• Shy Davis

I'm In Love With Her

I've fallen in love with her. The delighted look in her eyes when her mind is being enlightened. Her smile always brightening my day. Her voice is so soft and sweet, that I go into a trance whenever she speaks. I love her drive, her passion, her selflessness. Although she can be rather ruthless, I love her nevertheless. I love the way she curls into a fetal position when she rolls over; pulling her body pillow in as if it's me she's after. I Iove looking at her from the mirror. The image reflecting her beautiful soul that I've promised to treasure. And her aura? Ha! It embraces me, whispers to me, engulfs me, pulling me in even further. I've watched her grow from a distance, admiring her resilience. She doesn't know it yet, but because of her, I've become stronger-My love for her elevating, floating and lasting even longer. The funny thing is, I've known her for some time. But I've just worked up the courage to walk over and say hi. I look at her now, curves and all, wondering why it has taken me so long? I don't dwell on that thought any longer, I'm just happy that she's my ruling Queen now and forever. Each day I find something new to love about her. Like the way she doesn't lie to herself or to anyone else. I mean it took me some time, but I'm glad that I've fallen in love with no other person than... I.

Written by Shy Davis

Edited by Mieko Reaves

Photographer El Dattio

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