• Shy Davis



Written by Shy Davis

Edited by Raya Leefmans

Photographer - Unknown

Yeah, it’s just as you remembered.

A pretty, shiny head that reaches past his navel.

Thick, oh so thick, about to slide that dick in.

It’s about to be a night to be remembered.

Licked it like a candy cane,

trying to get it all in your mouth.

Doesn’t work, can’t even shout.

Discouraged? Nah, cause you got a place for that stout.

Holding it in your hand,

caressing it,

stroking it,

licking it,

sucking it,

massaging it,

hearing his moans,

just makes you wetter.

Grip those sheets, stifle those moans and whisper my name,

But let’s be respectful and not wake the others.

Raises self on top, you don’t worry about thoughts of if you can take him all in.

While he may be the 2nd largest you’ve had,

you remember with shock from last year how easily your yoni accepted him.

Welcoming him in.

Meanwhile guys who are smaller

have you squirming when they trying to get theirs all in.

Yet his big ‘ole luscious dick fits and slides right in.

Making you wonder, what the fuck does that mean?

No time for all that.

It’s time to lay down some smack.

With each grinding,

your yoni muscles grip him;




head back in ecstasy.

You’ve been waiting one whole year…

He moans your name and you look down at him.

Your eyes look and you’re transported to the realm of your heart.

You see your desires;

wanting him for more than just sex.

wanting to build a nation together.

helping him raise his young prince into a King.

wanting to be in his arms…every single, motherfucking night.

wanting to shower with him.

watching him as he gets ready in the morning.

talking to him daily, sharing your hopes and dreams.

You see all that, in that one fucking moment.

You blink, grip his hands,

arch your back and moan,

not wanting to look anymore.

Was that a mirror?

Was it just you?

Does he want that too?

Yeah, you’re getting too fucking old to just be doing this FUCK shit.

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