the mad-but-goodness that’s been going on, I had to stop a moment and tell you about my night on August 12th.  I attended my third burlesque show and let me tell you, it gave me LIFE!!!!!!! I knew my friends and I were in for treat because honorific Artistic Director of Art of Legohn, LLC, Yaminah Legohn produced, directed and choreographed the show. 

Now if you have been following my social media and podcasts you’ll know that Yaminah is my dancehall instructor (even though I haven’t attended in two months. Don’t kill me girl!).  However, she’s not just a dancehall instructor, she’s a choreographer, professional dancer and performer of West African, Reggae, Hip Hop, Jazz and Modern dance styles as well.  Shoot, she was recently on BET’s “F in Fabulous” choreographing for upcoming artist Savannah Lynx.  Can you say “#1Hustla!”  Originally from Los Angeles, she’s taken New York by storm!  Do your thang hun, do your thanggg!!  If you’ll like to learn more about her, please visit and

I missed her first burlesque show and was excited when “A Night of Urban Burlesque” came around.  Now my first two burlesque shows were a bit sketchy. Even though I wasn’t completely wooed I didn’t let that leave a bad taste in my mouth. Plus, it’s Yaminah!  Homegirl has the midas touch!  So with my leggings, crop top and wedges on, your girl was looking cute and ready for good ole time.  Yeahhhhhh, I was NOT disappointed!



Upon arriving at Black Bear Bar, the music was jumping, entertaining folks until the show started.  I noted that my hunnies, Kwam Green and Donnell E Smith, owners and Co-Founders of OneLens Productions were on set as the archivist of the event ( and that Hallie Kruger of Hallie Kruger Custom Apparel & Screen Printing ( was on site with some of her custom pieces. 


Enough blabbling, lemme get down to the juicy stuff…

Let me introduce you to the four ladies who had us seeing red, Rita Tuitt the sultry one, Jessica Figueroa the sassy one, Imani Nzingha the “Glamazon” and the flourishing virtuoso Jean Tree.  What I especially loved about the show was that there was a story being told.  The show was sexy, gave you a boner (I’m just being honest) but completely classy.  There were no pasties, there were no taking off of any clothing. No, the women were simply dressed in black panty and bra sets, with stockings and heels. Talk about classic sexy.  Plus we all know that saying: ‘less is more.’ 

Opening the show with “Insecurities” the ladies (Rita, Jessica and Imani) highlighted the fact that women are not perfect and should never feel worthless. The journey continued with two more performances but let’s skip to Imani’s solo “Diary” which captivated the crowd! She came out with what is presumed to be a diary and her statuesque figure COMMANDED the stage and captivated the audience.  She then lay down, covered with a red blanket and began mimicking the act of masturbation, illustrating that this act is not only, not shameful, but a part of everyday life, (if you’re single and don’t want to be bothered). It was then time for an intermission where there was a performance by Mr.Glamarus.  Act 2 started with an easel on stage and Jean painting abstracts strokes in an oversized, white collared men’s tshirt bare feet.  Her balletic movements and vast strokes epitomized the frustrations that one feel going through life but that we should tackle it with ease and grace.  


Moving on to the next stage of womanhood, Yaminah brought us full circle that yes, these creative artists works hard, and does things that the average person may not be able to accomplish (ie dancing on one’s headtop), but hey, they can still ‘throw that ass in a circle.


Yes the show was fun and sexy but these ladies took us on a journey of womanhood. You see, most people look at strippers and burlesque dancers as just sexual objects to foist their needs and wants upon.  Instead of the creative artists they truly are.  These women, just like you and I have a world of things going on in their lives.  They have goals, aspirations, bills, family issues, intimate relationship issues, insecurities and the list goes on and on.  “The Red Light Special A Night of Urban Burlesque” sought to lessen the stigma associated with this industry.

Thanks for checking out the post.  Be sure to follow Yaminah Legohn on her social media for her various dance classes and future upcoming events:

  •  IG: @AfroKaribeDance; @ArtofLegohn; @YaminahLegohn

  • FB: Afro Karibe Dance Art Of Lehogn, LLC; Yaminah legohn's Fan Page







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