• Shy Davis

Get To Know Me

What you see isn’t all of me,

Blasted all over your various screens.

Is it fake? Nah B. It’s just one side of me

You hit me up ‘trying to get to know me,’

But your conversations are just full of fuckery.

Where you live at?

What’s your bra size?

Can I be your man tonight?

Maybe you’re smarter.

The kind where we’re actually close.

In close proximity,

Doing business together,

Building together.

Sharing surface things, yet still nothing deeper.

Does this mean I’m not a keeper?

Ask me.

Ask me things about my family.

Ask me about my spiritual intellect.

Come on B. Let’s spit some dialogue.

How can you say you know me?

Nah B. Get to know me.

Edited By: Raya Leefmans

Photographer: Kwam Green


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