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Pod 13 with Guest Jillian Mojica

She cooks during the day and promotes self love and confidence through erotic dancing. Find out how she found her love for food and how she became a StripXpertease instructor.

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Soundcloud: Episode 13 Jillian Mojica

Thank you for listening! Please feel free to comment below, like and share or just hit me up on FB or IG (shy.davis). Let me know what you think of the show. Lots more lined up. Thank you so much for all the inquiries and alllllllll the support received! Special Thanks to:

  • Jillian Mojica- You have such a beautiful spirit and I love you for it! Thank you for sharing your passion of food with us and for showing us some dance moves. I'm SURE you have encouraged lots of folks with this interview.

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  • Creative Guru, Ryan Urban Safann aka Urban Preist for being a cohost and 1 totally awesome dude! To see how he can be of service to you please visit his site at: www.urbanpreist.xyz

Love you ALL! Bless. Shy Davis

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