• Shy Davis and Raya Leefmans

A Night Remembered

You thought it was just a favor. A place for us to crash,

an impromptu sleepover.

Lying there with you in the middle, We're talking, joking winding down for bed.

She glances at me and I know…

You feel us touching you. You look over at me with confusion Excitement and then wonder.

If I can’t have you to myself… Then I'll share you, Take care of you. Don't worry - I got you!

She’s always wanted you, And I've already had you.

Let her go first. Go ahead and feed her thirst.

I sit back watching As you stroke her hair. I know you're salivating to kiss her there.

But not yet my dear...

Don't mind me, I'm just over here enjoying the view Legs crossed just waiting for my cue.

Your eyes roll back with bliss As she takes you into her mouth. You look over at me with Lust, fire and a burning desire.

She gives you a last swirl, Tongue peeking ‘tween her lips and your big fat dick.

I walk over as she comes up for air...

I kiss her tenderly.

Then our gaze turn towards you. I stroke her hair as I reach over to show you the cuffs that will bind you.

We look at you, Hoping, wishing, praying that We're now all on the same page.

You look at us, From her and back to me. Your curious acceptance the only sign we need.

Safe word established it's time To devour you, Make love to you, Caress you, Fuck you.

I can hear your heart beating with Excitement.

I smile wickedly at you because I'm ready to ride you.

It's about be a night you'll always remember.

Written by Shy Davis and Raya Leefmans

Edited by Mieko Reaves

Photograph: AfroErotik

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